Extra Special Gift!!

Did anyone spot Ledz rocking these bad boys @ NXL World Cup?

We always get a little embarrassed when our teams send us a gift to say thanks for the support and amazing equipment (but we also secretly LOVE IT). Some gifts are very personal (hot sauce is always a good one) and some can be pretty special. Markie C and the Manchester Firm send over this cracking gift for Ledz to wear at World Cup in the form of a custom pair of trainers (sneakers for the yanks) made by Blue Bee Custom. They feature a splash pattern in Ledz’s original colour way and the Eclipse E Logo… Very cool and very special.

God only knows what Ledz was doing with his marker in bits!

If you want something creating like this, that’s what Blue Bee Custom do. Check them out here:

or on Facebook here:

Huge thanks to the Manchester Firm for making such a cool, unique and special gift.