🌟 Join The Gold Rush 🌟

First up, let's talk spares - stay with us, it'll all make sense.

We have a vast stock of Eclipse spares–old and new–that are compatible with every marker we ever did. So whether you need an o-ring for your EGO05, or a POPS bonnet for a CS2 we'll have something to help you out. Unfortunately our UK HQ warehouse is only so big, and with the increasing number of great products we design and build we're fast running out of space to store everything. We even use our pool table for storage... which hasn't gone down too well at all. 14 years of marker spares kinda takes up a LOT of space, so we made a change.

Our sister company in Germany, Paintball.De, specialises in distribution so we decided they should be our designated Eclipse Spares Hub for the UK/Europe and the USA. So no matter where you are you can get your Eclipse spares directly from Paintball.De.

To tech nerds this Spares Hub is filled with pure Eclipse gold. Which is now kinda true, because we're about to send over a stash of CSL Gold hardware that we found and for those not in the know, the EGO CSL had Gold hardware, which looks pretty cool to be fair. So if you have a CSL and need to refresh your hardware, check out the list below:

CSL Eye Cover Screws
CSL Feedneck Screws
CSL Torpedo
CSL Bolt Pin
(and maybe more :-) 

Some CSL items are plentiful, breech cover screws for example, but others are more limited which raises as question. You could wait until you REALLY need one of these and risk them going out of stock... or you could check out the Spares information below to see what you need to do and get your hands on these Shiny Gold beauties asap.

πŸ‘‰ Planet Eclipse Spares Hub Information

A little birdie also tells me that they might even have some SUPER RARE CSL Carbon Fiber tips in 14" and 16" !!!! Don't tell anyone!!!!

And while you're there maybe see what else they have in stock that'll add to your growing collection of 'just in case' items.