Grease is the word

Since we first created our own Paintball marker back in 2004, the Planet Eclipse EGO, we've constantly tested and evaluated different lubricants. To date we have yet to find a range of lubricants that out-perform Planet Eclipse Oil and Grease in any meaningful metric. 

We constantly evaluate other brands of lubricant with intensive in-house trials for both performance and longevity, across a broad range of temperatures and operating conditions and we believe that the Planet Eclipse Oil and Grease that we supply, as standard, with every marker we produce is the very best product for the job. It offers exceptional performance in the widest possible range of conditions, whilst offering longevity and reliability to all the components that go to make up our markers. All of our lubricants are also approved for use by our OEM suppliers. This is not the case for other lubricants on the market.

Eclipse Oil

It is often the case that while some lubricants may claim to be superior to the ones we recommend and supply with our markers, they can often have an adverse effect on the longevity of some key, and often expensive components within our markers. This can often lead to problems and create expensive issues. For example, some petroleum based lubes work well in some applications, but if and when they find their way into the solenoid or onto the circuit board they can potentially cause issues that lead to parts becoming irreparably damaged and may need replacing. Circuit boards and solenoids are not cheap. And for obvious reasons, damage caused by incorrect lubricants that are not supported by us or our OEM suppliers would void any and all warranty on those items. 

For best all round performance ONLY use Planet Eclipse Grease and Oil on Planet Eclipse markers. Using anything else could cause you issues that will not be covered under your warranty. If you run out of oil or grease then we sell replacements and all good Paintball stores should be able to supply you with our recommended lubricants.

Stay safe. Keep your marker safe. And only use Planet Eclipse lubricants.