Tech Bulletin - LV1.6 LPR Reg Seal Issue

At Eclipse we pride ourselves on the reliability of our products and making sure that any marker that a customer receives is as close to perfection as possible. Every single marker, from Emek to CS2 Pro goes through multiple QC checks throughout its build, culminating in a firing test over a chronograph to check for leaks, function and velocity. This has always been our way and always will be.

Unfortunately sometimes things catch us by surprise. Often things that do not show up in testing, but only manifest themselves once the marker is with its new owner. And unfortunately we find ourselves in this very rare situation just now.

During the first batch of LV1.6 that were produced, a number of LPR regulator seals were used that had been previously condemned. Unfortunately these seals can fail prematurely, leading to over-pressurizing of the LPR regulator, with the result being a marker that does not feel and shoot like an LV1.6 should.

After discovering the issue we immediately put in place additional procedures in production to check for faulty seals and arranged for a stock of replacement LPR adjusters to be distributed to key tech hubs and service centres in order to support customers that may suffer failures in their new markers. As such, all LV1.6’s that have left the factory in the last 6 weeks have been 100% checked to ensure they have the correct seal, and all major service centres now have stock of replacement parts which you can get Free of Charge. 

Checking your own seal is relatively easy. You can use the instructional video found HERE to get access to the LPR seal and inspect it. The LPR Regulator Seal can clearly be seen at around the 3:00 minute mark. If you are not confident doing this yourself, please visit a Planet Eclipse service centre or speak to a Planet Eclipse tech attending an event near you.

A simple way to check the integrity of your seal is to use your thumb nail and press it against the seal. If the seal cuts easily with your thumb nail, or comes apart, you will need a replacement. If your thumb nail just leaves a faint witness mark in the seal but does not cut into it, then your seal is good.

If you are in need of a replacement seal, please register your marker and then email requesting a replacement LRP seal for your LV1.6. They will require your serial number, Postal address, phone number, and the email address that was used to register the marker warranty. 

Everyone here at Planet Eclipse would like to apologise for this issue, but rest assured we will do everything we can to make sure that all customers with a problem will be assisted as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Find your local service centre here:

Jack Wood and all of the Planet Eclipse Team