Update. Sync. Play.

The CS2 rocks. We all know this and it continues to do so, but we've made a few changes that make the CS2 even better.

First, we've updated the Firmware on BOTH boards. This means that your CS2 (once you've updated it) will be able to connect to our new E-Portal Lite App (available NOW in the App Store), so you can customise your marker settings from your iPhone. Cool right?

Secondly, the Firmware update reconfigures your Bluetooth module so that it will connect to the latest Virtue Spire IV iFI Technology™ which is great news for all CS2 and Spire IV owners.

Simply follow these steps to make the most of your CS2 + SpireIV partnership.

1: Update BOTH CS2 boards to the latest 1.50 Firmware using E-Portal 4.
2: Do a Factory Reset of your CS2 via your LCD screen to reconfigure your Bluetooth module.
3: Enable Bluetooth on your CS2.
4: With your CS2 ON, hold down the bottom button on your Spire IV.
5: Power up the Spire IV.
6: When the light turns green, release the bottom button.

Go and play!

If you have any issues run through the steps again, just in case. The most notable being that you MUST update your Firmware using E-Portal 4.

For any other problems head over to our Eclipse Tech Hub and ask for our help.



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