Fantastique paintball news from France.

Something very cool happened in France recently, which impacted us not only as a business, but more importantly it impacted paintball as a sport. One of the young players on team RNPPC was awarded support from the Municipal Sport Department. Not only is this just a cool thing to happen to Julien (the player) but it's even cooler that they, as a body, recognised and rewarded someone within paintball. AND they gave him a CS2 Pro to help him out.

Photo: DJSysko

We asked our friends at Camp Paintball (France) for some more details.

First of all, The Municipal Sport Department is in charge of all sports matters, so they're a pretty big deal and there is usually 1 Municipal Sport Department in each Hometown.

This specific organisational structure consults, coordinates, supports and encourages sport within cities.

On a regular basis they choose a sports club, or sometimes athletes, and form a partnership with them in order to support their commitment within sports. To do this, they carefully study each case submitted and pick only the best and/or most promising cases they have in hand.

In Julien’s case, he was chosen based on his results as player with his team RNPPC, his rostering on U16 French National Team and his commitment within paintball as a sport.

The Municipal Sport Department chose to support Julien by offering him the best tool (marker) to help him to improve and be more effective in his sport.

Photo: DJSysko

Julien explained that the CS2 Pro from Planet Eclipse was the gun he was dreaming and aiming to own that would help him to compete at the highest level. Like in Formula 1, you need the best tools/technologies/Brands to power yourself to success on the field.

The Video (see link below) is obviously in French, but what the official of the Municipal Sport Department are saying is that despite the fact that the Pandemic has nearly shut down all competitions and sports activities, Julien has shown an athlete's mind by still training hard. Since training and being efficient involves costs, especially in Paintball, it has been a pleasure for the Municipal Sport Department to support Julien in its inspiring path as an athlete. He deserved help, so they provided some.

Courtesy of Camp Paintball (French language)

It’s a very good thing for Julien, but for Paintball too, since it’s always a good sign to see paintball, teams and its players considered as a legitimate sport.

Great work for the Club, great work for the French Paintball Federation and great work for Camp.

Long is the road to seeing paintball in the Olympics, but who knows, one day it may happen.

We love to see this sort of positive thing happening, especially during the current global crisis.

Great job all round guys!



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