Emortal Army Legends #1 - Colt Roberts

As we open the door to 2022 and look back at our 30th year of dominance, we wanted to celebrate, somehow. Our success has been forged by many, so we want to pay homage to those players and individuals who have shaped the paintball industry, inspired us as players and helped to drive our business forwards. 

Some of these legends have been Shooting Eclipse since the very beginning, and some for only for a short period in their illustrious careers, but to us here at Planet Eclipse HQ every one of them are considered EMORTALS.

We're releasing a set of 52 player cards – one per week – to shine a light on these individuals who we're eternally grateful to.

And yes, we'll eventually print these as a full set of playing cards, but more on that later.

Part of this release will include a short blog post (right here) where the chosen player will answer 3 simple questions:

1. What's your favourite moment in paintball?

2. What's your favourite Eclipse marker that you've ever played with?

3. What's the story behind your jersey number?

So let's begin with our first feature player.

#45 Colt Roberts.

AKA The Peacemaker. AKA The player's player.

My favorite paintball moment would probably be winning the professional NXL Pro Series Title in 2019.  Winning an event is extremely difficult at the pro level.  I've done that and it’s awesome.  Winning World Cup is even harder.  I've done that and it's even more awesome.  But being the most consistent Pro Team all season and winning back-to-back events is something that very few teams have done.  It’s definitely a career defining moment that I am proud of.

My favorite Eclipse marker of all time is probably my private label Colt 45 Peacemaker GEO 3.5.  It was my very first private label gun and holds a lot of sentimental value.  I still get people asking me to this day to buy one.  They are very hard to come by because they were so popular. Not to mention that the 3.5 was one of the best shooting guns of all time, right behind the CS2 Pro that we are shooting now.

Actually, I was always number 11 in every other sport I played. It was my dads football number and my favorite number.  But moving over to paintball I switched to #45 in honor of the Colt 45 caliber Peacemaker revolver.  One of the most iconic firearms in history that is still manufactured today, almost 150 years later.  It has stood the test of time and I’d like to do the same.

Thanks Colt!

Tune in next week for our next feature Emortal.


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