Emortal Army Legends #9 - Billy Bernacchia

 #21 Billy Bernacchia

Recently voted as 2021 Snake Player of the Year, Billy Bernacchia run, dove and crawled his way into the Emortal Army Legends deck with ease. As one paintball's human missiles Billy's speed, strength and relentless ability to go, go and keep on going is virtually unmatched in the Pro leagues.

Off the field he's an incredibly decent human being, but when he steps under the net something odd happens. Either the fresh air affects him or he's afraid of loud noises, we're not sure, but he transforms into a virtually unstoppable, devastating snake-side weapon of mass destruction. And he aint slowing any time soon y'all.

Billy, you rock!

And as with all of our Emortal Legends, we asked Billy a few simple questions.

Photo: Fava Phtoto

Favourite paintball moment?

One of my favorites was being a part of the 2005 ESPN show at the Miami NPPL event. This was my first year playing pro and we (Hurricanes) were a younger, inexperienced team. I remember specifically being at a league meeting before the event started and they told us that only the teams who make the top 8 (Sunday Club) would be a part of the show. I remember some of the other Pros telling me not to worry about it cause we wouldn't make the cut. One of those guys was a part of DC Arsenal, who we played and beat. I got a 4 pack against them and laughed my way off the field. They didn't make the cut. We did. I then went on to be an ESPN paintball star! Joke was on them 🤣

Favourite Eclipse marker you've used?

The 2013 Golden GSL! I was lucky enough to take her for a spin during the 2013 World Cup which we (Xfactor) won! This gun shot and looked amazing. Unfortunately Ledz took it back after the event 🙁 It was short-lived for me but one hell of a ride! 

What's the story behind your jersey number?

My Birthday 12-21. Since Tom Brady is already 12, I took 21. It's also Blackjack, which I enjoy as an avid gambler.

Thanks for your time Billy, stay fast!

Tune in next week for our next Emortal Legend! But who will it be?


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