Whenever we hear reports of any issues with our products – no matter how small – we like to jump on it as soon as possible, try our best to understand the root of the problem and then provide a definitive solution.

Over the last couple of weeks we have received reports of some inconsistent air leaks from the frame and POPS area of the CS3. Every marker that we produce is thoroughly tested prior to packaging and shipping, but unfortunately these leaks have developed after shipping, and normally at temperatures below those that the markers experience in testing. This is generally down to contraction – or shrinkage – of seals that occurs as the temperature drops.

The leak can be heard from around the grips or, with the grips removed, from the Regulator Hole A in the side of the frame. It can also be heard from the join between the bottom of the frame and the POPS.

We have traced these leaks to what appears to be a bath of bottom tolerance 016 NBR70 o-rings used on the brass HPR Body (see photo).

To completely remove the likelihood of this leak reoccurring we recommend replacing both of these #016 NBR70 o-rings on the brass HPR body with 14x2 NBR70 o-rings. You can find 6 of these 14x2 NBR70 o-rings in the Spares baggie that comes with every CS3.

If your marker has never experienced a leak from this area, there is no imminent need to change out these o-rings. However, if you want full peace of mind that these seals won’t ever cause a potential issue in the future, please feel free to change them out now. As these are static o-rings (non-dynamic) the tighter fitment of the 14x2 NBR70 is not to be of concern, and once replaced, unlikely to need replacing again in the future.

If you require any assistance with replacing these o-rings please contact your nearest Eclipse Service Centre or contact us directly either through the FaceBook Planet Eclipse Tech Hub or by emailing us at

We apologise deeply for any issues this may have caused. We pride ourselves on the robustness and reliability of our products in all playing conditions, and you can trust that we will endeavour to prevent issues like this occurring again in the future.

Thanks for your loyalty, support and custom, as always.

The Planet Eclipse Team.



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