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You won't believe what we found at PE HQ 😲

Sorry, we couldn't resist the dumb click-baity title (we hate them with a passion) but it's true. We had a big clean up at Planet Eclipse HQ and genuinely found something incredible. Two things in fact! We’ve all found something cool when cleaning behind the sofa. A boiled sweet, a coin, maybe even a fiver but we were astounded by what we found during a lockdown clean up.  Ledz and the guys decided to clear out the forgotten corners at Planet Eclipse HQ and found not one, but TWO RAW GSLs that had somehow slipped the net. Some of the guys wanted to keep them, others wanted to hide them but we decided to do something special with them. So we sent them over to Arc Anodising in the USA to create two very special one-offs. One is a vintaged-rust-high-gloss hybrid which is stunning and the other looks like our classic Aurora finish. Both are truly incredible markers that will be a welcome addition to anyone’s collection AND will be more than up to the job of ripping things up on the

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