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Techs On Tour: MXL Final Leg - Mexico by PJ

Bags packed and I'm off to the final event of the  MXL (Mexican Xball League). Arrived in Guadalajara , Mexico about 5pm and made my way to Mexican Customs to meet up with my friends the "FEDERALIS". After a brief conversation and a thorough search of my baggage and person. I pondered on mixed feelings as I exited the airport. Apparently I must have looked like a past lover, but the FEDERALI said I was chosen at random. Lucky me, hahaha... Guadalajara  is well known for their Tequila and Mariachi, both born in Jalisco, the state of which GDL is the capital. Its economic base is strong and well diversified , mainly based on commerce and services, although the manufacturing sector plays a key role. 

Saturday morning was a cool 54 degrees as the teams began rolling in. Nearly 30 teams signed up for their chance at the podium and some for the series championship. TJ ALLSTARZ , TITANS , RECOIL , SCORPIONS , and  BLACKWATER  were just a few to name. Rusty Dusty sent a couple pl…

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