Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Keep On GRINing !

Battle report from the first leg in the Swedish Paintball Championship............

After a long winter and a lot of preparation, it was finally time to see if belonged in Division 1 or not. GRIN Stockholm was founded 13 years ago and for this season we did a reboot of the team. In the beginning of this season we took in some new young players and our hope was that the mix of young hungry players and old experience players would take us to the top. Our goal this season is to win Division 1 and now it was finally time to make it happen.

The first leg of the Swedish Paintball Championship (PBSM) was held in Trolle, in southern Sweden. Our first game was a hard-fought one against Generation Joy. Unfortunately we lost it 1-2 and got thrown down into the losers bracket. Not the start we wished for, but we kept our heads high and continued to fight our way through the bracket. We won the following 6 games and ended up in the semi-finals against BFP. The game was close, but when the buzzer rang we were short of one point and lost the game 1-2.

Overall we’re satisfied with our performance and taking the third place. The only two games we lost were against the winning team and the team placing second. It feels like the team got a good start this season and our focus the coming weeks will be a lot of practice so we’ll be well prepared for the next leg in Örebro. 

Also, we’re really happy with our custom GEO 3.5s that ran flawlessly the whole weekend.
Many thanks to those who made this season possible for us:

Planet Eclipse, Hypersports,, Anthrax, BullitProof Monkey, G.I. Sportz

Another great performance from the Emortal Army... 

Well Done Grin !!

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Capital Offense Tour 2015 – Spring Report

By Jason “foolybear” Lineberger

Team Capital Offense is proud to represent Planet Eclipse at scenario paintball games around the United States.  This spring we’ve been all over the place!  Here’s a quick recap of the splatter and havoc.

In April Team Capital Offense converged on Splatbrothers Paintball in Hopewell, VA.  This field has a long scenario history, and it’s become a regular stop on the Capital Offense tour.  This year we attended Fury Road, a game inspired by the upcoming Mad Max movie installment.

Fury Road began with an assault on the central towers field (an impressive trench-lined field crossed by three large towers connected with catwalks), one that our opposition won handily.  They quickly established dominance and this early edge boosted their morale.  Good thing too, because we brought the fight to them for the rest of the weekend!

Synergy happens when the combined effect of all the parts is greater than the sum of the individual parts.  It’s that feeling when your whole team is in the zone, when everything clicks.  By the early afternoon it was all coming together - radio comms, movement, firing lanes, support - and our total effect on the field was certainly larger than the sum of our individual efforts.  We pulled wide flanking moves, stabbing small groups of enemies as we hit and conquered the outlier bases.  At the mid game stand-down the refs called a halt to our aggression, but when the game restarted we picked up where we left off and moved our front lines all the way to just outside the enemy base.

Sunday morning saw TCO as the first team on the field, and while the other side once again took the towers, we wrested it from them in a close quarters tower-to-tower battle.  The rule of the day was take real estate, and that’s what we did - all the way to the enemy’s front door.  At one point we were tasked to make the difficult push from the barn, down the ravine, and up the other side to secure the road at the top.  One of our front runners, Zach Sadjera, had been making crazy runs all day.  We sent him with some supporting shooters straight up the middle while a second team worked the left flank.  As they got the angles on the top of the hill, Zach ran the final yards and turned the corner on two players behind the key bunker.  They traded out, paving the way for the big push across the road.  Just one of a dozen amazing plays at this game!  If you’ve been in the scenario game for long enough, you know that it doesn’t always come together like this, but when it does, it’s so sweet.

Following this game the team split up to hit events around the country.  Rick “Mamba” Money took on well-known paintball personality Andre “Wolf” Critchlow as opposing generals at Paintball Central’s Con Thien scenario.  He next commanded at the Command Decisions Platoon Leader event, bringing home a win after an 18 hour non-stop event.  We sent players to the final episode of the long-running Castle Conquest series, while Zachary and Andrew Sajdera racked up a victory at the spring scenario at Sherwood Forest in Indiana, and QT Nguyen and Kris Wilson put in time at the PSP/MSXL event as the Eclipse Techs on duty.

Our next round together will be Western Wars at EMR in June, and I’ll be teaching a scenario summer camp at Line-of-Fire Paintball in early July.  It’s Paintball Time!

Jason “foolybear” Lineberger is the woodsball wizard for Planet Eclipse and captain of Team Capital Offense.  You can catch him on Twitter (@foolybear) or on Instagram (@foolybear).

Thursday, 7 May 2015


Fallout: Black Hills

By Jason “foolybear” Lineberger

This was absolutely one of the most fun scenario games I’ve played. – Dwayne from Capital Offense

As the game clock counted down the last hour, refs took their positions for the final base count.  In the last hour, teams could score points for holding any of four locations scattered across the sizeable acreage at Command Decisions Wargames Center.  Planet Eclipse’s Team Capital Offense broke into two squads to cover more ground.  One crew took a back route to the most remote base, Vault 85, to establish a foothold there before the enemy arrived.  The other squad ran for the center of the field, to assault fort Alpha before rejoining the team at Vault 85.

Emboldened by a hailstorm of paint, our side, the Yao Guai Clan, swarmed the trenches around Alpha.  Planet Eclipse gun tech and all around paintball slayer, Kris Wilson, racked up the kills as the last defenders fell.  Dwayne, leading the Vault  team, radioed that they had met with some opposition but were holding their own and looking for reinforcement.  I advised him to hang tight, and with 15 minutes remaining in the game Capital Offense merged to full strength as the enemy popped smoke and charged the hill, en masse.

It’s moments like these that we take away from games and keep forever.  High ground.  Hard cover.  Smoke obscuring our positions.  Capital Offense LV1s.  A team of players with solid communications and years of scenario experience.  These are force multipliers, and while the opposition had the numbers, that wasn’t enough to take the hill.  They charged into our guns and Dwayne, playing point, was the first to greet them.  When the blast signaled game over, we exited the field with our side’s flag flying.

Fallout: Black Hills was the second event based on the popular video game series.  Matt “ColMustard” Leonard and his team translated the quirky elements of the game into one of the most fun, most creative scenario events in recent memory.  What set this game apart was the ability for even individual players to have a huge impact on the final outcome.  Points came from not only capturing bases but also by building up a stash of game cash earned from brokering deals with the squad of role-players on the field.  In a true lesson in the market economy, the path to victory was Buy Low, Sell High.  One role-player might sell gun parts for next to nothing, thinking that they’re just scrap metal in the post-apocalyptic setting.  Another character would purchase them for a premium, and the key to collecting big money was figuring out the most advantageous trades.  Mamba, from Capital Offense, walked away with MVP due to his shrewd trading, which netted our side stacks of game cash. 
With land to take, players to shoot, and deals to be made, everyone from coordinated scenario teams to individual walk-ons had something fun to do.

In the end, Yao Guai Clan brought home the victory with a two-pronged plan of military and economic dominance under the leadership of paintball pro Matt Sossoman.  Our opponents, led by Julia “J Killa” Moore from Paintball Soldiers, kept the fight strong all day.  Nothing came easy, and that’s the way we like it in paintball.  Fallout: Black Hills delivered a creative, competitive scenario on a great field among skilled players. 

Thanks to Scrapyard Photography and Matt “ColMustard” Leonard for the photograhs.

To read more and see behind-the-scenes photos of the detailed props and costumes that made this a great game, check out the event page on Facebook.

Jason “foolybear” Lineberger is the woodsball wizard for Planet Eclipse and captain of Team Capital Offense.  You can catch him on Twitter (@foolybear) or on Instagram (@foolybear).

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Asylum Warzone Canada May 22nd - 24th

As well as Tech support at the event Badlands will also be holding a Planet Eclipse Test Drive for FREE so you can try before you buy....

Saturday, 25 April 2015


The sun shined bright on Spyder Paintball Park located in Rio de Janeiro,Brasil. The stage was set for the first leg of the Circuito Brasileiro de Xball(CBX).. This is only the CBX's second year but in that short time they have become one of the best Paintball circuits in Brasil. Rodrigo Araújo, owner of the CBX has promised to give Brasil the best quality at his events. 

Last years reigning champs ,Team Papaletto came looking for a repeat. I have to emphasize on the youth on this team. Their are 3 players in particular, brothers Fernando and Felipe Caldas and Marcelo Rozental. I played with these kids back in 2009 LAPPL,BRASIL..It was great to see how far they have come. 
Team Pinta Pua , also came looking hungry.. Over 30 teams came from all over the country. Niteroi,Sao Paulo,Ribeirao Preto were just to name a few.

Sunday came and when the sunset  in the Open Division it was:

1st place Ninjinhas
2nd place Papaletto
3rd place Pinta a Pua
4th place BooM PBT ..

In the Amateur Division it was:

 1st place Pint a Pua Red
2nd place Raptors PBT
3rd place Renegados
4th place Chacais..


Congratulations to all of our teams. Like to thank everyone that made this possible,CBX,Spyder Paintball Park,Emporio do Paintball,and Planet Eclipse..See you at the next one.. PJ

Circuiro Brasileiro de Xball

Spyder Paintball Park

Emporio do Paintball

More amazing results from around the World for the Emortal Army

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Rebels on Tour

2015 is a new era for Borgeskogen Rebels, the team have existed for many years, but so far been focused on winning events in Norway and Sweden. They have played an occasional Millennium, but nothing like this year. 

This year its full speed ahead, showing the sponsors, the fans and themselves that they are capable of great things. They started their adventure in France, leg one of Millennium, SPL2.

First off was the practice, in Norway in March it can be heavy snow. The possibility to shoot serious paint before the first Millennium is zero to none. So therefore, the Rebels went to France one day early to get the feel of paint and the sweet taste of it, before entering the big leagues on Friday. 

They played against Vision PPC Grenoble and struggled the first half of the practice. Remembering that reball is extremely good for the skills, but nothing beats playing with real paint. Point by point they came to life and started to feel more and more exited for the days to come. The whole winter season the guys have practiced really hard in the reball-sites and now they have the possibility to show that all the hard work is worth it.

Friday morning they started off against Paintschool Veckring, and despite being nervous and having butterflies they took the win 4-0. What a great start, and how good to be able to breathe calmly again and trust the hundred hours of practice.

Second game was against Vision PPC Grenoble, the team they have practiced against, and this time they came more prepared – it was a really tight game where the Rebels closed it 3-2 in overtime.

Saturday was another story, confident that they were through to Sunday with two wins; they used the Saturday game to test out things, new possible and impossible moves and generally had fun with the field and the layout. They lost 4-1 and were not too unhappy about that. They have found some new moves and learned more things about the field and they were satisfied. Until they saw the results of the rest of the group! – it had been an amazingly tight group with a lot of teams with 2 wins – because of the Rebels good score they came through as best 3rd in group. I don’t think they’re going to play Russian roulette with the Sunday-club chances next time :-) Well, lesson learned and it looks like the SPL2 division is going to be real tight this year, which will make it even better to win :-)

Sunday club morning, it’s a special feel in the air, sweat, nerves and anticipation. The Rebels started their game around 09 meeting Dynamix Metz. Dynamix had the best score in the prelims; they only dropped a few points going on to Sunday. Another challenge with that team was that they’ve gotten some reinforcements this year – Tokahe Hamil . However, he is only one guy with a gun too. The game was tight, going back and forth point by point, it was extremely nerve wrecking being the coach on the sideline not being able to jump in and join them. It was tied at 3-3, the last point Dynamix shot 2 Rebels on the break and that was the end of that. We all watched the games in our division throughout the finals, and the loss got slightly easier to bear after watching Dynamix smash all resistance, giving away few points, and winning the event in the end.

The rebels want to thank our sponsors for having our back and believing in us: Planet Eclipse and Virtue Paintball for awesome equipment, Anthrax and Fight Back Design for rocking cool jerseys, Pbgear for the support given and Cartel Media for making us look good!

Love from Kristine Myhre Andersen