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Spanish National Championship (EXPL)

The start of the season is marked by the first round of the Spanish national championship, EXPL.
Atlantic Games Beira-Mar, are the current title champions which makes us the team to beat. We prepare in the off-season with this mind-set, and as the athlete Nuno Lourenço "Bones" says –
"There are no facilitation for anyone, we have to work double to achieve what we want.”
In our case this is Wins. It's not always about winning, but marking a high-level paintball presence in consistency, the rest comes naturally.
The first game was against Murcia Moda EF, a newcomer in this division with a lot of raw talent. It meant a confident 5-1 win in which there were some mistakes from our side but there were more from the opposing team.
Next we faced Chiclana PB Vulcan Team, a team that is striving to be at the highest level in their country and increasingly gaining their place, was another 5-1 win for Atlantic Games Beira-Mar, where our game was much more dominant than the fir…

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