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Lionesses on the prowl!

On Saturday 7th July the Lionesses arrived pumped for CPPS R3. 

Due to holidays and injuries we were a couple of players short and so drafted in Matt Howel and Harrison Coley to join us. We really appreciated this as it gave the four girls we did have the opportunity to still field a team on Saturday.

We took two early wins followed by two close losses, in the past, losing consecutively like that may have gone to our heads, however we stepped up our game, reassessed our plays and were able to take the next 8 wins on the bounce. This left us with 10 wins to 2 losses all day. 

We believed that we had come in 2nd place to One41 due to a mix up in some of the other teams scores, so it was a pleasant surprise to end up at the top of the podium at the end of the day! 
We had three of the Ladies GB squad playing on Saturday and we are so excited with how this squad is developing together.

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