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You can't retire when it's in your blood...

We love a good story... Who doesn't?!?!?

When it involves some old school ballers getting back into the game after hanging up their cleats a few years ago, and now find themselves back in love with Paintball, and also happen to be kicking some ass while using only Planet Eclipse markers.... Well... We love it even more :-)

That's the story of  'The Chain Gang' three ex NPPL/NXL players coming back for more. All over 35 years old and they took 2nd place at the 2nd leg of the Seeds 3-man event putting them into 2nd place in the season standings and teaching the new dogs some old tricks along the way we are sure :-)
They are already booked into the Iron City Classic in August....Good Luck guys and we are glad your back on the scene and shooting Eclipse :-)

Huge thanks to "DeMarco Photography” for the Pictures !! 

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