Thursday, 18 September 2014

Paintugal - September 2014

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É já nos próximos dias 27 e 28 de Setembro que a PAINTUGAL vai realizar um evento Europeu de Paintball, celebrando o seu 10º Aniversário em Vila Pouca de Aguiar.

No dia 27 teremos actividades extra para miúdos e graúdos, com os primeiros a poderem disfrutar não só de um parque de insufláveis com monitor, mas também de jogos com marcadores especiais de paintball para menores!

Para os graúdos termos padelboarding & canoagem com monitores da Pena Aventura, uma prova de airball 3x3 organizada pela Emboscada, workshop e torneio CQB challenge para equipas mais o torneio Sniper challenge organizados pelo C.E.P. Paintugal & Hostiles Intentions.

No mesmo dia teremos a festa de convívio de jogadores às 22h, com a banda Capitão Mocho e o DJ Rogério Braga, no edifício do Mercado Municipal de Vila Pouca de Aguiar.

Em relação aos jogos principais, temos o jogo de Milsim M-Platoon de 4 horas no dia 27 às 8h30, o jogo PT Versus de 2 horas com o tema das invasões francesas no dia 27 às 16h30 e por último, o jogo principal de 4 horas com o tema da batalha de La Lys, no dia 28 às 12h.

O evento fecha no dia 28 com um mega sorteio de prémios, muito convívio, e com o turismo local a premiar um fim-de-semana único na Europa!

Para mais informações basta aceder a, as inscrições estão abertas até dia 19 de Setembro. Juntem-se à festa!


Is already in the 27th and 28th of September that PAINTUGAL will hold a European Paintball event, celebrating its 10th anniversary in Vila Pouca de Aguiar.

On the 27th we will have extra activities for kids and adults alike, with the first to be able to enjoy not only an inflatable Park with monitor, but also of special paintball markers games for minors!

For the adults we have padelboarding and canoeing with monitors from Pena Aventura, an airball 3 x 3 organized by Emboscada, workshop and CQB challenge tournament for teams plus the Sniper challenge tournament organised by C.E.P. Paintugal and  the Hostiles Intentions.

On the same day there will be a players party at 10pm, with the band Capitão Moxo and the DJ Rogério Braga, in the building of the Municipal market of Vila Pouca de Aguiar.

In relation to the main games, we have the Milsim game M-Platoon of 4 hours on the 27th at 8:30, the game PT Versus of 2 hours with the theme of the French invasions on the 27th at 16h30 and finally, the main game of 4 hours with the theme of the battle of La Lys, on the 28th at 12h.

The event closes on the 28th with mega raffle prizes, conviviality of players, and the local tourism to reward a unique weekend in Europe!

For more information just access, registration is open until 19th of September. Join the party!

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Savages Win Again !

Eclipse and Badlands Sponsored Saskatoon Savage continue their hot streak this season with more 1st Place wins! This past weekend, Saskatoon Savage took first place in Division 2 5-Man at the CPPL E5, the Bragg Creek Open. Not only did this win give them yet another first place finish, it also awarded them the Series Win!

The hard work and dedication didn't end on Saturday. With guns up on Sunday, Saskatoon Savage went on to play in the X-Division. Netting yet another 1st place win, Saskatoon Savage went on to place 2nd in the X-Division Series.

We would like to give a shout out to an excellent season for Saskatoon Savage! Keep up the awesome work and get ready for Division 1 next season guys!

Show your support and congratulate Saskatoon Savage on their Facebook Page:
Photo Courtesy of Kyle Pouliot Photography:

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Campeones EPPL Guayaquil Open 2014

Hello Fellow Paintballers,

Pj here giving you the scoop on the Paintball Tourny scene in Central and South America.Planet Eclipse gave me the the gracious opportunity to attend the 3rd leg of the (EPPL)ECUADORIAN PROFESSIONAL PAINTBALL LEAGUE in the city of Guayaquil Ecuador on August 28-30.The league has been around  for the last 5 years hosting some the best Paintball events in South America.Over 20 teams from the region and several from countries like Chile and Colombia converged on the city.Hosting the 2014 GUAYAQUIL OPEN was GUAYAQUIL PB CLUB and owner Edmundo Jordan.He has contributed over 15 years of his life to the game we all love..

Attending the event were local teams MONOSALVAJES along with sister and farm teams *SILVER , *JUNIOR , *KIDZ , and *REMIX..Also attending were players from TSUNAMI from Colombia and from Chile were team SANTIAGO POPSICLES..On hand was David”PREDLOCS”Baker handling judicial duties on the field.The Field was beautiful , pristine , manicured , green , soccer grass with a *ECLIPSE SUPAIRBALL FIELD..The field favored the “D”side but if you had the speed to get the Snake you would have the game in the bag.After the slugfest on the field it came down to the finals.PLANET ECLIPSE  teams rock the podium!MONOSALVAJES edged out ZURIKATAS for the D3 championship followed by MONOS SILVER in 3rd..In D4 Champions XKLIBUR , 2nd MONOS REMIX , IGUANAS PBT in 4th..In D5 , 2nd XKLIBUR PRIMELINK , 3rd MONOS KIDZ , 4th IGUANAS SPEED..

On behalf of PLANET ECLIPSE and myself I’d like to congratulate you on your performance.
We thank you all for the continued support.Be sure to check out the last leg of the EPPL QUITO OPEN on November 21-23 2014..

Friday, 22 August 2014

UWL - Mexico . . . . It's On !!!!

The UWL has been growing around the world and for the first time last month they have now expanded into Mexico. This is a great step forward for Paintball in Mexico to see another established league get set up in Mexico for the players down there. The first UWL México at Dragon Gotcha was a total success, with 10 teams playing both divisions 5 vs 5 and 10 vs 10. Players got to know the game format and loved it. Raul Ibarra, UWL Mexico Organizer, and Tom Cole are always on top of things, so how could it have gone wrong?  With such success at the very first event we look forward to seeing more teams attend the next events. 

Congratulations to all teams that showed up: La Legión Tamaulipeca (Recond2 and Defensores 1829), Bastardos, Shinigamis, Todo Gotcha, Gotcha México, Raptors, Dragones de México Alpha and Beta, Gotcha School and Carpinteros.
The first UWL Event is over, but luckily for all woodsball lovers it is just the beginning for the UWL México.

10 vs 10
1. Legión Tamaulipeca
2. Bastardos
3. Dragones de México

5 vs 5
1. Raptors
2. Bastardos
3.Todo Gotcha

For More information on the UWL Mexico please contact Raul Ibarra or visit the links below

Raúl Ibarra
Nextel 5563470560
ID: 42*15*137496
Cel: 5519389264