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NXL Asia...

I bet not many people even know there is an NXL Asia?? Well, there is and our friends from Raskal Sports in Malaysia made the trip to NXL Asia a few weeks ago to try their luck there.
Raskal Sport formed a scratch team of Malaysia’s most solid Planet Eclipse/Raskal Sports sponsored players and made the trip to Australia.  Guess what they called the squad... 'Raskal Sports' 
Team 'Raskal Sports' had a solid prelims and went directly into the semi-finals by qualifying second in the division. From there on out they simply outclassed the opposition only dropping a single point in the semis and achieving a clean 4-0 sweep at the finals giving them the victory!
Their CS2s performed admirably all weekend long, with ankle-deep mud and stagnant pools of dirty water facing them both in and outside the field. Thanks to solid players and a solid gun, the Open Division Champions trophy was theirs to take back to Malaysia along with the bragging rights :-).

Team “EJPC Jr.” also went t…

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