Sunday, 24 July 2016

SLC Faction.. getting closer !

Planet Eclipse would like to congratulate Team SLC Faction for finishing in 2nd place in D4 and 3rd place in D5. 

The D4 squad was undefeated all the way into the finals but lost a hard fought match and finished the event in 2nd. The D5 squad had an excellent event being their first tournament ever. With good practice and training they were able to pull off a 3rd place finish. We are excited to see the entire team have a strong finish in both divisions.

The event was held at All Star Paintball and was an affiliate of the PCPL. 

Follow SLC Faction on facebook to be informed on what events they are playing next and when their next Planet Eclipse Demo day will be held. Their demo days are great way for any player to try out all Planet Eclipse markers for free” says Marc Lancia of Planet Eclipse 

Pictures were by Brian Morill

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Midwest Alliance !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In 2016, 2 top teams from WI decided to join forces to make one powerhouse team and with that Midwest Alliance was born. Midwest Alliance, a D4 Planet Eclipse sponsored team placed 2nd in the opening round of the Commando Paintball Series held in Little Suamico on Sunday, May 1, 2016. Midwest Alliance placed 2nd out of 10 teams, missing out on the 1st place podium to Siege Paintball, based out of Mukwanago, Wisconsin. Midwest Alliance will seek to improve upon its mark at the next event in the series scheduled for July 10, 2016. We would like to thank Planet Eclipse and Marc Lancia for believing in us and supplying our team with the best markers and custom team jerseys in the industry! says Steve Jamroz.

“We have been working with Wisconsin Evolution before they joined forces to develop Midwest Alliance. For such a young team they have done much more then most teams do to help develop the sport and promote their team. Its great to see teams taking the initiative these days. On top of that they are great players! They had a great season last year and started off the 2016 season with a 2nd place finish as a new team. I am excited to see their other documentaries that they will produce throughout the year and look forward to seeing them on the podium! Good luck in 2016!” says Marc Lancia of Planet Eclipse. 

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Beira Mar - SMASH IT !!!

On 19th of June the 3” stage of the Portuguese National Championship at Vila do Bispo – Algarve took place..

It was a very hot day and one that our team had to show why we are the best team… So it was a very important 3” stage for us.

The last two stages of the Championship were a disaster. We took a third and eighth place finish, so this 3” stage was crucial if we still wanted to fight to get near the podium at the end of the Championship, and maybe, renew our title as Champions.

Everyone in the team knew how important it was to play well and try not to do many mistakes… that’s why we practice the two weekends before and also the day before the championship, in our minds we were ready to play and win.

We started the morning knowing we would play 3 games before semifinals; the first game was against our B team, Beira Mar Silver. We knew, it would be difficult because sister teams always want to show that they are better than the A team, and they came from their first ever win against us in the second stage of the Championship… knowing that and also knowing this is the team we practice with, we had to play our best to win… good communication, being very offensive not giving them room to breathe we got a 4/0 win.

The second game was against a new team called “Amarelos”, they also took their first win against us during the 2º stage of the championship that was not acceptable to happen again… Like the first game of the day, this one was very similar; we knew what mistakes were not to be repeated, so we started strong and not giving any chance of being threatened by them. It was an easy win by 5/1.

On the last game of the morning we would be playing the top ranking team “Paintshop”, they are the team we like to play against, like us they have experienced millennium players, so playing against them is always fun and difficult. By now, even before this game both teams already are in the semifinals both with two wins, but, also both teams want to be first in the group… the game started bad for us conceding the first point, and with long drawn out  points it’s always better being in front… after changing some things we managed to tie the points, unfortunately Paintshop ran a quick point and we did not have enough time to come back, we lost 3/2 in a good game like always with Paintshop.

Lunch time, now we had to wait and see which team from the other group got first place. That was the team we would play the semifinals. It happens to be one team we knew very well, Blue Falcon.

We started a bit nervous, our objective was not that game, it was the final, but for that we need to win them… they got 2/0 really easy and we were unable to stop them, our game was not putting any pressure or stop them to move forward, they shot us on the break, we got penalties, it was not working, so our mind set had to change… it did.
We came from a 2/0 and got tied at 3/3 at the end of game time… not cool as we had to play extra time. Both teams played safe on extra time, until blue falcon got a snake side penalty, two for one, and our game opened leading us to victory… FINALLY we got what we wanted, the FINAL.

In this third stage the final of the Portuguese National Championship was against Paintshop, again… but now we were ready, we would not make the same mistakes.

Again, like in the semifinal, we started the game losing 1/0 and a penalty at the end of that point. Making us enter the second point with only 4 players… we  took ground and got 3 kills but unfortunately with their extra man it just wasn’t enough to take that pointt… from that second hard point we felt we could do it. We started playing in different positions and making different moves that Paintshop did not react well to, this was the best game of the day (final normally are) Both teams were playing very well, good gun fights, smart moves, very good communication, even with the M500 format it was cool to see both teams shooting every little bit of paint they could. With one minute to the end we were winning 3/2, and at 20 seconds we were winning 4/2… those last 20 seconds the game was ours to win so we just got to our spots, shot our guns closing every possible move they could think, the time went by and it was over, we won.

It was a victory we fought hard to get, but we did everything a pro team does when they really want something, we practice, we talk, we learn the field and we were a team every second of the way.

Beira Mar Paintball Team would like to thanks

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Rebels on tour - from Bitburg to Hokksund

Bitburg is and have always been a great site,except the one year we played on the airstrip,but that's ancient history:) Its been a stable and good site with good view for spectators, easy access to fields, food and tradestands and for the lazy paintballer - we love the walking distance accommodation. Someone once said - Bitburg shows the German stability and quality - I can agree. The weather in Bitburg is not so stable - or maybe it is? Tends to be some light showers and some good sun in between.

For us Norwegians Bitburg tend to crash with our national day, but for the lovers of Paintball that wont stop us from playing. For more times than I can count I've celebrated the Norwegian national day in Germany playing paintball, I never brought the national dress (would make my luggage a lot overweight) but I always bring flags and noisy toys.

One other thing that crash with the Bitburg event is exam days, and this time Rebels suffered under that. Some of the guys had to sit this one out to be able to get their diploma. The rest of the team were still ready to give their opponents a good fight.

The first game against Phoenix St Petersburg gives Rebels a really good start, everything works as it should and the score is 4-0 with time to spare.

Next game Rain Of Fire Nuernberg is up, this is a close game and when the score is 2-1 to Rain Of Fire with 6 seconds left  Ole from Rebels runs for the buzzer. Unfortunately he was hit before he pressed the buzzer and the point swings to Rain Of Fire  leaving Rebels with a 3-1 loss.

A bit nervous now, next opponent is Elite Ile d Oleron, a really good experienced team, Rebels manages to score one point before Elite grabs hold of the game and steering it to 5-1 in their favor.

The groups in Rebels division are really tight, a lot of good teams fighting for a spot in Sunday club so fortunately this time they only needed one win to get in. Its 6 humble guys walking on the field on Sunday.

Early morning Sunday club and RMG Symphony Bratislava is up, the winners of the Barcelona event with the great Bart Blonski on their roster. The game starts really tight 1-1, 2-1, 2-2 Rebels holds up against the best team in their division. After 2-2 RMG outsmart them and they wont enter the game again making the score 6-2 to RMG. The guys were of course dissapointed not to get further into Sunday club, but still proud to give RMG a good fight

There is no rest for the wicked - after some training weekends, the England field is out and the Norwegian League instantly decides to use it for their event in Hokksund. For Rebels it was their first spin at the new layout and the learning curve could be steep.

The Hokksund site is one of the originals from the start of the Norwegian League, its a bit shorter than others but they make that up with always having nice warm weather and a super friendly staff.

First game is against Drammen Solid, the newly entered CPL team. It was a very even and tough game. The last point is ends in a 2 against 2 with the score 3-2 to Solid, but Rebels misses the time and cant finish the point before the time runs out. 

Next game is against Rampage. A stable strong game from Rebels, safely steering in a 4-0 win. 

Last prelim is against Oslo Menace, most of the old guys started resurrecting after finding the spark of paintball again during the 40+ in Barcelona. They fought well, but Rebels outsmarted them taking a 4-0 win.

The semi-final was against Xsportz, a team who time after time have proven themselves to be in the top of Norwegian paintball. Both teams played well and the game went back and forth point by point ending in overtime where Xsportz drew the longest straw 5-4.

In the bronze final it was a different story, Degernes Rednecks was the opponent. A slow start until the score was 2-1 to Rebels, two quick points, one of them in only 22 seconds  and then Rebels steered in the win of 5-1.

Congratulations Rebels with 3rd place in the second leg of the Norwegian League!!

Rebels want to thank our sponsors for having our backs and believing in us: Planet Eclipse and Virtue Paintball for awesome equipment - it never fails us, Anthrax for rocking cool jerseys and coffe in their booth. Blitzed media and SH (Stian Håvak) for making us look good. 
We would also like to thank: Fight Back Design, Energima, RVS, JKS rør and Proteinfabrikken

Love from Kristine Myhre Andersen

Saturday, 9 July 2016

WPP Factory - Smashed It !

Wanna-Play’s Factory Team wants to Thank Planet Eclipse for all of their support and fantastic gear including our GTEKs, FR Backs, OLED Boards, HDE Clothing, Pads, and Packs. They all helped to lead our team to a 1st Place victory at the latest MILP/BPL event held in Taneytown, MD on June 5th. WPP started this team in February of 2016 to show that paintball is a team sport. We all use the same equipment and wear the same uniforms, train hard and represent our sponsors who have been so gracious…..Moving forward we hope to keep up the success.” Says Sheldon Danley Captain of Wanna Play Factory

If you are in the area and would like to train against the team contact Wanna Play Paintball (717-472-7997) to see when their next practice is or visit

“Planet Eclipse would like to congratulate Wanna Play Factory on their 1st place finish in the teams 1st event for 2016! They have trained hard to be ready for this event and it proved itself that sometimes a little extra effort can get you over the top! They have been a pleasure to work with and I love the look of the HDE Gear and HDE Guns on the team. We wish them the best of luck throughout the 2016 season and hopefully we will see them on the podium again soon.” Says Marc Lancia of Planet Eclipse

Saturday, 2 July 2016

OPL Event #2

The Ontario Paintball League recently held Event 2 at Flagswipe Paintball outside of London, Ontario. The weekend was filled with beautiful weather until Sunday afternoon during the finals, when a short, but mighty storm rolled into delay the Division 3 games for 30 minutes.  Despite the wrath of the storm, the games ran smoothly and teams had fun with smiles all around.  Thanks to the great paint from GI Sportz, and amazing teching services provided by Planet Eclipse the Tournament finished without a hitch.

The Ontario Paintball League is a new league in Canada and has already made big moves in the tournament scene.  Offering huge cash prizes at each event, free water and fruit for the players as well as free paint for teams that make the finals!   

Division 4 featured 12 teams,  Northern Momentum, Loyalty, Adrenaline Afterlife, Leisure Kings, Chargers D4, Niagara Paintball Park, Black Hammers 2.0, Joyceville Juveniles, London Rippers, Team Explicit, DirtFarside, and Mount Brydges Suicide Squad.  

With Northern Momentum taking 1st place, Black Hammers 2.0 taking 2nd, Loyalty taking 3rd and Adrenaline Afterlife taking 4th place.  

Division 3 featured 6 teams,  Chargers D3, Northern Loyalty, Ontario  Rush, Dangercats, Velocity, and Heroes.  

Chargers D3 took 1st place, Dangercats took 2nd place, Northern Loyalty placed 3rd, and Ontario Rush finished in 4th.  

We are looking forward to our 3rd event which will be held at Golden Beach Resort just south of Peterborough, Ont. July 30th/31st.  This event will be our first event running our Free live webcast so players from all around the world can watch the action! 

For more info about the OPL click below: