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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Alex Fraige Signature Edition GEO2.1 . . . . . . ONLY 12 MADE !!!

1/10.... See Me !!!!

Here at Planet HQ it’s not just rolling around doing commando rolls and abseiling down the racking. Sometimes we have to do normal boring ‘Real’ work…. During today’s daily trudge my day was brightened up with this from TomO.

I bet you make your mother and father so proud :-)

Wanted.. Bigger Trophy Cabinet !!

Tor Anders Gunnerød, Slagen Bandits Captain gives us a run down of the season so far. And it's not a bad start !

Slagen Bandits season has just started, and what a start it has been!

Since living in the frozen north keeps the team from playing outdoor paintball for way to long in wintertime we eagerly jumped upon an invitation from our Portuguese friends Nuno and Christina at Vilaverde Paintball park in Sintra just outside of Lisbon to come play their tournament. We thought it would be a great kick-off to our season and a great team building experience.

We flew down to Pourtugal on Thursday with 10 players, including some old friends coming into paintball again and our dear Swedish friends Ami and Mats Helge from Hybrid photo. They brought along their sidekick Sebbe who filled in as our last player. Amazingly nobody lost their gear and everybody arrived safe and sound in Lisbon. Waiting for our gear in the airport Kristine soon got bored of riding the conveyor belts and started looking around the airport shops. After a while she ended up buying a cute little toy pig as our mascot and good luck charm (our home field is located on a pig farm). Personally i thought we used up the little pigs good luck right away as we navigated Portuguese traffic in an area which apparently is the densest populated area in Europe pr. square kilometer and the numbers on the traffic signs seems to be just a suggestion on how you should drive.

On friday we had a short practice at Villaverde and were really impressed by the site. We then went for a little tour of Portugal with Nuno and Christina as our guides. After a great trip we woke bright an early for Saturdays competition. To get most out of our trip we decided to enter two teams on Saturday as it was regular 5 man paintball. Slagen Bandits 2 went undefeated in the prelims and Slagen Bandits only dropped one game. The finals was played as a round robin between the four best teams. Bandits 2 won their two first games convincingly but Bandits 1 narrowly lost their two games. The last game of the tournament was Bandits 1 vs Bandits 2 which was a real car crash point and over in about 15 seconds with Bandits 1 taking the win. That meant that Bandits 2 took first place and Bandits 1 third place.

Happy with our performance we went back to the hotel to celebrate and prepare for Sundays x-ball tournament which was when the real tournament started as far as we where concerned. Sunday started with great paintball weather, slightly overcast but still nice and warm (by Norwegian standards at last, apparently it was quite cold compared to the weather they had the week before). The format was race to 3 points and played as a round robin league with every team getting 5 matches.

The team was pretty much on fire at the start of the tournament and didn't drop a point in our first matches and grinding out some super quick points. As the other teams figured out what we were doing and started to adjust to our playing style the games got a bit closer but at the end of the day we were undefeated and had taken another first place. Hybrid photo brought a celebratory bottle of champagne to the prize awards and it was only the start of a great evening which didn't end until it was almost morning and we had to leave for our red-eye flight home.

Thank you Nuno and Christina for a great trip and hope to se you soon again!

NPL 1 - Norwegian Paintball League

Only a short week later its was time for the Norwegian season opener, the first leg of the Norwegian Paintball League. It was another great day for paintball but the team didn't start as well as in Portugal. The format was race to 3, a new rule this year meant it was possible to draw a match. And that was just what we did. Our first match was a 2-2 draw against Trondheim Dominators. Then we won 3-0 against Trondheim Dominators 2 and Oslo Paintball kids.

At this point we started racking up several 1-4-1 penalties, not by players intentionally playing on, but people just getting dinked out on their loaders and packs and not noticing. This made the next games thougher than they should have been and we dropped our last game 3-1 to Tufte Rebels, a new team in the Elite division. We scraped by into the semifinals on better point differential than Trondheim Dominators.

In our semifinals against Mayhem we won 2-1 and moved on to the finals to face Oslo Paintball kids again. Again we made it hard on ourselves with some 1-4-1s early on, and quickly we were down 2-0 and things looked bleak against an opponent that played much better than in our previous match.

We dug deep and managed to even it up to 2-2. In the final point we had a bad breakout, but pulled out a 2-3 in the dying seconds of the match and pushed the buzzer with 2 seconds left for our second win in a week and a second bottle of champagne from Hybrid photo in the same time!

To top it of our division 1 team only dropped one game in the prelims and took a convincing victory in div. 1 on Sunday!
So in week we collected four 1st place trophies!

We would like to thank our sponsors: Planet Eclipse,Hybrid Photo, Dark Sports, Spine, Gloube Souldiers, Goldhammer, Slagen Paintball, snø and Tanked. Thanks for helping us out guys and girls!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th.... NICE !!!!

Another Fantastic weekend for the Planet Eclipse teams. With both the NPPL in Chicago and the Millennium in Germany happening on the very same weekend there was a lot of silverware on offer..
With Dynasty playing the NPPL in America the Millennium spot was filled on a temporary basis by Vicious playing as Dynasty… Unfortunately for Dynasty (AKA Vicious) they met Icon in the final 8 and Icon beat them sending Vicious packing. Germany is always kind to Icon and this year was no exception with Icon then rolling through Syndicate and then narrowly losing to Art Chaos 5-4 in the finals. Icon took a very well deserved 2nd Place. Instinct playing on home turf also had a fantastic result placing 3rd after a 3rd vs. 4th playoff against German rivals Syndicate. 3rd Place for Instinct is their best ever result… What made it even sweeter for Planet was that Instinct picked up there brand new Instinct GEO 2.1Team guns on the Thursday of the event. Straight out of the box performance straight to the podium…. Well done to everyone.

Across the pond the 2nd Leg of the NPPL in Chicago was kicking off, literally. Planet Eclipse again had two teams in the top 4 with Impact and Dynasty representing. Dynasty were looking for their 4th event win out of 4 events played. There performance was outstanding and they powered their way to another victory giving them 4 out of 4!!! Impact took 4th at this event and I’m sure they are looking higher up the table but it seems to be taking Impact longer than they would like to get the team to gel. 4th Place in an NPPL is still a great result…

So that makes it 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th around the world this weekend!

To everyone playing in the Emortal Army congrats!

Monday, 23 May 2011

CPPS Results & Standings

The UK Paintball Scene is still continuing to grow with over 60 teams attending, playing in 5 different divisions at the last CPPS event. The CPPS now have 5 full Supair fields and are continually improving the grounds and set-up up at the Balls Out Promotion venue.

Top 3 in each division results from round two are:

London Shock
Manchester Firm
Birmingham Disruption

M7 Super League (Open Race 4 div)
The Firm
NPF Academy
Birmingham Temper

M5 Premier Race 2
Firm Academy
Lethal Bizzle

M5 Championship

M5 Conference
Brotherhood Audacia
Lampeter Karma 2
Powis Stingers



Standings after round 2....

Rampage Show us your Silverware

Monday, 16 May 2011

NEW PbNation Badges

With the Launch of the Planet Eclipse CSL we have continued the ‘Exclusive’ PbNation SL Owner badge club. Only the original owner of a CSL can obtain a CSL Badge to rock on their PbNation profile..

But we wanted to give everyone a nice makeover and have uploaded NEW badges for:

They are FREE and anyone can have ONE, yes, just one at a time….choices choices.

Just click this link and then click the badge you would like to update, it’s that easy…

Were We Soldiers?

by Jason “foolybear” Lineberger

On Mothers’ Day weekend Paintball Central’s location in Greenville, South Carolina, opened their gates to welcome in a scenario crowd hungry for action on a brand new field. “Traditionally we’re known as a speedball/tournament facility,” said Ken Barrett, PBC’s regional manager. Ken went on to state that they’re pushing hard to expand to serve the scenario community. Just prior to “We Were Soldiers,” their inaugural two-day event, the staff at PBC constructed a bridge across their pond to open the back acreage, wooded hills bisected by a steep-banked creek. With the addition of some bunkers, a few trails cut through the brush, and a small village of buildings, Central’s already attractive set-up looked that much better to the scenario teams that made the trip.

The promise of paintball action drew home squad O.M.E.N., Blue and Deuce from Blue’s Crew, Billy Smith and his group of scenario shooters from Low Country Paintball, members of Wulfenkow, and the founders of the online community among others. The chance to mix it up in the woods and through some of the best dirt-mound fields anywhere also attracted a fair share of current and former tournament players, including several from the rosters of Trauma and Gridlock.

They attack us; no casualties. They retreat into the mountains and, naturally, we follow them. Smell like an ambush to you? – Lt. Colonel Hal Moore, We Were Soldiers

The scenario drew inspiration from Mel Gibson’s 2002 Vietnam war movie, We were Soldiers, to establish the scene. Like the Battle of Ia Drang depicted in the movie, the American team started the event by landing choppers full of soldiers inside enemy territory. Four scenario helicopters left the American base in the opening minutes, followed by a push of foot soldiers to take and hold the mounds and bunkers between the two bases. Red team ambushes quickly cut down the helicopter strikes, and within 20 minutes Red had flanked, creating a crossfire that chipped away at the Blue defense. The action may have been intense at first, but the paint-burning initial skirmishes soon settled down to smaller gunfights as the teams paced themselves for what promised to be a full day of paintball. The game kicked off before noon and was scheduled to run continuously until 8 PM – a ten-hour paintball slugfest!

At only two hours into the game, Red hemmed in the remaining Blue players in a kill zone around Blue base only to learn that while their force had crept through the low areas of the field, Blue had done the same on the high side, and they were simultaneously putting paint on Red’s base. Neither team had an objective that required capturing the enemy base. The producers sent out missions every half hour, but many of the players simply wanted to go head-up with the opposition, whether that happened from bunker to bunker, through the woods, or in the maze of dirt mounds.

Pass this along; tell your men to fire three shots at anything that looks suspicious, on my order. – Lt. Colonel Hal Moore, We Were Soldiers

So, what makes a game memorable? It could be the field itself, the teams, customer service, those touches like props and role-players that lend realism to the experience, parties on Friday or Saturday night, or amazing, cathartic final battles. What made this game memorable for me was a single mission, a strike deep into enemy territory.

After spending several hours hustling fending off Blue players from all sides, I was ready to put some pressure on the other team for a change, so I hooked up with a group that planned to take the newly-cut trails across the pond to make a wide flanking move to the buildings safely tucked away behind the Red base. I joined with longtime paintball veterans Billy Smith, Ken Barrett, and Brian Radford along with a handful of the DXS Factory Team to round out the group. Unfortunately the first shot fired in the first confrontation was enough to send me on the long walk to reinsert. (Note to self – carry gun on the side that’s away from possible threats to prevent lucky longball shots to the loader.) By the time I returned, we had circled around to a spot on the edge of the village of buildings Red had easily held since game-on. Several of these buildings contained PVC sticks taped with team colors that the ref checked every half hour for points. All we needed to do was clear the village, flip the sticks to blue, then hold it against reinserting Red players. A few good players holding out against incredible odds in the middle of hostile turf? Perfect for this spirit of this scenario.

An hour later I left the field with a game’s worth of memories. Not one but TWO ambushes by players on our own team who weren’t expecting a friendly squad so deep on the Red side. A dozen hard fought skirmishes to clear buildings held by stubborn (and skilled) opponents. We clicked as a team, the sort of synchronicity that usually only happens after long hours of practice.

How it all plays out is unimportant. Whether we were whittled down to a last man standing or if we pulled all the flags and took off for friendly territory, it doesn’t matter. It’s the moment when everything comes together that counts. Maybe we weren’t soldiers, but we played the hell out of some paintball.

Fresh Intel: . . . . . . .Catch up with Jason ' Foolybear' Lineberger at the Vietnam Patrol at Command Decisions Wargames Center (home of the Fulda Gap Mega Game). Foolybear will be playing with Eclipse team, Capital Offense this weekend (21st - 22nd May 2011 CLICK HERE for more info !

Kinetic Dominate Reading!

Bob from Team Kinetic sent us this report after their victories at the NSPL.

Sunday 1st May Round 3 of the NSPL was held at the fantastic Reading Venue.
Always a favorate location with the players Team Kinetic were out in force fielding 2 teams in Division 2 race to 2 format and 1 team in the combined division 3/4, 5 man. Playing on the Bitburg field layout, everyone was buzzing

With the sun beating down and a slight wind keeping everyone cool the draw meant that the day started with our div 2 teams facing each other to gain the early advantage and some in squad bragging rights! Team Kinetic Vs Kinetic Force. Our first team (Team Kinetic) with a full strength squad won the match 2-0 and didnt look back all day. The team went on to win every match 2-0 and register a perfect score overall, a first for the team!.

Kinetic taking the overall Divsion 2 win for round 3

Kinetic Force showed plenty of aggression throughout and in another consistant performance took home 3rd place. Their third 3rd place of the season showing them to be a force to be reckoned with and only a matter of time until they make that breakthrough to the next step of the podium.

In division 3 having watched the exploits of the other teams in the morning Kinetic Pulse meant business. Losing only 2 players in the first 3 games of the day and winning the first 4 games convincingly, Pulse were dominating.

They continued like that for the rest of the event only losing 1 game all day. With 7 wins Kinetic pulse took 1st place well clear of the rest rounding off a fantastic event for the Kinetic squads.

Team Kinetic 1st place Division 2
Kinetic Force 3rd place Division 2
Kinetic Pulse 1st place Divison 3

A great result acheived through all the hard work of the squad at training and a flawless performance from our Planet Eclipse Egos and Geos. Kinetic go into the rest of the season full of confidence. Booooraaaaaaa!

Follow Team Kenitic Here: CLICK ME !!!

Big thanks again to for letting us use there pics !

Thursday, 12 May 2011

CSL Specs

“Enriched with Carbon and Gold, the CSL is both striking and beautiful. From the seamless flow of the barrel and frame to the intricate detail and craftsmanship of the body. The new CSL is the epitome of class and performance with a distinctive pedigree and history that is only found in the SL mark” . .
The CSL is all about the detail. Gold screws clamp the gold-detailed grips onto the new flush fitting and screwless frame. Gold Thumbwheel and Screw on the silky smooth, bushed and re-designed C-Lever Clamping Feed. Gold LPR Torpedo and Bolt Pin. The bespoke CSL POPS system with coded gold latch pin. All co-ordinated with that lustrous carbon fibre and gold threaded weave in the all-new SL Shaft 4 Barrel Tip.

The SL has always offered something a bit special. A bit “extra”, if you like. And this year is no exception.

The gold accenting lifts the general appearance of the CSL into another league. All of the stainless steel parts that could be colour-coded have been, also the grip badge and body badge carry a gold chrome finish in place of the silver chrome found on the standard Ego11.

But of course it is the new SL Shaft4 Barrel that takes the limelight. The gloss finished Carbon Fibre 14.5” and 16” tips contains a delicate gold weave, a polished gold collar, and ample porting. The backs have been stepped down a size in their range (now 0.681”, 0.685” and 0.689” bores) in order to better suit the current paint sizes around the globe. The threading and rear section use the same geometry as the Shaft4 Barrel with its increased control bore length, offering higher average velocity and improved consistency over the older Shaft SL barrels. Of course the internal bore is precision honed, as you would expect.

In order to make the most of the stunning detailing all of the CSL the colours for this year have been designed to complement the gold theme, picking up the colour in their accented parts, but each with their own unique combination of base and contrasting elements.

Mechanically the CSL is driven using the same solenoid with integrated Flow Control Devices as can be found on the Ego11. The Ego11 has altered perceptions on what is possible both in terms of adjustability and outright smoothness from a poppet platform. And the CSL is no different with the adjustable solenoid making it possible to dial in the marker for supreme spool valve rivalling smoothness or outright firepower at the twist of a control.

But in other areas around the marker it’s easy to spot where those improvements that you expect to see in an SL have been made. For example the F-F or Flush Fitting Frame. Take a look and you will see that there are no longer any unsightly screw heads at the rear of the frame or inside the trigger guard. Instead, the frame is attached using a single captured free-spinning screw at the rear, and on a discrete and hidden cam-hinge at the front. The result is quicker and easier disassembly, smoother lines and improved ergonomics.

The CSL will be shipping with the excellent Cure3+ bolt. But currently in the final stages of development we have an all-new Cure4 Bolt System. Developed with the intention to reduced stack clipping and bolt strike (where the paintball is damaged by the bolt accelerating forward and striking the stationary paintball) the new bolt includes a removable and replaceable cushioned tip. The tip is locked into position by the contoured bolt insert that is in turn held in place by the bolt pin. Complete disassembly requires no tools whatsoever. The Cure4 bolt will be made available free of charge to all CSL owners who register their marker (see inside CSL box for details).

Continuing the long tradition of the SL range, the CSL offers a multitude of options to the owner. Electronically there is the same option of Opto or Micro trigger actuation on the board, as well as magnetic and/or spring return on the trigger. The CSL also offers the option of both a High and Low Pressure exhaust valve system which allows you tailor the efficiency and feel even further. The HP valve guide gives increased efficiency while the LP guide delivers a more gentle blast of air to the back of the ball. There is also the inclusion of the standard Ego-shaped “S” style, as well as a brand new retro “Blade”-shaped, trigger. The options included as standard with every CSL mean that there should be a set-up to suit every taste without ever the need to purchase potentially flawed aftermarket parts.

And of course these days the options do not just stop at the hardware. Every CSL comes complete with a full E-Portal system, including software and link cables meaning that everything from the start-up splash screen to the software version can be adjusted and uploaded from a PC.

As you can see, there is little that has been left untouched on the New CSL. And after all, The devil is in the detail, as they say…

Unique CSL Features:

• Bespoke CSL Body
• Bespoke CSL F-F (Flush Fitting) Trigger Frame
• Bespoke CSL Cure4 Soft Faced Bolt With Gold Bolt Pin
• Bespoke CSL 5-Piece SL Shaft4 Shaft Barrel Kit
• Bespoke CSL Carbon Fibre Tips With Gold Weave
• Bespoke CSL Contoured dual density Grips with Gold Logo
• Bespoke CSL Gold Hardware
• Bespoke CSL Circuit Board With USB Interface – Cable and Software Included
• Bespoke CSL Dual Triggers - “Blade” and “S” Style Triggers Included
• Bespoke CSL Dual Valve Guides – HP and LP Valve Guide Kit
• Bespoke CSL Zick2 Rammer Kit
• Bespoke CSL POPS Assembly
• Bespoke CSL Smooth Clamping Feed Assembly – With Gold Sprocket Wheel
• Bespoke CSL Contoured Eye Covers
• Lazer-Eyes Red BBSS System
• Exclusive PBNation CSL Badge

Ego11 Cross Over Features:

• Bespoke MAC Solenoid with Adjustable Flow Controls
• Fully Adjustable Bolt and Rammer Speed for reduced Kick
• SL3 Inline Regulator With Angled Swivel
• Dual Density Rubber Console and Frame Grip
• Cure3+ Bolt
• Zick2 Rammer Shaft and Cap
• Increase Longevity of Internal Components
• New LP Supply Protection System
• 92% larger transflective LCD Display
• Adjustable Tru-Colour RGB LCD Backlite
• 16-Bit Microprocessor - 16 MIPS (Million Instructions Per Second)
• Improved Solenoid Drive Circuitry for increased Velocity Consistency
• New Graphical User Interface
• Ultra-Lightweight Monoform Body
• Deftek Offset Feed Tube
• Integrated Rammer Housing
• Integrated FRM
• Offset Bores
• Micro + Opto Switch Board
• Dual Instrument Grade Ball-Raced Trigger
• Dual Trigger Return Mechanisms - Magnetic and Spring Trigger
• T-Slot Rail Mounting System
• Integrated Audible Sounding Device

Launch Colours: Panther, Spekta, Prestige

Weights and Measures
Length: 540 mm
Height: 211 mm
Width: 31 mm
Weight: 828g/1.82lb
All Measurements include Barrel (14.5”), POPS, Battery, Ready-to-go:

SL Shaft 4 Barrel Kit Specifications
1 x 14.5” Carbon Fibre Front Section 0.700” Bore
1 x 16” Carbon Fibre Front Section 0.700” Bore
1 x Rear Section - 0.681” Bore
1 x Rear Section - 0.685” Bore
1 x Rear Section - 0.689” Bore

Check out the Flickr Gallery Here: CLICK ME !!!

CSL - A Choice...... Not A Compromise !

More Info coming later today....

Make A Wish

Well done to everyone involved and for making this happen !

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Artifact Season 2 - Trailer 'Coming Home'

2011 has well and truly started and the ETV camera crew have been out and about capturing footage from the greatest events in the world.

Artifact Season one was a great success bringing more that simple paintball footage, but bringing paintball stories, the lives we live, the trails and the tribulations, the pain and the glory. We hope you enjoyed the first season and we especially hope you are ready and strapped in for Season 2??

Planet Eclipse's acclaimed documentary series ‘Artifact’ returns for its second season. Check out the trailer for the upcoming episode "Coming Home" featuring San Diego Dynasty.

Coming Home will first be available on the Planet Eclipse digital download store. Look out for at around closer to the end of May 2011.

Click here to see the other titles already available for download:

Music is "Good Night Day" by Etheinne, out on Deep Elm records.

Artifact is produced by Disconnected Media, in association with Deep Elm Records. The series is narrated by Matt Marshall, a retired-world champion paintball player, and an acclaimed writer, and commentator.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Reckless and Instinct RULE Supreme in Germany

Reckless and Instinct RULE Supreme in Germany.

2010 was a great year for both Ramstein Instinct and Dusseldorf Reckless. With Reckless winning the XPSL overall championship and Instinct winning the DPL Championship – Both teams using Planet Eclipse Markers (EGO’s and GEO’).

Stefan Bolz ‘Butch’ from Dusseldorf Reckless was kind enough to give us a little bit of history about Reckless and Instinct joining the Emortal Army.

Over to Butch………
After finishing 2009 with an unlucky 2nd place in the 1st Bundesliga XPSL, Reckless just wanted to make our way back on the top! The season started well. We won all our games at the first two events and pushed by this we secured the first place at the German Open in August. On match day number three we lost our first game of the season, but anyway this was no serious problem on our fight for the 2010 championship!

Next up was Tanked Cup. To continue training in the off season we decided to participate in a winter league presented by four single events. And we are proud to say that we lead the leader board all the time and collected another awesome victory.

Fast forward to 2010 . . . . . . . . . . and the XPSL-Championship 2010.

The 2010 XPSL championship and victories in other tournaments are the rewards of the efforts by our players, coaches, sponsors and fans. And we want to say a special THANK YOU to our sponsor Planet Eclipse for equipping us with the most reliable and best guns and gear ever. You are at least responsible for our success!

At this point the Instinct Collaboration started.
Millenium Series CPL Team Ramstein Instinct starting working with Planet Eclipse in mid season 2010. They have been supplied with the same awesome Planet Eclipse GEOs and EGOs as Reckless.

We are proud to say both German champs are under one – awesome – roof! And it is no secret that Instinct relegated Frankfurt Syndicate to the 2nd place and won the 2010 DPL Championship.

In the offseason 2010/2011 Reckless picked up several new players, signed new contracts with our sponsors and prepared to defend our position at the top. In April the first event and start of our season rolled in and all of Reckless have been excited, what will happen in 2011???

The first match was against a new and unknown team called JE-Unit. And well we were just handed it off. We beat ourselves in this game. Highly motivated by this defeat we finished our second and last game at this match day against Dirty Annihilation with a clear and straight win.

To become the 2011 XPSL champion again, Reckless still have a long way to go, but with our sponsors – Planet Eclipse and – by our side, we can make it! Thank you all…


Follow Reckless Here:

Follow Instinct Here:

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Red Dot Tournaments in Washington

May 28th 2011

Red Dot Paintball is pleased to announce our first tournament series that will run this summer. This is mainly a tune-up tournament, strategically placed in between major tournament dates, for west coast based teams to keep their edge prior to bigger tournament dates. In addition, our beginner division is an attempt to revive tournament paintball in Eastern Washington.

Many of you remember the popular Grandview Tournaments held in Grandview, Washington. The Tournaments were strategically scheduled to fit in-between other higher profile tournaments to give players opportunity to get quality competition in an organized event. Following in their tradition, Red Dot Paintball has transitioned the tournaments from Grandview to the Tri-Cities. Utilizing our artificial turf field we will offer the same format (4-man open and intermediate and 3-man beginner) that the Grandview tradition was known for.
There will be three divisions.

Open (4-man, more than 1 year tournament experience, sorry no Pro Players allowed)

Intermediate (4-man, players have one year or less tournament experience)

Beginner (3-man, players have no tournament experience)

The Series Information

Yes there will be prizes !!!!!!

First Place is 12 Cases of Field Paint + Trophy or Medallion
Second Place is 6 Cases of Field Paint + Trophy or Medallion
Third Place is Trophy or Medallion

First Place is 8 Cases of Field Paint + Trophy or Medallion
Second Place is 4 Cases of Field Paint + Trophy or Medallion
Third Place is Trophy or Medallion

First, Second and Third will receive a Trophy or Medallion. All participants that enter will be given a raffle ticket to win 1 of 9 cases of Field Paint.

Tournament Series:

All teams will compete during the series to be grand champions. Prizes subject to tournament participation of at least 5 teams per division per tournament. Final prizes will be adjusted to actual series participation. Tentatively (prize maximums), the additional tournament series prizes are $200.00 RDP Gift Card per 1st place open player (total $800.00 for the team), $150.00 RDP Gift Card per 1st place intermediate player (total $600.00 for the team), $100.00 RDP Gift Card per beginner player($300.00 per team).

May 28, 2011
July 23, 2011
August 20, 2011
October 1, 2011