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Friday, 29 July 2011

The Pink Lady is BACK !

For a very long time we have produced a Pink Lady Marker, it’s had several different colour ways, configurations, and looks. This season we have decided to push the boat out and give the ‘Pink Lady’ a sweet graphic anodised look.

You may have seen the French girls team ‘Harpies’ rocking their own version of the graphic with purple rather than Pink…

These are not going to be mass produced, numbers are going to be pretty limited, ‘Pretty’ see what I did there !!!

Check um out !!! Hit up your local dealer !

I see a mouse (mat)... where... there on...

...the Planet Eclipse Web Site :-)

You know you have made it in this world when you get your picture on a Mouse Mat :-)

The Planet Eclipse Large Mouse Mats are here and ready to ship (USA next week). A full 400mm x 300mm size mat but still nice and thin with a rubber backing, perfect for gaming, working or just making any surface look cool.

Oh did I mention I’m on it….


Wednesday, 27 July 2011

DoW Invade America !!!

So our first PSP event of the year would be played just outside Chicago. After a gruelling flight over, sponsored by toddlers kicking the back of the seat, we landed on North American soil..

We had a few days extra planned in to get some practice done with the purpose of getting back in to the American style of play. During Sunday we drove around looking for places and teams to play, visiting Badlandz where Chicago Aftershock and Russian Legion was practicing and later CPX where the event would take place.

Geared up with our 2011 equipment from Planet Eclipse, we were ready to go. Just have a look at those wood grain Egos and Geos, as well as our new jersey’s for the season.

Without any luck we drove around large parts of Joliet ,IL. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to get any practice this day. Back to the hotel and we started planning the days to come before the event.

We managed to squeeze in two days of practicing at CPX. First one with the help of our friends in Chicago Enemy and Chicago Distortion. A lot of adjustments needed to be made, and we did struggle to figure the field out. The second practice was against Grad Moscow which went a lot better. Grad had won the first event in Texas, so playing on par with those guys was a good confidence boost before the event started.

Since there was a lot of stuff to get done, we weren’t able to get too much sightseeing in, which was a shame. We did however manage to experience a tornado alarm when having dinner at TGI Fridays. Everyone on the team thought this was very exciting, the locals weren’t equally enticed..

The site was demolished by the weather, and we were starting to get a bit worried that the event would be delayed several days, or the worst case scenario, getting cancelled.
The CPX with Darrell at the helm together with the PSP crew pulled of an amazing feat and managed to get the fields back in order by stripping the DYE-field of its parts and inserting it in to the other fields. The DYE-field however, was the field we were supposed to play on, so all of our games were postponed to the afternoon on the Empire field. We were very pleased though since it meant that we would get to play!

Thursday meant that we had two games lined up, the first against Zulu Warriors and the second against Static. We met up with an American player who had contacted us and wondered if we needed an extra player. This guy, Ethan Picket, who is an American handball player, currently residing in Denmark. His resumé looked sweet, and from earlier experiences we know that it’s hard to have too many players on the roster.

Game on...
The first game was very shaky. We won the first point because 3 of the Zulu players were pulled for starting early. This would how ever be the highpoint for us.
Zulu basically ran over us in what was a very frustrating game. We had no luck in locking them down and getting the crucial kills. Their dorito-side player had a great time, taking every chance he had to run down the tape and effectively pick us off the field. There’s not much to say about this game than Zulu outplaying us. We really needed to rework our strategies.

The second game against Static, who placed second in Texas, looked a lot better. We managed to control the tapes with the help of the Mayas in the middle, effectively killing their game plan. We went up 4 to 1, and then something happened. Static changed their game, and suddenly the game was tied at 4-4 and we were going in to overtime.

In a tough point which ended up with both teams having two bodies alive. Their dorito player tries to run down our center who moved to the dorito corner, but gets shot by our snakeplayer, gets a major penalty giving us the final point. A very important game that went in our favour.

We went back to the hotel and with a good feeling, looking forward to the last two games that was supposed to be played on Friday afternoon.

The games were against Factory Black and Colorado Ascent. Factory Black had lost both their games with large numbers, so it was an important game for both teams.

Just like the last game we went up 3 to 0, but just like before we let them back in to the game. Because of a major penalty in the first point that we lost, we had to start the next point with only three players. Getting a minor in this point, we now had to start the following one with four players. The score is now tied at 3 to 3 with time running out. We once again head in to overtime. This OT point is however not as close, with us winning it with three players alive.

The last game would not be easier than any of the other, with Ascent scouting us pretty well. After some points back and forth, they are up 3 to 1, and we change our gameplan, utilising the corners more instead of the middle like before. We reduce to 3-3 and are back in the game. We win the following point with one and a half minute left on the clock, forcing Ascent to take action to be able to go to overtime. We play disciplined and get the upper hand, almost able to hang the flag but the score remains 4 to 3, which meant that we were almost certainly through to the playoffs.

After a while we get information that we were through to the quarter finals, where we would match up against Total Karnage from Orlando, which we are very familiar with after getting to know their general manager Jimmy Nielsen. The game was moved from Sunday to Saturday which is usually a day off, because of the delays the tornado had resulted in. Sadly this was the day we planned to go in to Chicago, but we were here to play paintball so nobody was too disappointed.

So Saturday meant win or go home.

We refined our gameplans a bit, and would lock down the corners even more than before to kill their aggressive style and try to utilise the Half-X in the middle more than before. We played clutch and there wasn’t really anything to complain about, it was a great game from our point of view. It ended 5 to 0 and it meant that we would play our first semi-final in the PSP. It turned out that this game would be played on the Pro-field and be broadcasted on their webcast!

The semi-final was against Grad Moscow early Sunday morning. Grad had been scouting us hard in our game against TK, they were ready and able..

There’s a lot to be said about this game, and still it’s hard to formulate a good description of the game. The first point was almost ours after Grad getting a Major penalty but due to some confusion they never pulled enough players and let them win it with one player alive. We lost our control from the Mayas, which let their dorito-player have a field day and killed us of effectively much like the game against Zulu. They were up 4-0 when we managed to capture a point. Being down three point, something had to happen and fast. We did however not man up and Grad managed to get their last point and secure their spot in the finals.

Have a look at the game that the PSP recorded.

We would however have a game against Chicago Distortion to determine third and fourth place. Funny how in 7 games, we would get to play two of the teams we practiced against before the event. Ces’t la vie! Man the cannons and aim for the bronze!

Since our practice against Distortion didn’t go to well, we knew they were confident in their game, making us the underdog. This suited us very well, because we knew if we played well, they would get frustrated giving us some leverage.

In a tight game where we kept ourselves on top throughout the entire game, the final point was a real nailbiter. We were up 3 to 2, when distortion made a final push to try to even out the score. With three guys left against one of our back players, they tried to run in the flag but getting shot in the process. One of their two players bunkered our last player and was given a major penalty whilst sprinting to the base creating a lot of commotion which was followed by a few minutes of the refs talking things through and informing the team captains. They did not accept the flag hang which meant that we won the game 3 to 2 and took the third podium spot.

After collecting our medals and plaque, we got to watch one of the most exciting pro-finals in the history of the game between Dynasty and Russian Legion. We packed up our things and said our goodbyes. The following day we managed to squeeze in half a day of sightseeing (shopping) in Chicago before it was time to check for our flight home to Sweden.

We made a lot of new friends in Chicago like players, organisers, field owners and photographers. This makes the trips across the Atlantic so much more worth taking, and we would like to thank everyone for making each trip an excellent experience!

Most of all we would like to thank PLANET ECLIPSE. Without the support from the greatest company in the world, we would never have achieved anything at all. Everything from our awesome custom markers that never let us down, to comfortable clothes that can take quite a beating and still hold up perfectly, to just getting some words of encouragement before a tough game, helps us more than you can imagine.

We would also like to thank Ethan Picket and Andreas Östin for playing with us. It was a treat playing side by side with the both of you, as well as all the help Mattias Svensson and Mikael Männer who both took good care of their work at both tape sides.

Hopefully we can return to the great venue that CPX and Darrell had to offer. Thanks for the training facilities!

Please visit Gary Baum from WWW.PAINTBALLPHOTOGRAPHY.COM who took some great pictures throughout the event, and the first team-photo we’ve had in quite a few years. It was a pleasure to meet you, Hope to see you in New Jersey!

An update from the BAR!

Pub Crawling has had a quiet summer, taking care of our own lives; which, in turn, allows us to lead such a crazy paintball lifestyle. After an excellent first half of the 2011 season in which we walked away with 3 most valuable team awards, 1 most valuable player award, and 1 sportsmanship award; we are now excited to begin the second half of the season.

On August 13-14, we will attend TSSOC 2 day scenario game at the famous EMR Paintball Park in New Milford Pennsylvania. This game should easily see 500 or more players and we hope you will all come out and play this, one of the country’s best, premier field!

The very next weekend, Saturday August 20, we play at Battlefront Paintball, near Youngstown Ohio. This one day game will be held at the ruins of an old munitions factory that exploded ‘way back in the day’. This field should be awesome and we are really looking forward to playing it for the first time.

SEPTEMBER…we have nothing on the calendar…hit us up on FACEBOOK and make some suggestions ASAP…maybe we’ll make it out your way.!/pubcrawlingpb

On October 8-9, we will head back to another of our favorite fields and return to play a 2 day scenario game at SPLATBROTHERS Paintball in Hopewell, Virgina. These games regularly hit 500 players and this game should be no different (although in the spring there was a tornado during the game, but so what…right?). No idea what side we’re on for this one, either way a good time is guaranteed by Ronn and Don (the splatbrothers themselves).

Finally on November 12-13, we will end our season at Paintball Charleston in South Carolina. This field plays GREAT and is run by very friendly staffers and owners. The 2 day scenario is run by Ben Torricelli and MPP productions. These games are always fantastic and usually we about 500 players at this field. Come on down and get some good ole southern hospitality.

So, soon you’ll be seeing our regular updates again, until then hang loose and we hope to see you on the field (and here’s 2 pictures: one of our latest Prize Package winner…he was cute and I think he thought I was too, LOL…we make some people suffer to get their prize, and one of Maniac getting married with MJ as his best man and Lemming manning the camera…yes, it is under our team tent).


Friday, 22 July 2011


NEW Fresh Caps in stock NOW......

HDE Pants ... INCOMING !!!!!!!

The first few pairs of HDE Camo pants have been emergency air dropped into the UK and will be available to purchase at the LiPS stand this weekend 23rd and 24th July) at the Super 6 Diamond Wars Event – Paintfest at NPF in Birmingham.

***** FRESH INTEL *****

A full supply drop has arrived in the USA and is being distributed to FOB’s (FOB = Forward Operating Base (or Shop :-)) around the states as we speak… Hit up your local FOB for the HDE pants and jerseys NOW !

Check out the HDE Section on the Planet Eclipse web site here:

Thursday, 21 July 2011

ETV - Tournament Spotlight... The RPL

A new series from Planet Eclipse, ETV Tournament spotlight turns the lenses toward the vibrate scene of regional paintball tournaments taking place around the globe. This episode peaks in on the RPL, an amateur series in California.

Filmed at Camp Pendleton in Oceanside, California.

Featuring the song "You'll Be a Corpse Before Your Time" by The Sleeping, out on Victory Records.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Overload Slide Short Video & Price Drop !

Were $55.00 ... Now $45.00

Were £35.49 + VAT ..... NOW £29.03 + VAT

Were 42.59 € + VAT .... NOW 34.84€ + VAT

Check out the Video Below:

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Summer Jam - 6th August 2011 (Germany)

9th Summer Jam by, 6th of August in Düsseldorf, Germany
Stock Clearance Sale or Huge Holiday Sale
The Paintball Party of the year!

Planet Eclipse CSL Limited Edition Paintball Marker Raffle

Bratwurst, Beer and Beverages for FREE

Be there or be forgotten, in its 9th consecutive year is rocking its House party on the 6th of August again.

Free Beer,
Free Bratwurst,
Huge Holiday Sales,
CSL Limited Edition raffle,
Charity Games and a lot of party is going on.

Paintballplayers from all over Europe are coming to this Extravaganza.

Meet and Greet Both German Champions Instinct and Düsseldorf Reckless.


Check out the video here :

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Your Last Chance !!!!

Have you booked your ticket yet…???

Don’t miss out on this one it’s going to be epic… and remember, sign up to fight for the USDE alongside the Planet Eclipse Emortal Army and Ledz’s Mercs…. It’s going to be a bloodbath. Don’t be on the wrong side when the dust settles.

Commander Baddeley has plundered the Mercs treasure chest and will be handing out Planet Eclipse prizes to players that join and fight alongside Ledz Mercs and the USDE..

Two steps forward, three steps back

But still – one more trophy!

The second leg of the Norwegian Paintball League is finished and it was a rollercoaster ride, full of ups and downs. The tournament was held in Hokksund in the southern part of Norway. The weather was shifting from rain to sun to rain again during the course of the day, mirroring our own performance.

After a very early start we arrived at the site still tired but starting to feel that familiar sensation in the pit of your stomach. That little tightness that slowly builds as game on approaches and doesn’t disappear until the buzzer signals the start of your first match.

For a while a few years back I lost that feeling, only in the most crucial games in the Millennium-series did I get that tingling feeling. A sure sign that paintball was slowly eating me and my team up. And sure enough the team disbanded soon afterwards.

It wasn’t until I started playing with some of my old friends and we created the Slagen Bandits that I truly enjoyed all the aspects of paintball again. Every game together with this great group of guys and girls feels important now. Therefore it was a great feeling to win the first leg of the NPL a month ago. And therefore it was also somewhat painful and frustrating to watch the team’s performance this event. The keyword for our performance this event seemed to be inconsistency.

In the prelims we started off with a 3-1 loss to Drammen Sabotage. It was really cold for a summer morning and we had major issues with our super fragile paint even though we tried to keep it heated. It didn’t help that we managed to throw away a 3 vs. 1 situation when we had the chance to tie the match up.

Next up we faced Stavanger Mayhem, a new team this season. By this time we had fixed part of our paint problems but were handed a clear 3-0 loss. While we were not too worried by our first loss this was something else and we had no clear understanding of what we did wrong.

Our next match was against Oslo Paintball kids, which played very well and handed us our third loss in a row, 3-2.

By this time we were obviously very frustrated with ourselves. While none of us expected to just breeze through the tournament just because we won the last one, I don’t think any of us expected to be 0-3 after the first three matches. The mood in the pit was somber but collected. We had a short team meeting before our last games and we reminded each other that the team has proved in the past the we can come back and finish strong despite a poor start and that is just what we did.

We won our next match against Vendetta 3-1 and also against Ratpack 3-1. It felt like we might turn the day around after all, simply by sticking together and just executing our game plans better. As it turned out we just made it in to the semi-finals as the fourth seed and faced off against Mayhem once more.

Eager for revenge we had adjusted our tactics for this re-match and things seemed to be going well in the first point as we were up on bodies and with better field positions. A couple of 1-4-1 later and Mayhem won the first point. We then had to start the next two points with four players due to racking up even more unnecessary penalties. This really hurt us as we obviously couldn’t use our revised gameplan and ended up with another 3-0 loss.

Angry at ourselves we regrouped and got ready for the bronze-final against Sabotage who was the first seed after the prelims, but they lost against Oslo Paintball kids in the other semi-final. By this time the temperature had returned to normal and our paint was shooting great and we managed to end the tournament with a 3-1 victory in a close fought match.

At the end of the day we were a little bit relived that we managed to secure a podium finish after all the early set-backs, but we were still disappointed in our prelim performance.
But after all it’s always good to end the day on the podium, looks like it’s going to be very competitive in the Elite division this year. And we welcome the challenge :-)

Luckily the next event is only weeks away on our own home field, so it’s time to get back to the grind…

We would like to thank our sponsors: Planet Eclipse,Hybrid Foto, Dark Sports, Game-on,Spine/Gloube Souldiers, Goldhammer, Slagen Paintball, snø, KM Straps and Tanked. Thanks for helping us out guys and girls!

by: Tor Anders Gunnerød, Slagen Bandits Captain

Check out the cool video here:

Thursday, 7 July 2011



The Third leg of the Millennium series was last weekend in the UK and it was a great weekend for a bunch of the Eclipse Teams…

In the Div 1 finals, Team Hulk and The Firm (Both Eclipse Teams) battled it out in a back and forth match to be crowned Div 1 Champions. UK Based team The Firm (with 3 Planet Staff on the team) took the win and there second Millennium series championship of 2011.

In the SPL another UK Team and Eclipse Factory Team Disruption wanted to put a poor performance in Germany behind them and did so in flying colours taking 1st Place in the SPL division, which now gives them a fighting chance for CPL promotion in 2012.

Dynasty straight off the plane from the PSP and straight into the Millennium series. They themselves admitted that they were not firing on all cylinders but still managed a very respectable 3rd Place.

Well done to all of the Planet Eclipse teams and good luck at the final leg in Paris.