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Friday, 30 September 2011

Event Sticker Sheets

4 Cool, Fresh Sticker sheets from Planet Eclipse. Main goggle shaped sticker designed by Planet to fit on Empire Vents goggles, but we have seen them on other goggles.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Axis and Allies

By Jason “foolybear” Lineberger

Pictures by Brett Weaver of PB Uprising 

A rolling cloud of orange smoke obscured the Blue team’s approach.  At least two dozen players, guns up and blazing, drove headlong through the woods hell-bent on reaching the midpoint tower.  Others crawled through the thicker woods along the tapeline, and a flanking force swung wide to provide supporting fire from the field’s center.  As the first Blue runner reached the tower steps, a withering barrage of fire sent him and most of the ones behind him walking for the deadzone.  As the Blue covering fire began to take its toll on the Red defenders, a few Blue runners gained the upper platform and flipped the colors of the building.  Still more dove into the creek bed near the tower and used the cover to gain devastating angles on the entrenched Red shooters.  Within minutes, the tide of the game turned as Blue scored the most valuable piece of real estate on the field.

For some scenario teams Paintball Central’s Axis and Allies: Dunkirk game marked the beginning of the fall scenario season.  Cooling temperatures bring southern US teams out of hiding, and the promise of a big game on PBC’s expanded woods courses enticed teams to travel to this event.  Local scenario crew O.M.E.N. took on the responsibilities of building, producing, and reffing the event, and they kept the sides engaged and the game safe.

Points for the game could be had in two ways – completing missions and controlling the key points of the field.  The most essential point also fell roughly midway between bases on the near tapeline.  This two-story structure, about the dimensions of a kid’s treehouse, supported a pole with a single piece of wood painted blue on one half and red on the other.  Owning the tower opened a midfield insertion point that provided easy access to the staging area.  Rather than making the long walk back to starting positions, eliminated players could respawn midfield, and this proved a huge tactical advantage.  The team controlling to tower was able to bring fresh players to the front lines quickly, allowing that side to put pressure on the opposing base.

From game on both teams zeroed in on this strategic edge.  The opening two hours of the game saw little action at the trails and forts on the opposite tapeline; for the generals, the tower was paramount.

As the players spent their pent up aggressions in the protracted opening battle, they became more interested in the heart of any scenario game, the missions.  Teams started pushing for their objectives, which ranged from basic take-and-hold directives to more complicated prop extractions.  At the game’s halfway mark the teams had a chance to collect pieces of their mobile insertion points.  This popular scenario twist lets sides carry a spawn point to critical parts of the field to keep the battle lines filled.

Foolybear on the front lines

I had a blast running with the Red team at this event.  Shortly after we retook the tower and opened our midfield spawn point, our general called for us to push forward to grab as much land as possible to make it easier for our side to complete missions.  Two key locations held my side back – a small fort in the center of the field and the village, a speedball/CQB course situated against the net.  Blue players in the village could safely rain down shots on our front lines, which prevented our advance on that tapeline.  With team Fracture providing cover, I sprinted across the field and dove for cover behind a fallen tree.  From there I had easy shots through the windows of the building, but whenever a Red player made the run to the fort, he lasted seconds before being eliminated.  I held my fire and watched as another ran, and this time I spotted the shots coming from the thick woods to the right of the building.  I yelled for Fracture to put fire into the woods, and Colonel Mustard from Shadow Dragon Initiative bounced a rocket off the wall of the fort, taking out all players inside.  Inside of a minute we controlled the center of the field.

The village looked to be a greater challenge.  With a few dozen buildings, a well-placed rocket would not be enough.  The assault team stacked the back left wall with ten experienced players, but the steady stream of fire kept us penned in.  In a move that brought back my old tourney days, I ran across the back line, slid into the right corner, and came up shooting across field.  With players like Josh Silverman and Brad “Fandam” Mikulskis on my side, we bumped up the field like we had been practicing those moves every week.  That moment in paintball, when everything clicks – that’s glorious, and by breaking these two key points, we cornered the Blue team near their base.  Unfortunately as I came off the field to get paint and air, Blue counterattacked and swarmed the village.  That’s the ebb and flow of scenario paintball.

Props and missions, airstrikes and launchers, woods and villages – Axis and Allies: Dunkirk proved to be a great start to the fall scenario season.

Did I mention the Red team won (Germans - the side I played for :-)

My next game will be Saturday 1st October at Boss Paintball, a game titled The Delphi.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

EVX Distortion Jerseys - Here????

A little birdie tells me that there are some pre-launch BRAND NEW, hot off the press Planet Eclipse EVX Distortion Jerseys that will be available for purchase at this weekend’s Millennium Finale in Paris, France as well as at the World Cup in Orlando, USA and the World Cup Asia in Malaysia in November.

Very limited stock, so get them now and be the first to be strutting your stuff in the Latest Eclipse goodness !

Contact your dealer and pre-order your jersey now !

Video Round Up...

Been a busy week at Planet HQ so not had that much time to watch video’s… But here are a few that I’ve watched and liked this week:

CPPS – Balls Out Promotions (UK) Round 5 !

Call Of Duty XP

Legendspaintball Promo promo from Level Z Media on Vimeo.

ETV Trailer for the NCPA – End Of Days Artifact… Just in case you missed it !

Until next time....

Enjoy !


ETEK3 HDE Desert Edition


In stock now in limited numbers is the ETEK3 LT HDE Desert Edition. The first shipment has arrived and assembled in time for the Paris Millennium event, so come on over to the Planet Eclipse booth ran by Camp and check them out.. Air Drops of the ETEK3 AM in the HDE Desert camo will also be touching down in an LZ near you soon.

You will notice from the pictures that the LT with its composite parts has a more two tone effect than ETEK AM Version has…

Contact your local dealer:

Keeping it fresh !!!

As people know, there will be no EGO12. But we still wanted to freshen up the current line of Markers with the introduction of 5 NEW colour ways that are OUT NOW…

All NEW colours are available on the GEO & EGO Markers.

If you’re lucky enough to be visiting the Paris Millennium event, pop into the Planet Eclipse booth run by our French distributors Camp to check out the new colours way… and more !!!

Contact Your Local Store NOW... Click here to find one:    FIND STORE !!!

or Click Here to Buy On-Line Now.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Pro-Tech-Tour Adventures

In the never ending quest to spread Eclipse knowledge around the World, Robert has just returned from our first ever dealer Tech Course in Lviv , Ukraine…. Now Lviv isn’t the easiest place to visit from the UK and needed 4 flights and some pretty tight connection times, and sods law says that a 20 minute delay here leads to missing a flight there and a nightmare. Luckily after an extra nights layover in Kiev, Robert finally managed to get to Lviv on the morning of the class… some would say perfect timing :-)

Victor from Triada had gathered dealers from all over the Ukraine to participate in this Pro-Tech-Tour class. The tech course was covering all the latest products from Planet Eclipse . Each participant had a chance to learn about the Geo2 , Ego11 and Etek3 markers, maintenance and troubleshooting was followed by a written test…

The next day was the 4th leg of the Ukrainian Paintball Championship organized by Triada Paintball in which 35 teams took part in three divisions. The first and third divisions were playing on Saturday followed by division 2 playing on the Sunday. Planet Eclipse provided full technical support on both days for the competing teams.

Planet Eclipse would like to say thank you to the organizers and the Ukrainian paintball community for the successful and well organized Eclipse tech course and tournament and for taking such good care of Robert while in Lviv.

Congratulations to the following People and Stores that completed the Dealer Tech Class:

Yaroslav Vershinin -Ganz Paintball
Oleg Kirichenko -
Sergei Buchko - Bomba
Egor Laplinov - Hulk Arena
Ivan Nechaev -Bastion
Serhiy Sayenko – Triada
Gennadiy Bondar - Ganz Paintball

Friday, 23 September 2011

ETV - END OF DAYS - Trailer....

Check out the trailer here:

Buy the full version by Clicking here for ONLY $4.99 

The Unstoppable Armada

The New England Paintball League’s 2011 Regular season has just about come to a close and all eyes are on the hunt for the Best of New England  Cup in a few short weeks. At the front of the pack of teams that qualify for the B.O.N.E. Championship bracket in the D2 7 Man division are the GEO and EGO shooting boys from Boston Armada, who on 9/11 @ The NEPL Patriot’s Day Event clinched not only their second 1st place finish of the season after a brutal 2-1 Final win over another Planet Eclipse powerhouse team, “Boats & Hoes” but also the #1 spot for the 2011 Regular season - finishing with staggering .833 win percentage and a top 4 finish at every NEPL event this season.

Boston Armada, whom we featured back in June, Formed in 2004 and has been the longest running and most committed team to come from the Boston Paintball Supply stable in the company's history. The support of Planet Eclipse for the 2011 Season has brought the team to a whole new level of competition and performance.

“When you know your gun is reliable it lets you focus on the game…” 

 Said Armada Captain,  Anthony “T2” D’Ambrosio, 

“…Our GEOs & EGOs have shot great for us all season long without a single issue. It’s almost an unfair advantage if your whole squad is rocking Planet Gear.”

...per usual all photographs provided by

From everyone here at Planet HQ Well done.. The Emortal Army rolls deep in Boston !!!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Sometimes Nightmares are GOOD !

 Over the last season, team 'Madrid Nightmares' have been playing the EXPL X-ball tournament, which includes many of the best teams in Spain. It is considered by the players as the ultimate Spanish league and the most important tournament in the country.

The Tournament is comprised of four events, all played in Madrid at Adrenalicia’s paintball field. The last tournament was played on Sunday 11th September. The leading two top teams in the series were 'Triballs' and Madrid  Nightmares, with just two points difference between them. With five players, and two guys for pit crew Madrid Nightmare were not making it easy for themselves to secure the title.....

After the dust had settled on the days play the Finals were between Madrid Nightmares, Triballs and Maniacs.

Madrid Nightmares played two race to 3 x-ball matches against 'Triballs' and two race to 3 x-ball matches against team 'Maniacs' (another Eclipse sponsored team). Madrid Nightmares won both matches 3-1 against 'Triballs', and 3-0 against 'Maniacs' getting three more points than Triballs in the overall score to secure the overall Championship!

 Our team is very proud and happy with its sponsors. We really thank Planet Eclipse and Alfredo from Estratego Spain for all the support over the many seasons.

Juan, captain of Madrid Nightmares.

Follow Madrid Nightmare on Facebook Here: CLICK ME !!!!

From Everyone at Planet Eclipse well done... The Emortal Army roles on !!

Friday, 16 September 2011

Eclipse Mosquito Bands

Nothing worse than getting back from a great days Paintball and then waking up in the middle of the night covered in bites and itchy as hell. So we took it upon ourselves to get a great little product branded and looking cool to keep those pesky insects away!

Comes in Black or Pink



Silicone, Natural Citronella Oil
Wucalyptus Citrioora Oil, Mint Essential Oil
Not 100% Effective


1. If you are sensitive to or have allergies to cosmetic please seek
medical advice before using this product.
2. Effectiveness of this product will be lessened if used with other
cosmetic, perfumes or alcohol.
3. Avoid contact with eyes, Rinse thoroughly with cold clean water.
4. Should you experience any skin irritation, redness or suffer
symptoms of allergies stop use immediately and seek medical advice.
5. For external use only do NOT eat.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Norwegian Series Champions are........

Slagen Bandits wins the Norwegian series title!

Last weekend the Slagen Bandits geared up for the last round of the Norwegian Paintball league held at Tufte paintball park. Before the tournament Oslo PB Kids, Stavanger Mayhem, Drammen Sabotage and Slagen Bandits were almost tied on points for the series title. That meant that the winner of this tournament would probably end up with the series title aswell.

After starting our season with a win, we were eager to end the season in the NPL on top of the podium once again, before we start preparing for the biggest tournament in Norway: the Norwegian Championship.

This time around we were prepared for fight all the way to the top, as this season has been one of the thoughest in the history of the NPL, as every team this year has been a contender. There are no pushover team in the Elite division anymore. And we thrive on this competion as it has made us practice harder!

We arrived at the sunny field early, it was a perfect day for paintball. We found out that our local rivals and friends Drammen Sabotage had decided to make things even more interesting by bringing over London Nexus player Ash Chaplen.

We had the first match of the day against GS Vendetta and got of to a great start with a 3-0 victory. Next up were Ratpack, this game had some long slow points including a two on two that we pulled of with 15 seconds left on the clock. The final score was 2-1.

Our third match was against Drammen Sabotage was a thight lowscoring game with them winning 2-1. We should have tied it up to 2-2 execpt for some bad clock managment on our part. In the last point we had 4 players alive but did not pay attention to the clock and didnt make it to the buzzer in time. That was a mistake that we will never make again!

Next up was Stavanger Mayhem and another close match. In the end we lost 3-2 with them pushing the buzzer with 5 seconds left. Extremly frustrating when you consider that we had one point taken away after a freak shot over the chrono at the end of that point.

After a little nailbiting while the scores were added up, we were through to the semi-finals to face Sabotage yet again. Things looked bleak as we quickly went 2-0 down but as the team has shown several times this season; we never give up. We made some adjustment to our game plan and managed to shut down Ash from making those early aggressive moves and took 3 points in a row to win the match.

In the finals waited Mayhem and another chance for a rematch. We continued our streak from the semifinals and scored another three really convincing points to win the final 3-0 and the series title! It was a great feeling to see all that hard work finally paying of, and it was smiles and hugs all around as we walked of the field and onto the podium to thank ours sponsors and friends:

In divison 1 Slagen Bandits Silver secured the series title with the smallest possible margin on Sunday. A great accomplishment for a young team that mainly consisted of players that played division 2 last year!

The Emortal Army marches on!

Planet Eclipse for our great, great markers, clothing and padding. We love you guys and really appreciate the support you give us!

Dark Sports and Game-On for the great paint all season!

Globe Souldiers for the tremendous Spines, Columns and the Blackstar butts.

Goldhammer for the awsome shoes.

Hybird photo for making us look good all year long.

Tanked for the great jerseys.

Slagen Paintball our home field, the place were we lay the foundation for our sucsess.

KM straps for our own custom Slagen Bandits straps

Snø for believing in us and what we can achieve together

Recballers, Your Time Has Come!!


There will be a SCENARIO RECBALL BIG GAME happening in conjunction with WCA 2011!!

Langkawi Command And Conquer 2011 - International Paintball Challenge

Patron - Y.A.B Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad (former Prime Minister of Malaysia)

Event Name: Langkawi Command And Conquer 2011 - International Paintball Challenge

Patron: Y.A.B Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad (former Prime Minister of Malaysia)

Date: 13th November 2011 (Sunday)

Time: 8.00am - 5.00pm

Venue: Langkawi Island, Kedah, MALAYSIA

Prizes worth: RM25K ++

Registration: RM 80.00

Paintballs: RM150.00 (per box)

The Langkawi Command And Conquer 2011. This is the penultimate poster as we finalise the great recball leaders who will spearhead the event and look after Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad (Patron)

Needless to say, we shall try to surpass all previous efforts in keeping with the World Cup Asia spirit! Will we see real helicopters used? Will we see pyrotechnics?Will we get the best gamemasters for the event?

I can tell you that this will be Malaysia's first ever recball international event...with international vendors and stars playing .All WCA players who miss the Sunday club will be invited over.

Participation is limited to the first 300 recballers only.Expect the prizes to go up too..:-) Expect sponsorship packages offered by Tippmann,BT,RAP4,DYE & ECLIPSE to the most impressive squads..:-)

Info & Registration:

General Gungho Paul

PACKAGES AVAILABLE (please read in detail):



Inclusive of:

- Registration Fee (RM80)

- ID Card (FOC-worth RM45)

- Player's Party (FOC-worth RM100)

- 3 days / 2 nights accommodation

- Bus Transport (KL > Kedah > KL)

Depart KL - 11 Nov. (Fri) @ 11.00PM
Depart LGK - 14 Nov. (Mon) @ 1.00PM
*Ipoh/Melaka/Johor can be arranged

- Ferry Transfer (K. Kedah > LGK > K. Kedah)

- Island Shuttle Service

* LGK = Langkawi
* K. Kedah = Kuala Kedah

Paintballs @ RM150 (per box)



Inclusive of:

- 2 days / 1 nights accommodation

- Bus Transport (KL > Kedah > KL)
Depart KL - 11 Nov. (Fri) @ 11.00PM
Depart LGK - 13 Nov. (Sun) @ 5.00PM
*Ipoh/Melaka/Johor can be arranged

- Ferry Transfer (K. Kedah > LGK > K. Kedah)

- Island Shuttle Service

* LGK = Langkawi
* K. Kedah = Kuala Kedah


C&C SOLO SOLDIER PACKAGE: RM80 registration fee only
(for those arranging their own transport and accommodation).

Inclusive of:
- Registration Fee


WCA ACTIVE PLAYER PACKAGE: 50% off registration fee
(for WCA 2011 active players who wanna have a go here in case they don't make it to Sunday Club)

Inclusive of:
- Registration Fee (RM40)
- Finish your WCA paintballs here!! Go ahead, let it all out! (no extra charge-your paintballs are more expensive!)




Don't miss these YouTube Videos !

Video round up day…

Here are a few of my favourite Paintball related video’s that I have watched this week..

Check um out !!

FPS Russia.. Love watching these guys blow stuff up.. Loving the fact that they use an Eclipse Marker when they play paintball !

Cool Paintball / COD style action.. (after the advert) !

Some people will Hate this but for me, Paintball being used by big companies like 7-Eleven is always good...

Libirty University video at the NCPA Nationals:

Just in case you didn't see it yet.. The Vicious Streetball event:

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

R U Appreciated??

Plaistow Army & Navy Paintball Store held a customer appreciation day at a local field, OSG Paintball. The event was put on to have a fun and enjoyable day of paintball and also to give back to their loyal customers that support and shop at their store.

Entrance was free for the event to get as many customers out there to play. They had raffles though out the day with an assortment of different product being giving away to their customers. They also had a grand finale raffle which included a new Etek3 LT, donated by Plaistow Army & Navy Paintball Store.

The winner of the Etek3 was Brian Beaulieu and he is now the proud owner of an Etek3!!

For more info on Plaistow Army & Navy Paintball Store please see info below:

Plaistow Army & Navy Paintball Store
134 Newton Rd
Plaistow, NH 03865

Phone: 603-382-8898

Monday, 12 September 2011

Streetball Tournament Spotlight

We've posted a new video the ETV channel, another episode of our ETV tournament spotlight series. This time, we taking you to the Midwest for preview of Vicious's 2011 Streetball tournament. You can check out the video here, which features interviews and highlights from last year's event.

You'll see Vicious's unique take on the streetball format for one of the most fun one day tournaments anywhere in paintball! For info on this years event, being held October 9th at Metro Paintball games in Omaha, Nebraska, visit

Jake Topping, Operations Manager for DSS Paintball and the Vicious Series, had this to say about the 5th Annual Streetball event.

"The annual VICIOUS Streetball Tournament is the coolest thing we do all year. It’s the one thing everybody always looks forward to and knows is going to be an awesome time no matter what. All of our fans as well as the guys on the team all love it."

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Cure 4 Bolt... OUT NOW !

Cure 4 Bolt is now here and ready to ship... Contact your local paintball store to gets your now...

Paintball On TV - Hollyoaks Later

Over the last few years Paintball has popped up in all kinds of different places. The magical TV deals have ‘Nearly’ happened but then seem to vanish as quickly as they come along. But we now see Paintball on TV quite often from reality TV shows, TV Adverts or Soaps.

It’s always a fine line that we have to walk when it comes to every day TV shows. We don’t do a very good job of giving the TV Stars their air time. Let’s face it, it could be ANYONE under those masks and people need to relate to the characters so they are FOREVER taking off their masks, luckily it isn’t as bad as PJ & Duncan losing their sight in a very old episode of Biker Grove.

The Cast !!!!

Recently Planet Eclipse were contacted by Hollyoaks Later for a ‘Top of the Range, Super Gun’ so we hooked them up with an EGO11 for them to use in a Stag Do Paintball scene for the show. Stoney volunteered to go down to the shoot to hand over the EGO11 as Hollyoaks Later is pretty stacked with lovely ladies and he seemed to think that they would be just wondering around half naked for him to ogle at… Stoney was a little naive as it was basically a bunch of guys playing Paintball.

Anyway, Paintball on main stream TV is pretty damn good in my eye’s… you can check the episode out here!! But please don't moan at me for the google off shots.... I know it's not great but at least nobody gets hurt and Paintball looks fun !

WIN Emortal 3 DVD from P8ntballer !

P8ntballer had a little competition running where you can win a copy of the Emortal 3 DVD...

Check it out.... CLICK ME :

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

EXPL Video to keep us going.

Seems to be quite this week in Paintball.... Too Quite.

Here is a nice video that i have been send from the EXPL.