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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Slagen Bandits Hunting Trophies in Greece

Last year we kicked off the season with a great trip to Portugal after months and months of snow and cold. This year the winter in southern Norway wasn’t so hard but in April we were still very far from being able to play paintball outdoors. We decided early that we wanted to do something similar to last year. We wanted a paintball trip to somewhere warm, to get rid of most of the off-season rust and at the same time meet new friends in exciting new places.

Together with our trusted traveling companions Mats and Ami from Hybrid Foto we decided to pay a visit to Greece and the newly formed Med League.

We flew down to Thessaloniki on Wednesday with six players, and we were picked up by our host Kostantinos from Anthrax paintball at the airport. Anthrax had just made our new jerseys this year, in a brilliant new color. The color change was because of  the coming ban on yellow in all equipment. (Yellow will be reserved as a paint color as of 2013 in the Millenium Series. ) We are very happy with how the jerseys turned out. Thank you Kosta!

Late Wednesday evening we dined with our Greek hosts at a nice and cozy restaurant. Here we got to taste all the different Greek food you could imagine and we enjoyed the culinary experience. We rolled back to the hotel well after midnight.

We spent most of Thursday exploring our surroundings from our hotel at the beach, and watched the PSP Phoenix webcast, before we dined at Kostas place together with a lot of other great paintball players.

During the evening we learned a new expression – “Greek time” it’s for instance when they say something takes 10 minutes, expect about an hour. J The Greek are the most relaxed and calm people we’ve ever met. Even when the Barbecue went up in large flames, they did not stress, just strolled into the kitchen to steady pour some water into a cup and walk out to the BBQ inferno without making so much as a sudden movement. I sounds crazy, and it took us the whole weekend to get used to it, but when we did – it was actually kind of great J No stress, things will work itself out some way JWe have a lot to learn.

Friday was practice day at the field, the first time with paint since October for many of us. Needless to say we felt a little bit rusty, but at the end of the day things started to come together. Later that night we joined all the other players at the players-party in Thessaloniki at a nightclub called Dogs Club.

Saturday started out with nice sunny weather and the three man tournament in xball, race to 2 format. We had divided our team into Slagen Bandits old and Slagen Bandits young. The action was mostly fast and furious, and the games went by quickly. Slagen Bandits old was undefeated until the semifinals against Dogs D Amor. Slagen Bandits young lost a couple of points, but won all their matches except one, and also made the semifinals against Brussels Crossfire. Crossfire played well and SB young were knocked out of the run for 1st place. That meant that we played ourselves for third and fourth with the young team coming out on top. A very strong Crossfire won the event.

After the dust settled there was spit roasted lamb for everyone at the site! Later in the afternoon there was a mini Nations Cup in 5 man xball, race to 3. We represented Norway and the other national teams were Greece, Cyprus and Bulgaria.

We beat Bulgaria in a close first match but did not drop a point against Cyprus in the finals and took our first win for the season.

Sunday was even warmer than on Saturday and the action was even hotter. On the very first point our snake player pulled his hamstring and we had to play with five players for the rest of the event. We won our two first prelims games, then lost against Dogs D Amor again. Two wins were enough to make it to the quarter finals but by this point the heat was taking its toll on our bodies, and we were getting a little bit tired after three day of paintball in the heat. That coupled with a back injury meant we had to switch some players around for the quarters against SKG Titans. It did not work all that well and we lost. Crossfire ended up winning this event also.

After hitting the showers some very tired Bandits gathered at Kostas place for some pizza before packing our stuff and heading for home.

We want to thank Kostantinos, Nil and all our other Greek friends who helped us in so many ways and made this a memorable trip!

And of course a big thanx to our sponsors: Planet Eclipse, Hybrid Foto, Game-On, Anthrax, Globe Souldiers, Goldhammer, Snøservice, Slagen Paintball, KM straps, Dark Sportz

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Monday, 28 May 2012

Grin and Wear It !

With the 2011 season behind, and the brutal winter ahead of us, like most of Swedish population, everything began going into hibernation mode. With our brutal and unforgiving winters which lasts more than half a year, we had to pack our bags and prepare for a long and treacherous winter full of gingerbread cookies and delightful winter treats sending us up into the next weight class and our more forgiving clothes: the sweatpants.

After having our psyches pushed to the limit and having spent ungodly amount of hours in our therapeutic so called “light rooms,” the internet forums starting coming alive with news of the first outdoor tournament for the 2012 season had been announced. Grin signed up immediately.

We knew that some teams had been keeping up a brutal training regime during the off season, so we, with our mere two team practice sessions 3 weeks before the tournament, felt that we the odds were heavily stacked against us.

A few days before the big day, we were asked to do a day of reffing the day before we were scheduled to pay. 4 of our 6 volunteered to take part in what we all really know what reffing actually is: high speed dodgeball where you're always losing. After a full day of reffing the Open and D3 games, our 4 were tired, sore, beat up, and ready to tear off some heads and show how the good old boys do it! Or so we thought.

Even with our collective and individual competitive paintball experience, there were still a few of us who were nervous about our first game of the tournament, and the season. As most of you know, the first point can set the mood for the entire tournament, and in turn, change the outcome of everything from that point on.

And to say that we were nervous is quite an understatement. No amount of laxatives could compete with what our bodies were doing to our bodies naturally when we saw our young, well versed, athletic competition that we would be facing all day.

With our first match, we were playing a lot of individual paintball, the communication on the field was sporadic, and everyone seemed to be pretty scattered in their game style along with their mentality. The common symptoms of team which hasn't practiced for a long time.

However, all of this began to fade away quite rapidly, and everybody started to clearly see where they were needed, and what they needed to do. And most importantly, it was the team that was going to win the points, not the individual player. We took the match with 4-2.

Second game we were a bit more nervous about the team were about to battle with: sMASHers. This team is an excellent team, and most definitely our biggest challenge in the preliminary pool. The tension was high amongst everyone in the team, which made us focus a lot on the field and also in the pit, preparing and visualising every kill and point were going to fight for. The second we stepped on the field, we knew what to do and how to do it. We took the game with 4-2, and we were highly praised for the achievement.

After lunch, we had our third game to look forward to, and after you've just slain the biggest dragon in the valley, you can get a bit cocky, and lose your focus, something which were afraid would happen, but we kept our heads cool and pulled off a 4-1 win.

With our 3 wins in the preliminaries, we secured our spot in the semi-finals (there was no quarter finals due to time and pool size), and had to go head-to-head against our Norwegian neighbours Trondheim Dominators, which proved to be a solid team which we really had to fight for our points. At first they gave us a proper beating, however, when they were going to hang the flag, their player had a poorly chrono'd gun, which lead to a re-hang, which showed that their entire team was using hot guns (up to 320fps). With this luck, we were able to turn the game around and won the match with 4-2.

This win now put us into the final for first and second place.........................

None of us had imagined being here at this point, it was all a surreal experience consider the circumstances of it all. We were all euphoric and ecstatic to be where we were!

In order to get the first place win, we had to win against Lowlife. At this point, all nervousness had evaporated and all it left behind was a well oiled, confident psychotic murdering machine, hungry to take home the win! Everybody was aware what was at stake, and what would take to win this match. We  won the match with an amazing 3 point lead: 4-1.

Once we heard the ref call out that our player was clean and we won the tournament, the final buzzer was the sweetest sounds we've heard! We all began overdosing on the endorphins we had flowing through our bodies and started cheering like no other.

And of course, with the support that you, Eclipse, have given us, helped us out a great deal. We were shooting both Ego 11 and Geo 2, all of which performed flawlessly and allowed us to focus our games instead putting time and energy into irritating tinkering. Thank you again, we hope to make you proud and show off your excellent equipment for the rest of this 2012 season.

                                                         See you at the fifty!

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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Design YOUR Perfect Field and WIN FREE STUFF!

Field designer is currently running a competition in conjunction with X3 Europe magazine to design a field layout to be used at 2 events in Europe this season. One in the UK at a leg of the CPPS series, and at another in Europe that will be announced in the next issue. It's a cool way to try and make your mark as a field designer, so get downloading the app if you haven't already and start designing! If you're not sure how many bunkers to use, then just edit one of the 2012 Millennium layouts as they will have the correct amount of bunkers already on field (at least, that's what I did)! Screenshot your final field and submit your entries to

If you're looking to download, either use the covert QR codes in the above image, of if you're lazy, here are the links to the app on the apple/android stores:

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Free Rentals at 'World at War' July 1st 2012

Not only ETHA's, Marc will have other markers for test on the Planet Booth, ETEK, EGO and GEO...

Go and say Hello !!!!

Friday, 18 May 2012

GRC 3-Man

                                                                GRC Paintball
                                                 500 North Main
                                               Wellsville, NY 14895

                                                TEL: 585-466-3050

Click 'LIKE' and hopefully help Paintball in Norway !

Mjøsa Paintball is a newly founded paintball club in Norway who started up at the end of 2011. Our local bank Sparebanken Hedmark has set up a donation program where every vote for our club is worth 10,- NOK. We need this support from every paintballer to raise money for our paintball club. We are working on getting big money so that we can build a full-size millenium field and arrange tournaments and make the paintball community grow in Norway. There are roughly 35000 votes left of a total of 50000 votes and the voting stops on 31st May. So what we need you paintballers out there to do is to click this link:

Once the page loads up click the 'LIKE' button (top right).... the page should then show Mjøsa Paintball (if not, scroll down you will find us on the topp ti - flest stemmer=Top 10 list)...

Then click the 'STEM' button (means vote) the bank give us 10,- NOK which is about 1.7$. We thank everyone for their vote!!

Check out team Havoc on Facebook:

Thank you VERY much for the support!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Etha Review by Zephyr

Independant ETHA review from Zephyr: 

Check it out !


Planet Eclipse kicks off the new season of ETV with a preview of our Millennium Series sponsored teams as the 2012 Max Masters fast approaches.

Eurostyle IV Featuring footage of Champions' League teams (CPL) Paris Carnage, San Diego Dynasty, Birmingham Disruption, Copenhagen Ducks, Marseille Icon, Rammstein Instinct, Amsterdam Heat, and more. Featuring music by Destrophy,

These Hearts, and This Drama. Music courtesy of Victory Records and Deep Elm Records.

Video (Paintball) Round Up

Hello Everyone,

Back from my honeymoon now and it's time to get to work :-) I had a few videos in my inbox on my return. Here are 4 that I thought you might like.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Boats & Hoes take on the Tough Mudder

Last Saturday up at Mt. Snow, team "Boats & Hoes” (Marc Lancia, Tom Buckley, Karson Mui, Dougie Auclair & Pablo) took the challenge of accomplishing the toughest obstacle course on the planet, Tough Mudder.

Tough Mudder events are a hardcore 10-12 mile obstacle courses designed by British Special Forces to test your all around strength, stamina, mental grit and camaraderie. By Running a Tough Mudder challenge, you’ll unlock  a true sense of accomplishment, have a great time and discover camaraderie with your fellow participants that’s experienced all too rarely these days.  Tough Mudder was designed for the Wounded Warrior Project and has raised over 2 million dollars in a short few years.

Team Boats & Hoes figured that this was a great way to get ready for the 2012 paintball season. If we couldn’t finish this as a team then we probably should give up playing in any tournaments this year. We stuck together as a team through 5 hours of hell and pushed each other up and down the mountain and through each obstacle course. There was no short cuts and skipped obstacles with this team.

With all that great team work we used we finished it as a TEAM, except for Tom “The Ghost” Reed who wasn’t there to help fellow Boats & Hoes Players out. He was to busy eating lunch with his best friend and training for the LPGA tour this year, maybe next year he will be Tough enough but I doubt it. Out of the 5 Boats & Hoes players to take up the challenge the 2 toughest were the Planet Eclipse employee’s, Marc Lancia & Tom Buckley. They were the only 2, out of all 10 people in their team, to finish the Monkey Bars. Everyone else took a nice cold swim to the other side. That was around the 8th mile and let me tell you there was no way you wanted to fall into the ice cold water again. In the end it was well worth the muscle aches and pains for 3 days. After making it through hell we got what every other Tough Mudder dreamed of, a orange headband, tough mudder t-shirt and a Free Beer!! What else could you of asked for??

We might be back next year so if anyone else wants to take up the challenge with us you can contact Team Boats & Hoes on facebook.

FACT #1 – Marathon running is boring.
And the only thing more boring than doing a marathon is watching a marathon. Road-running may give you a healthy set of lungs, but will leave you with as much upper body strength as Keira Knightley. At Tough Mudder, we want to test your all-around mettle, not just your ability to run in a straight line, on your own, for hours on end, getting bored out of your mind. Our obstacle courses are designed by British Special Forces to test you in every way and are meant only for truly exceptional all-around people, not for people who have enough time and money to train their knees to run 26 miles.

FACT #2 – Mudders do not take themselves too seriously.

Triathlons, marathons, and other lame-ass mud runs are more stressful than fun. Not Tough Mudder. As hardcore as our courses are, we meet you at the finish line with a beer, a laugh, and a rockin’ live band. It’s pretty hard to take yourself seriously when you’re covered in mud and have just finished an obstacle called ‘Just The Tip’, so please don’t show up at a Tough Mudder without a sense of humor. Just check out the ridiculous team costumes in our event photos to get a feel for the spirit of Tough Mudder.

                             FACT #3 – You cannot complete a Tough Mudder course alone.
To get through mud, fire, ice-water, and 10,000 volts of electricity you’ll need teammates to pick you up when your spirits dip. To get over 12 foot walls and through underground mud tunnels, you’ll need teammates to give you a boost and a push. Tough Mudders are team players who make sure no one gets left behind. To that end, all Mudders are expected to uphold our ideals and exhibit teamwork and camaraderie both on the course and off it. All participants are asked to join us in reciting the Tough Mudder pledge before starting each event.

Free ETHA Rentals - Diamond Wars

Free Etha Rentals at the Diamond Wars! Series: Five 2012. 

Monday, 14 May 2012

Cave Stars start with Silver !!

The Cave Stars were formed in the summer of 2011. With a team consisting of both beginners and veterans, it was uncertain what the tournament season would bring. What is certain though is that the team was full of motivation and the desire to see positive results every time they stepped on the field. Built on a foundation of hard, consistant work and fueled by the passion for the sport, the Cave Stars practice every weekend at their home field, Jaegers Subsurface Paintball, in Kansas City, Missouri.

After months of preparation and countless numbers of drills, it was time for PSP Galveston. Although it was the first national event for some of the team, the winter training erased any unnerving thoughts and reinforced one simple fact. We were ready. After a 15 hour drive, we arrived Friday in Galveston and were welcomed by the cold and rainy weather.  We spent the afternoon at the field, taking in all of what a national event had to offer.  The next morning, we arrived at the fields only to find many of them had been destroyed overnight. Instead of playing on the remaining flooded fields, we were moved to the mercifully dry Galveston Island Paintball field for prelims. The Cave Stars showed just how effective their preseason training had been and cruised through prelims only dropping one point in the process. Once back at the hotel for the night, a few team members stayed up anxiously waiting for Sunday’s schedule to be posted. With finals day finally upon us, it was time to prove that we belonged there. Playing on the damaged, flooded, mud-filled fields, the Cave Stars once again displayed their dominance through the semi-finals by confidently winning every game. The Cave Stars then fought valiantly in the finals but ultimately finished with a silver medal. Placing second in their first national tournament together, the Cave Stars left Galveston with their heads held high and motivated more than ever for PSP Chicago.

The Cave Stars would like to thank PSP for organizing an extremely well-run tournament and for displaying world class flexibility and ingenuity in the face of Mother Nature’s adversity. We would also like to thank Planet Eclipse for providing us with the best markers out there and our brand new, custom printed jerseys that helped us to be the best looking team of the tournament.

Be sure to check us out on Facebook at:

***Photo courtesy of Empire Paintball***

Friday, 11 May 2012

Florida General's Cup

Florida General's Cup, May 19-20, 2012, Gator Paintball, Hudson,FL.

Rick Fernandez, a retired pro player from Florida has now taken a new direction and is still very much involved with paintball. He is now a Scenario event producer working under TopGun Productions. The name says it all, TopGun, and yes his has a “top gun” record. Generating a great amount of players to his events. In May, 19-20, his 3rd event will take place, at Gator Paintball in Hudson,Florida which is roughly an hour or so north of Tampa.

John “SoBeJohn” Navarro of the South Beach Pimps, a Planet Eclipse sponsored team will take the helm for the SOUTH side in his debut as a General. His XO's will be Mike “Damage” Skinner and Mike “Magicman” Wilkins, also of team SBP.

If you or your team is interested in traveling or attending this event and join in the fun,you are welcome to email SoBeJohn at
Pre registration for this event is currently open and more event information and game maps can be obtained by visiting or .

We look forward for coming to this event and attending any side you may choose.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Liberty at Nationals

The Liberty University paintball team spent the weekend of April 13-15 competing in the National Collegiate Paintball Association National Championships in Lakeland, Fla.

Having finished fourth at the national championships for the past two years, the team was eager for victory after completing their season with an 8-0 record and a No. 1 national ranking. Todd Hoglund, Liberty’s head coach, believed that his team had a solid chance to win it all in Florida.
“This is our year, this is our chance,” Hoglund said of his team before heading to nationals. “I just want the team to play the hard-nosed paintball that we know how to play.”

Liberty is one of the only college in the NCPA with its own on-campus paintball fields, giving the team a distinct home field advantage and providing the opportunity to host events at the university throughout the season.

On Friday, April 13, the team opened in a preliminary match against Florida Atlantic University (FAU). Despite some paint issues and a slow start, they were able to defeat FAU 5-3.

Later that day, the team played in its second preliminary match against the West Point Black Knights. Having warmed up in the previous match, the team was able to play some of its most solid paintball to date, defeating the Black Knights 8-3.
“That second preliminary game was a good demonstration of just how well Liberty can play paintball,” Hoglund said. “It helped us to get fired up and ready for the matchup the next day with our conference rivals, the University of Tennessee.”

Coming off of an impressive day in preliminaries, Liberty continued its solid play. The team played aggressive out of the gate and smashed Tennessee 9-3.
With the win, Liberty advanced to the semi-finals, where they were matched up with Cal State Long Beach. The 49ers, who have two professional players on their team, had finished second in the NCPA championships for the past two years. They were sure to provide a challenge for the Flames.
The game swung back and forth for the entire first half and ended up tied at halftime. In the second half, a tired Liberty team continued to play strong but was unable to maintain the momentum and ended up losing 5-8. The loss secured a third place finish for the team at the championships.
“As proud as I am for the third place finish, I am more proud of the team’s character both on and off the field,” Hoglund said. “They truly demonstrated what it means to be Champions for Christ.”

By Todd Hoglund and Tyler Eacho
Photos are by Brett Oakes Photography