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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Elves Vs. Reindeers

Impact Action Sports and Crossfire Paintball are excited to have Planet Eclipse as a sponsor of our fourth annual Elves vs Reindeer fundraiser for foster care. Elves vs. Reindeer pits Santa’s Helpers against Rudolf and his friends in a grudge match of epic proportions. Teams compete for presents, prizes and another year of bragging rights. The event concludes with a huge prize raffle with 100% of the proceeds going to local charities. This year’s event will benefit Teen Reach Adventure Camp, a summer camp for Oregon foster kids.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Bandits in Paris World Cup 2012

When the leafs start falling from the trees and the night frost start to set in, paintball players in Norway order some hard practice paint to handle the temperature drop and start preparing for the last tournament of the year; the last leg of the Millennium-series- in Paris.

Little did we know that playing this year’s Paris event would be just like playing back home in Norway at this time of year, but more on that later.

We decided we would enter two teams this year; we have done this before but not in the same division. This time we entered two teams in Div. 2, Slagen Bandits Gold and Slagen Bandits Silver.

 For all the players on Gold this was familiar territory, everybody had several Paris events under their belts. For most of the Silver team this was uncharted territory and a new experience.

Due to the locked divisions in the Millennium-series, div 2 is always unpredictable in terms of the quality of the opposition, especially in the last event of the year and this year a record breaking 56 teams in div 2.

We flew down on Wednesday and did the usual field walking on Thursday. We watched the other teams practice to see if we could pick up some last minute tips and tricks. The field seemed to play as we had predicted with many teams crossing up the two back bunkers. Through trial and error we decided that we would not do that as much since we traditionally play better when we attack both sides of the field.

We thought us in Gold had a slightly tougher draw than Silver with Celtic Druids, Manchester Firm 2 and Bullitproof Monkeys.

Before the games on Friday we talked about how important it was to get off to a good start, as opposed to what we did last year, when we had to pull of several comebacks from being down 0-3.

The weather was okay when we played on Friday but was miserable the rest of the event with temperatures more befitting Norway than France and constant rain. It was a challenging test for our Geos and Egos but they weathered the storm with no problems. We had several people from other teams borrow our guns for their own matches, I guess that says it all. :)

 I think we dropped the first point against Celtic Druids but then we put 4 solid points on the board and won 4-1.

The game against Bullitproof Monkeys was a hard fought with no easy points, but in the end we grinded out a 4-2 victory in one of our best matches of the year.

Slagen Bandits Silver won 4-1 against Blue Diamond Freudenburg and lost 2-4 against Toulouse Dagnir Dae.

So after Friday both teams still had a good chance to make it out of the prelims. We checked out the vendor booths and talked to the great people at Planet Eclipse, Hybrid Foto, Antrax and G.I Sportz

On Saturday both our teams played simultaneously, we played against Manchester Firm 2 which knocked us out of the tournament last year. This time we managed to pretty much deny them the snake and coupled with some good break shooting we won 4-1.
We didn’t have time to savior our victory but had to run across the site to help and coach SB Silver. Things looked grim when we arrived with Newport Laysick VIP being up 0-3. But SB Silver calmed down and after some tense points later had pulled of a great comeback and won 4-3.

That meant both teams were through and would end up facing... each other!
That obviously sucked, but at the very least we would have one team playing on Sunday.

As the last 32 teams prepared for their evening games on Saturday plans were being made in great secrecy in the Slagen Bandits camp. We have met each other in local tournaments twice this year with one win to each team.

When two teams who know each other well its always interesting to see the breakout tactics change.
SB Silver decided to throw all caution to the wind and did a run through at the break in the first point and ended up shooting all five players with a little bit of luck. We were a little bit rattled in the pits and Silver continued to make unexpected run throughs which paid off well and they were soon up by two points.

SB Gold managed to slow the next points down a little and brought the score back to 3-2 advantage SB Silver. A couple of quick1-4-1 later Silver had won the match and bragging rights until next year.

SB Silver decided to keep their tactics for their Sunday game against Elite Ile d Oleron. Unfortunately they matched up badly against this team and lost 4-0.  Elite Ile d Oleron would go on to defeat Bullitproof Monkeys in the final.

So the last tournament this season is over and it’s time to pack away the paintball gear and start hoping for an early spring in Norway.

Kristine Andersen

A big thanks to our sponsors – we deeply appreciate the support:
Planet Eclipse, G.I. Sportz, Game-On, Hybrid Foto, Anthrax, Gloube Souldiers, Slagen Paintball and Snø

Saturday, 24 November 2012

The Paintball Show - Final Episode TONIGHT

The Last show of the series is tonight.... Check it out and lets keep Paintball on TV.

If you missed show number 5 here it is for you to watch right now, just in time for part 6 to be aired.... Did i mention LEDZ from Planet Eclipse is on show number 5 :-)

Which also features Part 2 of the Starrgate Game ETV.

PSP Rookie of the Year - VOTE NOW !!

Paintball Access looking for your votes for the PSP Rookie of the year 2012....

Now, here at Planet Eclipse we are not bias but we think that Nick Leival from 187 cRew and part of the Emortal Army deserves your vote... So lets get Nick Leival to the top of the pile by casting your vote.

Click Here for the voting page and lets get Nick the credit he deserves from an OUTSTANDING first Pro Season in the PSP with the 187 cRew.

Nick Leival- Upton 187 Crew

Nick Leival does not play on a winning team. In fact, Upton 187 Crew went 4-16, never making it past the prelims. But even though 187 Crew didn’t win many games in their first pro season they earned respect from fans and peers alike. In those 20 games they beat the LA Ironmen, and took the Red Legion into sudden death twice, losing both games.

There’s a ton of talent on 187, with Max Traylor, Dan Zaleski, and Eddie Painter proving they belong in the pro division. But out of all the talent on the Crew, Nick Leival stood out as the best player from 187 during the 2012 season.

His team must have a ton of faith in his ability, because he’s the captain of squad, calls all the plays, and is out there almost every single point. Out of the 186 points Upton played, Leival took the field for 180. He only sat out 6 points all year long.

One of the reasons Leival is one of the favorites to win Rookie of the Year, is because unlike the rest of the field he didn’t come up on a pro practice team, or have the luxury of playing pro in Europe for a few seasons to hone his skills. 187 came up the hard way.

Upton isn’t exactly the epicenter of high-end paintball, well, at least until their homegrown talent developed enough to enter the pro ranks. The first time 187 practiced against another pro team was when they went to Florida to scrimmage Tampa Bay Damage before World Cup.

Nick, and the rest of the Crew have brought up the level of their game through trial and error, grinding up the divisional ranks.

Leival is ranked 32nd overall in the player rankings, which might not seem impressive until you see the name right behind him–Oliver Lang (33rd). He’s also ranked higher than Nicky Cuba (46th), Brandon Short (48th) Alex Fraige (62nd), Yosh Rau (38th), Dave Bains (34th), Archie Montemayor (37th), and Nick Slowiak (45th), just to name a few.

When asked about his playing style, Nick had this to say, “My playing style, I would like to think, is not flashy, not build on speed and aggression, but about being intelligent and diverse. Every player on the field plays a role, I constantly strive to play a style that better understands those roles and allows, not only for finding seams to shoot opponents, but to create them for my teammates to attack. I am very much a believer in, if everyone on a team is doing their jobs well, then there is no need to have or be a superstar.”

If 187 stays hardworking and humble, they may indeed produce some superstars, and based on what we’ve seen in 2012, Nick Leival is at the top of that list.

Check out the stats here and watch all the Upton 187 Crew games On Demand here, then decide for yourself if Nick Leival did enough damage to win 2012 Rookie of the Year.


Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Fall Scenario Tour - Second Stop

Fall Scenario Tour – Second Stop

After enjoying some intense paintball on the coast, I pointed my car west and put in the miles to make the trip out to Bearclaw Paintball, in the middle of Tennessee.  Every October Bearclaw puts on a scenario that’s worth attending, and they call upon the talents of Ben and Bonnie Torricelli of MPP to make the game one to remember.  This year Ben topped last year’s amazing event by getting even more ambitious in his scope.  Scripting his missions around George R. R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series (the basis for the HBO series Game of Thrones), Torricelli ran the first part of a projected seven game series to take place over the course of seven years!  Prominent scenario teams have volunteered to take on roles as the various family houses in Martin’s fantasy world, and they will each square off in an epic battle, over the next seven years, to name a single victorious house.

Pre-game Portrait

What drew me to make the 800 mile round trip is a combination of factors that puts Bearclaw in an elite class.  The field is not only a blast to play, but the teams that travel to that field make the games competitive; however, as intense as it gets on the field, the staging area is always a friendly, family environment, and a number of teams bring spouses and children and make a weekend of it.  The camping area has a homey feel – cooking food, kids playing hide-and-seek, and people laughing around fires.

This inaugural event pitted House Stark against House Targaryen in a mission-heavy 24 hour paintball game.  Building on the success of last year’s Spartacus scenario, Torricelli took a page from his own playbook and hosted a bracketed top gun tournament that ran concurrently with the scenario.  This added a spectator-friendly component as two players dueled in Bear Claw’s small western town field, while the masses slung paint behind the canopy of trees on the other side of the property.


House Targaryen made a forceful push at the game’s opening, grabbing a foothold in the valuable center real estate and refusing to back out.  They also took land on the high side, fighting their way towards the Roman fort where they’d be able to stage assaults directly into the immediate perimeter around House Stark’s base.  I had a hard time getting out of House Stark’s base for most of the day Saturday!

Weather forced a cancellation in the night game, leaving House Stark looking for a new strategy come Sunday morning.  Bearclaw’s playable property includes a beach-landing zone, and the field operators stacked two gigantic woodpiles to start the cold morning with some serious bonfire action as House Stark charged across the open beachhead to confront an entrenched House Targaryen.  Both teams opened the day with the same mission – to locate and secure 5 maesters (similar to scientists/doctors/scholars in this fantasy world).  Targaryen had the advantage of holding the woodline with entrenched troops, while House Stark was given the exact location of the maesters on the field, but they had to cross the beach to gain access.  Like the bonfires on the beach, House Stark was on fire Sunday morning, and they brought the fight directly to their foes, capturing the woodline in under ten minutes and pushing hard into the woods to find the hidden maesters.  They continued to show this same spark throughout Sunday, and steadily closed the points gap before finally leaping ahead in the last minutes of the game.  House Stark reigns as the first of seven victories in the Game of Thrones series, and the teams who attended left already eager to do it again in October 2013.

Black Karma's ETHA with the EMC Kit and a launcher

Foolybear on the Frontlines

As a shooter for House Stark, I saw our enemies moving up the center and high sides of the field, getting in position to limit our ability to run missions, but when I spotted runners taking ground on the low tape side, I knew I had to act or we would become completely enveloped.  I faded out of the back side of our base and started sweeping up the low tapeline, calling for support.  The move started out with some quick eliminations, as I caught their forward force unaware, and then it turned into a series of one-on-one gun battles, as I zapped out my opponents one at a time.  I got bogged down when I had to go against a team of four, but they started taking fire from the center of the field, and in moments the entire wire had been cleared. I ran back to base to report to the general, and there I met the player who had come in from the center – former professional paintballer and owner of the Ultimate Woodsball League - Tom Cole.  Cole had come to Bearclaw to scout the field as a possible UWL location, and given the opportunity, he jumped into the action.  Thankfully for House Stark he chose exactly the right time to break bad, because after he and I opened that tapeline, a large group moved down it for one of our farthest runs of the day.  Clearing that tapeline with Tom Cole stands out as the highlight of the game.

Dan with the ETHA
Dan took an ETHA for a test spin through the woods, and he loved it! 

MPP and Bearclaw – can’t wait to do it again next year!

Follow foolybear on Twitter (@foolybear) and Instagram (foolybear) and keep up with his game calendar here.  For his next adventure, foolybear will step out of command retirement to general the Call of Duty: Black Ops II game at Paintball Central.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Team Nemesis WCA

Team Nemesis played exceptional well and they were heading to the World Cup Asia Finals but a controversial incident in the Semi-Finals cost them their place. However team Nemesis can take some solace as members of team Dynasty congratulated them on their team performance after their games. For a local Malaysian team with no "imported players" to make it so far is a great acheivement coming 3rd in Division 1 of WCA

Quoting team Nemesis Captain - Loco, "Raja and TC of Skirmish Paintball Asia present us with our customised Geo 3 marker on Thursday at 7pm due to delays with shipping and Customs at WCA and we used it at 8am the following day. The Geo 3 worked perfectly and brillaintly straight out of the box and shot fantastically well for the first time ever. We didn't have time or a chance to run the Geo 3 in or even have a go at it yet it felt so natural and good in our hands. The balance and accuracy was exceptional and with the soft nose bolt, we were shooting the most fragile Celtic and Ignite paintballs from Gelkaps which even team Dynasty were using in preference to other well known and famous brands present. 

This is the Best paintball marker team Nemesis has ever had the opportunity to use and shoot and we would like to thank Ledz, Raja and TC for their confidence and support". 

World Cup Asia

Saturday, 17 November 2012


TONIGHTS SHOW - Saturday 17 NOV 2012 - (episode 5):
The Panellists are:

Ledz from Planet Eclipse
Sid from A1 Paintball and The Clan
Yorky from the Dog Soldiers

The guest is Steve Bull, Chairman of the UKPSF (governing body for paintball in the UK)

- ETV 2 Minute Drill from Parker Rosenthal of Omaha Vicious - how to practice your laning.
- Site Profile of Bawtry Paintball Fields near Doncaster
- In depth interview with Steve Bull of the UKPSF 
- Panel chat about game props and the use of technology in paintball
- Company Profile of Fat Bobs Paintball Store
- Part 1 of the ETV Staargate 2012 video from Planet Eclipse
- Very very very heated panel discussion about Ticket Sellers/Daily Deal Websites/Groupon etc
- Ledz, Sid and Yorky answer audience questions
- Panel discussion about tournament formats
- Paintball Lookalikes.....see one of our panellists with far less clothes on than is comfortable.....which one could it be?
Plus as many other bits and bobs that we can cram into a packed show.
As ever, 9.30pm Saturday night on Sky Channel 191, Freesat Channel 400 or online via…

Friday, 16 November 2012

Fall Scenario Tour – the First Stop

This fall I put myself through approximately 2500 miles of highway travel to play some of the best scenario paintball on America’s east coast.  The journey begins with my first stop – Adventure Beach Paintball on the coast of North Carolina.  After catching the reunion tour for Guided by Voices in Athens, Georgia, I pointed my tired 94 Civic east and drove to a resort in North Myrtle Beach for a day of walking on the beach, soaking in the hot tub, and enjoying affordable off-season rates before gearing up to throw down at one of my favorite scenario fields.

Their game took on an alternate history slant, imagining a possible past where the planned invasion of Japan, Operation Downfall, actually took place.  Had that invasion launched, casualties had been estimated in the millions on both sides, as the entrenched Japanese were prepared for a protracted staunch defense of their homeland.  For this paintball version, the game began with an entrenched Japanese force controlling Adventure Beach’s city field while the invading Allied forces ran aground in simulated beach landings.  The Marines knew from looking at the set-up that they would have an uphill battle with only a narrow window for entering the city, but couple that with an aggressive Japanese side eager to push the fight forward, and the opening battle did not go well for the invading force.

“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” – Tim Cahill

Only three members of team Capital Offense made the trip for this game, but we joined up with paintball veteran and media icon, Josh Silverman, to form a small team ready to do battle for the Japanese side.  After the Marine wave broke against our wall of paint in the opening mission, the game moved to the rest of Adventure Beach’s fields for several large phases that would take us through the day.  Within each phase the teams had specific goals to accomplish – areas to attack or defend, or props to secure – that progressed the storyline.  Over the course of the day, the Japanese racked up a considerable advantage, both in terms of points and controlled real estate, and while their Allied opponents bravely rallied late in the afternoon, even this morale-boosting comeback didn’t give their overall score enough of a boost to regain their lost ground.  Paintballers rewrote history at Adventure Beach, but more importantly they got to throw down in a spirited, competitive, and ultimately friendly day of paintball.

Foolybear on the Frontlines

I have three stories from this game – one from the beginning of the day, one from the middle, and one towards the end of the event.

After repulsing the Allies in their beach assault, my small squad (me, my daughter – foolycub, Josh Silverman, and Dwayne Humphries from Capital Offense) was assigned the task of taking the large pyramid fort in the center of the field.  While the fort can be assaulted from all sides, it offers defenders plenty of hard cover and small shooting ports, and taking it isn’t an easy task.  We immediately got bogged down in our initial move to creep through the thick brush to assault the pyramid from the left, so we switched tactics and approached from the most direct route – straight on to the front door.  After clearing the outer perimeter, we faced a run across a road to a set of inner walls near to the pyramid.  Here’s where I want to give props to some players.  I watched a few make the insane dash for the inner walls, only to see them walk away mere moments after reaching cover.  I figured the shooters in the top floor were marking them as they crossed the open road, so I got foolycub to get her ETHA ripping towards the highest shooting ports while I sprinted for the protection of those inner walls.  I made it unscathed, but I quickly learned why no one lived long in that spot.  On the opposite side of the walls to my right, a single prone Allied player was one-balling everyone who reached cover, and I got to be the next in line.  As I left, my crew figured it out and went over-the-top on him, and by the time I got back, we held the pyramid.  Credit not only goes to that one calm player who held off our advance by taking a dangerously close position and not blowing his cover, but it also goes to the eliminated players on the Japanese side who played by the rules and didn’t reveal his location as they walked away.

Playing Out of My Mind

For the third phase of the game, I assembled a team of approximately a dozen who inserted behind enemy lines with the plan to ambush the main body of Allied shooters.  Later in the day I had a number of players who approached me to congratulate me on barrel-tagging an entire squad of enemies.  If it had been one person, I might have passed it off as mistaken identity, but when one after another came by to congratulate me, I had to wonder, as I have no memory at all of that happening, but I did discover a painful bruise on my head from a hit that I don’t remember getting either, so who knows?  I can hardly remember anything about that mission.  The moral of this story – keep your head covered kiddies.

On a side note, while talking to players in the staging area, a small lizard scuttled up my HDE pants.  He stayed on my leg for a few minutes, gradually changing color to match the pattern, and then seemed happy to remain well-hidden.  How’s that for a glowing recommendation for a camo pattern?

Low Rider

I finished my day of paintball on my stomach, making a long, low crawl into enemy-controlled territory.  One of the best things about Adventure Beach is the variety of terrain.  It varies from cities to woods, from swamps to forts, from trails to impassable tangles to mazes of bunkers, and there are a few sections where my HDE uniform blends perfectly.  I wrapped up the game with an hour-long creep, something I haven’t done in months, but racking up eliminations without being spotted is always entertaining, provided I have the patience to go through with it.  Great way to end a great game.

Follow foolybear on Twitter (@foolybear) and Instagram (foolybear) and keep up with his game calendar here.  His next adventure will be the Fulda Gap Mega Game at Command Decisions Wargames Center.