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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Splatbrothers – Rise of Empire Top 5

Photos and article by Jason “foolybear” Lineberger

Rather that present game coverage, a play-by-play, or a thoughtful piece on the state of modern paintball, here’s a top 5 from Team Capital Offense’s recent season-opening full squad scenario, Rise of Empire, at Splatbrothers Paintball in Hopewell, VA.

5.  The Looooong Sweep

For the past few scenario events we’ve attended at Splatbrothers, they’ve blocked off two major trails that divide the field.  These become “rivers” that are only passable at designated “bridges.” As a result, the closest bridge to each base becomes an instant bottleneck, and while fighting through a bottleneck can be fun, it’s a low-percentage move.  Combine that with the crazy cardio of certain team members and you have the tapeline-skirting, full field crossing, bushwhacking, long sweep.  It starts with David and Jiggs taking off through the woods, and it ends, eventually, with the more experienced team members arriving at the destination.  Those long sweeps may be a pain in the calves, but they netted us some prime field positions at Rise of Empire.   And shooting our foes in the back is always much easier than a head-up gun battle.

4.  Feeling the Pinch

Watch video of the best paintball teams, whether they’re in the woods or on the airball field.  You’ll see teams moving in unison.  One player breaks left while his partner runs up the center.  One squad engages and draws guns to let the other squad flank wide and get the clear shots.  When great teams are on top of their game, they can do this without a lot of chatter.  Players who know each other well know when to make their moves.  It came together like that at Splatbrothers.  Rather than remaining in a stalemated gun battle, we worked as a team to draw fire, make moves, get angles, and pinch out our opponents.

3.  Geared up to Get Down

Capital Offense plays hard.  We’re a full-on charging, fort-clearing, low-crawling, gun-fighting scenario team and we use equipment that matches our approach to the game.  We each have our preferences, but here’s one example – my current playing gear, head-to-toe.
·         HDE Camo Headband (usually over an Eclipse bandana)
·         HDE Capital Offense jersey worn over an
·         Overload Compression jersey
·         Distortion gauntlet gloves
·         HDE 4+3+2 pack (usually with six pods)
·         HDE Utility Pouch (radio)
·         HDE Drop bag
·         HDE Pants
·         Eclipse Tilt Socks

2.  Ring of Fire

Capital Offense always has a hot camping area – literally!  We like our fires large and our tales tall.  At Rise of Empire we had a chance to catch up with some old friends and to swap stories with new ones.  Our team dinner Saturday night involved an invasion of a local restaurant where we were mistaken for a rugby team.  I’ve heard pinball and ping pong but rugby?  That’s a new one.

1.  Knives, Butter, Get the Picture?

The best feeling all weekend was when it all came together on the field.  Four times over the course of the weekend we started at our base and walked off after grabbing most of the available turf.  That’s not to say that these pushes weren’t hard-fought or that we didn’t have help, just that the feeling of cutting through the opposition is the best thing that happened all weekend.  Sure we got stopped a few times, but those struggles just made the next run all that much sweeter.

Thanks to all the teams who shot it out either with us or against us.  Our next game as a team will be Operation Ramadan at Command Decisions Paintball.

Foolybear is on a mission – a mission to play a lot of paintball!  If you see him at a game, be sure to say hello, and he’ll probably give you a free sticker.  You can follow his exploits on this blog, on Twitter (@foolybear) and at the same name on Instagram.  Check his game calendar to see where he’s playing next!

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Baltimore Revo step up!

Congratulations to Baltimore Revo who recently made the awesome leap from Div1 to the Challengers Division in PSP. We're real happy for these guys who've been part of the Emortal Army for some time now, so to see their progression is fantastic.

Good luck in Chicago. We'll be watching!!

When asked about their recent promotion, the team sent us this message:

What a great adventure! Baltimore REVO is now in the PSP Pro Challengers Division. On behalf of Baltimore REVO, we would sincerely like to thank Planet Eclipse for their sponsorship the last three years that they provided the best equipment on the market for our team.

Thanks to Baltimore REVO's owner and coach, Rick Hartman, we were able to achieve numerous Regional and National Championships including the 2009-EPL Series Championships, 2011-PSP D3 and 2012-PSP D2 Championships. Planet Eclipse's support and generous contribution has helped our team to enable us to participate in tournaments across the country. We will be participating in our 1st Pro event in Chicago and are looking forward to another adventure. As we continue to grow, please know that partnerships with our sponsors are vital to our success.

You are truly appreciated and our events would not have been a success without the generous support you have provided us throughout. We deeply appreciate the willingness with which you have and continue to sponsor and support our team and to make our team the best that it can be.
We sincerely hope that you will continue to support us in our future endeavors. Without your involvement, these things would not be possible.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Nice Rack !!!

I can remember when I started playing Paintball, the rental marker you got were not the best.. You always want more fire power and more and more fields are choosing Planet Eclipse markers as there standard rental markers.

Two such fields in the Mid West (USA) have upgraded their rental fleet with Planet Eclipse ETEK markers, Air Assault Minneapolis & PB Explosion in Chicago.

The Planet Eclipse Etek has an amazing reputation of being a work house in the Planet Eclipse range and for fields around the world to choose these marker above all over to use as there field rental markers is an amazing testament to the build quality & reliability of the ETEK.

When you’re playing out west make sure you are shooting an Etek!!

If you’re a field owner and want to talk about upgrading your rental fleet please contact your Planet Eclipse rep for more details.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Fallout: Gold Rush

Article and photos by Jason “foolybear” Lineberg

The Great War changed everything that mankind once new about life through devastating nuclear fires, but not even a holocaust can destroy the faults of man. Since the days of the Great War the darker sides of mankind have taken precedent, none more so than Greed. Individual wealth and power have become the base for everything in the wasteland. Some obtain it through hard work, but the larger percentage use physical force to take what they desire.

Set in a post-apocalyptic chaotic, war-torn world, Fallout: Gold Rush was a return to scenario play at North Carolina’s Boss Paintball field.  The minds behind the adventures at Boss Paintball have always pushed against the boundaries of traditional scenario games, and in their Fallout event they took things in a new direction.

What sets a memorable event apart?  The details.  Fallout: Gold Rush, based on the popular video game series, pitted the Miner’s Militia against the encroaching King’s Army.  The video game series has a signature look and feel, and the scenario producers attempted to capture that through costumed role-players, bottle cap currency, and even a set of rules designed to mimic Fallout’s visual style.

One critique that players often bring against scenario games is that it can be hard to get fully involved in the storyline.  Generals typically get a set of missions, and they divvy these objectives out to teams they trust to bring home the points.  Fallout: Gold Rush largely took the generals out of the equation and made the missions accessible to all players.  Rather than looking to a general for direction, players interacted freely with a host of NPCs (non-player characters) on the field.  Each of these costumed residents of the wasteland could buy items, sell goods, or swap out equipment.  Some offered a chance to gamble, and others gave missions.  The game then became a balance between the traditional goal to gain territory by shooting the enemy and getting the attention of the role-players to initiate trades, gather intelligence, and start missions.

The two sides took different approaches to the event, and that ended up making the difference in the outcome.  The Miner’s Militia set out to gain as much ground as possible, and once they established a strong field position, they then retook the one guaranteed source of points on the field – the gold mine.  The King’s Army played out a more calculated strategy.  They marshaled their guns to grab the gold mine early in the day, and they led raids into the city field held by the Militia, but they never over-extended and left their own base vulnerable.  While the Miner’s Militia had STAR paintball team running riot and taking bases, the King’s Army had a more subtle threat - Brandon Chance from Team Boxer.  Brandon approached the game like a puzzle to be solved, and he cracked the code by creating a system to manipulate the game’s economy.  He worked it like a stock broker; he bought low and sold high.  For instance, one role-player would sell syringes for two caps a piece.  Other role-players weren’t interested in buying syringes, but the doctor would pay a premium five caps for each syringe.  Brandon bought low, at two caps a syringe, and sold high for a profit of three caps. 

When the points were finally totaled, both teams had held the mine, and both completed almost all their missions.  The balance of the game came down to money, and only the King’s Army had a player who raked in the cash all day, and it was that smart play that pushed his side to victory. 

From close quarters battles in the town to low crawling in the woods, this game had a ton of action.  Combine that with the role-players, bartering system, and add a heavy dose of props, and you’ve got a successful event.  I’m looking forward to more boundary-breaking scenario games at Boss Paintball!  Props to Matt “ColMustard” Leonard, Calvin “Fenway” Hill, and Dustin Lowder, the producers of this event, for their hard work and vision.

Foolybear is on a mission – a mission to play a lot of paintball!  If you see him at a game, be sure to say hello, and he’ll probably give you a free sticker.  You can follow his exploits on this blog, on Twitter (@foolybear) and at the same name on Instagram.  Check his game calendar to see where he’s playing next!

Friday, 23 May 2014

GSL's On EBay (USA)

Before anyone starts... It's not our fault EBay will not allow us to list or ship these anywhere but the USA.

The Link for the above 'PUNK' GSL is:

You are bidding for a USED Planet Eclipse GSL. It was used by (but not exclusively) Ryan Greenspan at the 2013 World Cup.

The original SL Barrel kit that the marker came with has been lost (or is still at the bottom of Ryan’s Bag) so you will be getting a brand new 14” Tip, 16” Tip, .681 Back and .689 Back. All in Black and are standard Shaft4 barrels (NOT SL Versions). 

THIS GSL IS NOT NEW. The picture are of the current state of the marker !!
Serial Number # 006

The Link for the above Naked GSL is :

This is your chance to own something very special. GSL’s sold out 48 hours after launch and this is the last one we will make. This GSL is currently Raw and ready to go for Anodising. Whoever wins the bid will be able to work with our design team to create their very own 1 of 1 masterpiece. 

There are certain criteria that need to be fulfilled to create your custom marker but the design team at Planet Eclipse will work with you to create the art within the set criteria. You can have solid colour anodising if you desire but the GSL marker MUST be anodised before leaving Planet HQ.

Due to the design and anodising process it will take some time to complete. We would estimate approximately 8 weeks to produce, then shipping.

The first $500 of the purchase price for the Naked GSLwill be donated to a registered charity of the choice of the winning bidder. 

You are bidding for a Planet Eclipse GSL marker Serial Number #004 (1 of 750 GSL’s Produced).

Happy Bidding !!!

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Challenge For Children's Big Game - June 1st

Charity Paintball Game: Shooting for $100,000
Challenge for Children’s raises money for Children’s Hospitals of Minnesota

Minneapolis, MN - Fight with your heart to save one at the 6th Annual Challenge for Children’s Event on Sunday, June 1st 2014. Join 700+ players in an epic big game at MN Pro Paintball’s park in Lakeville, MN. All profits from this event benefit Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota. Challenge for Children’s is proud to sponsor the new simulation center at Children’s. This state-of-the-art room will help surgeons both learn and prepare for surgery.

This year’s event will feature Nick Slowiak and Colt Roberts as Generals, the Tippmann and GI Sportz trailer, and some of the best raffle prizes around including a full custom DLX Luxe 2.0 set-up.

Children’s Hospitals’ mobile simulation center will be on-site, where hospital staff can re-create realistic, pediatric situations. With the focus on Children’s Cardiac Unit, Memorial Blood Center will have a truck for event attendees to donate blood. This year’s event will also have a beer garden, a vendor alley and activities for everyone.  Anyone 12 and older is welcome to join the battle on the field and Splatmaster games are available for kids age 6-12.

The 6th annual Challenge for Children’s takes place at MN Pro Paintball’s 200 acre park in Lakeville, MN on Sunday, June 1st 2013 from 8 am – 5 pm. Pre-registration is open until Tuesday, May 27th for $30 at Registration includes admission to the game and unlimited air fills. Rental packages are available for $15 and field paint is sold onsite.

About MN Pro Paintball: MN Pro Paintball is the closest paintball park to the Twin Cities. Located on 200 acres in Lakeville, the park features ten different fields that each offer a unique playing experience including a tournament style x-ball and woodsball fields complete with a castle and urban settings. MN Pro Paintball also offers the most knowledgeable staff and largest inventory of paintball supplies in a state-of-the-art retail facility in Burnsville.

About Children’s Hospitals of Minnesota: Serving as Minnesota’s children’s hospital since 1924, Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota is one of the largest pediatric health care organizations in the United States, with 340 staffed beds at its two hospitals in St. Paul and Minneapolis. An independent, not-for-profit health care system, Children’s of Minnesota provides care through more than 12,000 inpatient visits and more than 200,000 emergency room and other outpatient visits every year. Children’s is the only Minnesota hospital system to provide comprehensive care exclusively to children.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

A Bridge Over Troubled Water ....

We eagerly await the gunshot that begins the game.  Heart rates are soaring. Sweat dripping down our tautly drawn faces. Blood racing through our veins as we stand at the ready.  Trying to visualize a plan, the taped off areas look inviting because it would be so much faster to just run through there.  But we know we would “drown” without a boat. The shot finally rings through the woods, and we take off across the bridge to hold our positions to keep the Germans from advancing across the Rhine River.  If we are shot, we must walk the long distance to Eindhoven unless we recapture our base at Antwerp.  For thirty minutes, we hold off the advancing force until we have to make that walk.
Once again at an MPP event, we experienced the evil genius that is Ben and Bonnie Torricelli.  As with many of their games, this was a scenario based on an event in history.  “A Bridge Too Far” was based on a battle that took place during WWII in 1944; Axis vs. Allies.  All locations, props and missions were named for the real-life counterpart they played in history. Who knew you could get a history lesson while enjoying a weekend of paintball?!  There were three “rivers” that split the field.  These “rivers” only had one bridge that could only be crossed with the use of a boat or floatation device. You could barter “cash” or “gold” for boats or mobile bridges that engineers constructed.  Day one closed with our team behind by 800 points, despite a hard fought day.

Day two began as we switched up our bases and began from Arnhem.  The foliage was in full swing, but our HDE pants helped us to blend in.  The final hour-long battle was as epic as it always is.  Having to fight for three areas of the field, and also three “hot spots,” was challenging and rewarding.  But sadly, it was not enough to overcome the German lead.          

Who among us has ever been ready to play only to have their marker fail while we are chronoing, walking to the field, or mid-play?  If you want to put all of those concerns at ease, pick up a Planet Eclipse marker.  Their customer service is second-to-none and they stand behind their products.  If you ever have any issues, stop by the Black Karma Kompound; we can take a look at it for free, no strings attached.  We have a vast amount of marker knowledge among our teammates.  We have had or have every variation of PE marker and would be more than willing to help you out. 

Our next events are coming up quickly: On June 21st-22nd Copper Kettle’s “Area 51 & 3/8th” at Bearclaw Paintball in Fayetteville, TN, another UWL event in Pittsburgh PA at Three Rivers Paintball on July 12th -13th, and possibly a trip up to La Porte, IN around September so we can see Sherwood Forest Paintball.  If you are in the southeast area around October 25th- 26th, plan to make MPP’s annual “Game of Thrones” at Bearclaw Paintball where the Baratheon fight against the Lannisters.  

Look us up on our Facebook page ( to see where we are going next and to see great new products from Planet Eclipse.