FREE SL94 Upgrades !!!

All SL94 Owners who have registered their marker either by completing and returning the Warranty card provided in the manual, or by completing and submitting the online Warranty registration form here: click here to register online will AUTOMATICALLY be sent out the Zick Z2 Rammer and the Ego9/SL94 Solenoid "Plank Kit" upgrades, COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE, as soon as they become available.
The Zick Z2 Rammer is EXACTLY the same Rammer that is included in the Zick2 Kit.

The Solenoid "Plank Kit" is the drop in solution that will replace the Solenoid "Turrets" that we have actively been testing, and as such can be installed into the solenoid assembly in a matter of seconds and fitted to the marker without the need to modify the body at all.

IMPORTANT NOTES:- This upgrade is ONLY valid for customers who have purchased the SL94 and consequently registered their purchased product for warranty purposes.-

No upgrades will be sent out to Stores that have SL94s in stock, as the marker must be deemed "sold" and consequently registered for warranty before an upgrade kit can be assigned to it.-

No upgrades will be available at any events, as they will all be mailed out from our UK office.-

If you would like to check on the warranty status of your SL94 marker then please email me on: making sure to include your FULL name and address as well as the serial number and colour of your SL94.-

Upgrade Kits are expected to start shipping no later than the week beginning 28 September 2009.