Paintball is a funny game. I’ve been playing since 1986 and there has been many a time when I thought I was the best at what I did; I thought my team had trained harder and better than every team out there. Confidence was high, until…… It all went wrong.

It’s never as easy in reality as it is in your mind or on paper. Many a favourite has fallen at the very first hurdle. But your true character manifests after these falls in how you behave and react. Going back to the drawing board over and over again gets harder and harder, but something drives us forward. Why do we do it? Because we all love the taste of victory, we all want to be the best and we all want the respect of our peers.

When Team Icon, an Emortal Army squad, did everything they needed to do and still came up short at the 2009 Campaign Cup, they could have blamed the ref’s, the field, the guns, the paint, the alignment of the Planets, anything…. But they didn’t. They sent me this video as an apology.

This video shows me that this team, as a whole, are pure class.

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe

(ICON seems to like to count to 1 on there hands a lot.. Strange that)


  1. Nice video...every piece of clothing they were wearing was PE... haha does PE make boxers yet?


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