3...2.....1.... Playboy !

Every now and again this job gets even better. People have said we have great jobs working in Paintball and there not wrong. It’s not all play here we sometime even do a little work.. Like today, I had to sit on the toilet and read the latest edition of the Portuguese Playboy magazine. When I say read, well, I don’t speak much Portuguese so I just looked at the picture :-)

We decided to add a few E Logo’s on these to keep it clean for the kids.. But feel free to get your own copy…

Not the best read in the world but the pics are OK :-)
Nice Guns BTW...


  1. Funny how your attention has gone from paintball to the "nice guns"!

    Boys will be boys eh???

  2. this is pretty disgusting... this does nothing to promote me as a female paintball player. sad.

  3. Hello, i must say that i´m from Portugal and i just notice that the photos were taken on "Megacampo". In Portugal is the hugest field/place to pratice paintball. In other hand i partial agree with Kate, one thing is to promote paintball and at the other is "Hugh Hefner", and is playmates...

    If we see the paintball as really is, this shot´s don´t deserve the a bit of attention, who loves paintball and realizes that the sport isn´t some Women go around naked in a field...

    By the way if you need to translate something from portuguese to English you can contact me. :D (eheheh).

    Greetings from Portugal

    P.S - Sorry about the possible mistakes in English... :d


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