Check this World Cup Offer.

Its getting hotter here, I think the heat has gotten to me as this is an offer not to be missed.

At the World Cup, Team Edition Markers and Flag Edition Markers are $1095. If you want the bargain of the event so far check this:

The next person that comes into the booth and sings the American National Anthem or the British Nation Anthem can then buy either a Union Jack EGO9 or a Stars and Stripes EGO9 for $1095 they will also get a FREE GEO... YES A FREE GEO WORTH $995.......

There are ONLY 1 of each EGO9 in this offer (1 x Stars and Stripes = American National Anthem and 1 x Union Jack = British National Anthem). So it might be a good idea to ask if the offer has gone before you start your singing !!!!

Don't worry are not expecting the whole anthem just the first verse will be fine.

FREE GEO is either in Fire or Covert.

So what you waiting for..... Doh, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, doooooo!



  1. i would totally be singing right now... damn

  2. if i was living in the states i would be there singing my lungs out but sadly i live in the Caribbean crying my eyes out on this unbelievable offer


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