Every now and again we get an e-mail that makes us smile. Some weird, some wonderful and some well, not publishable.. Here is one that we received recently:

I am a Police Officer in California and I play on a Police & Fire Paintball Team called 187. We have three (3)

5-Man Teams that compete in the Western States Police & Fire Games. I just wanted to share my story with you about our experience with Planet Eclipse markers and products. In July of 2009 our team was shooting a variety of different markers. Later that month we competed in the Western States Police & Fire Games in Southern California. Out of of three teams, we finished with two 2nd place and one 3rd place finish. Not bad considering we were using a mix of non Planet Eclipse markers that gave us a bunch of gun problems throughout the event.

In August of 2009, we took one (1) team to compete in the Police & Fire World Games in British Columbia, Canada. Prior to the event, we purchased six (6) Ego markers. We ended up taking 1st place and winning the event and becoming the 2009 Police & Fire World Champions in Paintball. We plan on competing in the next 2011 Police & Fire World Games in New York to defend our title.

I wanted to take the time to let you guys at Planet Eclipse know that I feel the Ego markers are awesome. The performance, reliability, and effciency are truely first class. We did not have one marker that had any problems or issues and that enabled us to focus on our games and not worry about anything else. I feel that the Ego markers we switched to gave us a huge advantage over the competition and played a huge role in us wining the gold medal at the 2009 Police & Fire World Games.

I'd like to thank Planet Eclipse for making the best markers and I'd also like to thank Darin Cravea at DGX Paintball in Napa, Ca. for all the support he provided us.

Once again, thank you and we look forward to continuing to use Planet Eclipse products in the future.

Team 187: www.187paintball.org


Well, what can we say... Well Done and I'm glad your getting the service and performance you deserve... Keep up all the good work as well as kicking ass !!


Team 187 at the 2009 Western States Police & Fire Games in Southern California

2009 Police & Fire World Games Champions in British Columbia Canada.

2 Team 187 members guesting with 3 team members of Slow Motion Super Hereo's

From left to right; Terry Dries,

Ryan Hendricks, Randy Paulson, Nick Parker, Pete Wilson (on his knees)

2 Team 187 members receiving their Gold Medals for the 2009 Police & Fire World Games in Canada.

From left to right; Randy Paulson and Terry Dries.


  1. Glad they finally found the best markers... i have loved my ego's... i wish i had one now... once I finish studying for all my exams for work and start rolling in the cash i will definately be getting a new one. all my gear is getting lonely without a gun haha


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