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I would like to think that everyone that works at Planet Eclipse loves the company (I could be slightly deluded) and we know and love that fact that we have Eclipse Fans around the world. Some people are happy just being fans, some go the extra mile. At Campaign cup this year I was confronted with this bunch of… well… fans…….

If you have any weird and wonderful Planet Eclipse stuff going on or know of anyone that goes that extra mile then send in your images. I tell you what, let’s make this a little more interesting. Lets run a competition every couple of months (don’t bother holding me to every 60 days) where the best photo of someone ‘reppin’ Eclipse in a cool way will win a prize. Depending on what they do will depend on their prize…. Impress me and the prize will get better!! It can be anything so use your imagination! Get Eclipse stickers on some super stars, tattoo’s, crop circles, even risky stuff will be very well excepted… Whatever your weird and wonderful minds come up with.

E-mail them in to me at Planet Eclipse on and we will share the best with everyone.

Bring them on, let’s see what you have…….



  1. do i really have to email all my responses to this Blog? isnt that reppin PE? haha... ill think of something better

  2. That is team NO EXIT from Bury St. Edmunds!I know becuse one of them is me!


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