Thomas Taylor Has Heart

XSV just took on Vicious in their 2nd match and it was a game to remember. Just like the first game, it looked like Vicious was going to run away with it, but SXV pulled it together.

As Thomas Taylor lays in the pit with PSP medical staff, his team takes the field for the last point of the game. On the verge of heat stroke, Taylor musters as much air as he can and screams,"WIN!!!"

XSV went on to win the last point of the game and is now one game of way from making it to the finals.


  1. THAT WAS AMAZING!!! T TAYLOR IS THE MAN!!! maybe it was the ego ten.. haha

  2. nice... i wanna see a replay of Troll playing his last point!

    Natalie, did you get any video of the .50 cal today?


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