Last week Kate from Design arranged a Pink Day at Planet to raise some money for Breast Cancer Research. Some of the staff (more than others) got a quite involved and went full Pink for the day. Some money was raised for a great cause which was brilliant. Nice One Kate.

Let’s see if we can raise some more money. Probably a little late now but any money raised is a good thing right??? OK anyone that orders either a SL94 Pink Lady EGO or a Pink Lady GEO and writes the following words in ‘additional information’ when making their order….

‘Please Donate $50 to Breast Cancer Research’

Well, Planet will give $50 to Breast Cancer Research on your behalf. Making you a nice person, Planet nice people and hopefully the world a very slightly better place :-)


  1. loving the pink spandex ledz... might wanna think about making it an every day thing


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