OUCH !!!!!!

I’ve been having a few back issue recently and with the UWL looming next weekend I wanted to be fighting fit (for the night before drinking session) so thought I’d try a few alternative medicines… Not sure if it worked or not but I do feel a lot better than I did before I started the self abuse treatment.

When you’re in pain you will do anything to get rid of it.. Thank god that we can’t remember pain… That would be horrible.
If anyone really cares this is Cupping and Acupuncture.



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  2. start dead lifting weights... it works your lower back and your legs. start with a low weight and high reps then begin pushing into high weight lower reps... it will strengthen your lower back significantly and often eliminate pain just by being stronger.

    also try a product called tiger balm. my dad used it when he has lower back pain and works for him (its kinda like icy-hot but better)... that's what he used before I started having him dead lift


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