UWL - UK (15th November 2009)

The Ultimate Woodsball league is coming to Europe... Birmingham, England in fact.

WDP / NPF are hosting the European leg of the UWL, they will also be, for the first ever time rolling out the 2010 format where instead of 10 + 1 players on the field there will be 7 + 1 players.

If anyone knows the NPF guys and the fields down there I'm expecting this to be EPIC. The venue is fantastic, staff are first rate and the facilities second to none.

This isn't going to be a normal woodlands tournament this is a blend of tournament ball and Scenario ball all rolled into a format that suits everyone... I for one can't wait.

I have rung a few dusty old players that have mainly been in retirement now for several years, pretty much since the Banzai's split up. Well, the possibility of a few beers with old mates, war stories and even a spot of Paintball have brought a few of the Banzai's and Rushers together and will be playing under the Banner Operation Sandbag.

The squad will be: Ledz, Flash, Chris Okey, Jimmy (Milko), Jack Wood, Pig, Phil, Nog, J-doe, Nicky T and Mark Toye.

I know the event is not yet full so BRING IT ON !!!


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