3.......2.......1...... BUNGEE !!!!!

So what did you do this Friday afternoon???

Well, some of the staff at Planet Eclipse HQ in Manchester took a little trip down to Salford Quay just around the corning and went Bungee Jumping..In the freezing cold, December weather!!!

Pretty much everyone were Bungee Jump virgins, so there were a few worried faces, which is always calmed down with comments like ‘Don’t worry not many people die doing this’ or ‘that rope looks quite old’, you can always rely on your friends to fill you with confidence :-)
Little video will hopefully up soon :-)

Tomorrow is Planet’s Christmas Party in Manchester. So, I’m sure I will be able to post a few drunken pictures on Monday…

Have a great weekend.

LEDZ (I couldn't do it because someone had to film it)


  1. I was really hoping you were going to put these up... these are great! haha

  2. Ledz, you gotta attach the unemployable video... its amazing... i sorta wish you lived in a castle that is being watched over by a dragon... it would be really cool


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