As I’m sure some of you will already know we have posted on for Auction a couple of SL91’s on EBay. I have been sitting on another item that might be of interest to someone out there that again we are going to post up on EBay. The item in question is the First Production EGO10… It has the serial number 60001 (the 6th Year of the Ego serial number 1). It is, at the moment, in a raw state and the lucky winner can have it marker Anodised in whatever colour they would like (within reason and as long as we can actually do it). We are going to start the bidding at $1. Before anyone asks there isn’t anything special about this EGO10 except that it’s serial number 1. I will enhance the package by putting a Shaft 3 Barrel upgrade kit in with the Marker so you get everything that you would normally get plus a .685 and a .689 Back.

For a detailed specification, please visit this link:

To place your bid please visit item number 260525611912. Buzz words: Ego10 Serial Number 1

Good Luck!!


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