C.H.R.I.S.T.M.A.S. P.A.R.T.Y

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas if it weren’t for drunken fumbles under the mistletoe (Ledz, leave Stoney alone!), gallons of ale and more food than you could shake a Yule log at, which is why Ledz and Jules kindly decided to take us all out for a night on the tiles to celebrate the Season.

And, wow....what a night it was!

We kicked off the night with a couple of cocktails, then made our way to a fab little rodizio style restaurant, where we ate and ate (....and ate..... and ate !) Phew. Not one for the veggies, we feasted on every type of steak, sausage, chop and chicken and even chickens hearts. Yum. :-S
After that we waddled over to the local comedy club where we saw a great line-up, including our favourite female comedienne, Sarah Milican and the brilliant up and coming Russell Kane. Then we hit the bars and danced the night away with the help a few sambucas courtesy of the management 

The hardcore party animals among us then went on to the nearby Casino where we finished the night off by frittering away our life savings on the roulette table.

So a BIG thank you goes out to Jules and Ledz for such an amazing night.


  1. looks like an amazing night... you should have made it a crazy holiday sweater party, thats what im doing with my family this year on christmas. its going to be great


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