Charity Raffle (Ireland)

The lovely chaps over at are again having their annual Charity Christmas Raffle in benefit of Temple Street Children’s University Hospital.

The prize fund for the raffle is pretty good (if you’re a Paintballer) and if definitely worth the price of a raffle ticket (€5), they except PayPal which is €5.50. As it’s also that time of the season for giving and thinking of people a little less fortunate than ours-elves (LOL it has the word elves in it :-)… So have a deep dig in your pockets, click the link below and sign up for a ticket to win some great prizes and also to do a good thing for that extra Christmas, warm, fluffy feeling..

Irelands Planet Eclipse distributors Escarmouche have managed to pry Ledz’s ETEK3 LT out of his hands that he used at the UWL in Birmingham the other week and have kindly donated it to the fund….

Full Prize fund can be found on-line (as it seems to keep going up)… Annual Supporting Members Fund - €50
Dye Precision Paintball – Rotor and I4 Mask
Paul Logan - Proto Gear Bag Eve Designs - Head Gear
Escarmouche - Planet Eclipse ETEK3 LT
TechPB - t-shirts
Muppet-mowers - headband and head gear
Manic Paintball - Paint & NXE Packs
Dark Sport Paintball - .50 cal paint
Air Drop Paintball - Reg's and Gatwrap

Good Luck !


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