Weird & Wonderful

Here is something that, well, if I’m honest makes me want to puke. But you would not believe how many of the production staff think this is a little beauty. At the end of each year’s production run we end up with a bunch of odd mismatched parts. This year is no different. We have a bunch (about 15 I believe) of EGO9 markers that have some weird and wonderful colour combinations that we have or will be putting up on line on the Planet Web site for the bargain price of $799 (first come first served on these). But this ‘Frankenstein’ EGO9 we are going to put up on EBay so people can bid on it. Again we will start the bidding at $1, as because it’s Christmas any monies over $500 we will split 50% / 50% with the Charity (so for example if the final bid is $600 we will donate $50 to Cancer Research UK, if it’s $1000 then we will donate $250).

The maraker is just a regular Ego9 marker but with a very different colour scheme. Here's the spec:

Eclipse Ego9-Specifiec Features

• Poppet Valve Design

• Off-Set Lower Bores – Reduces off-axis forces

• Low Pressure operation – 160psi @ 290fps

• Air Efficient – 1700+ shots from 68/45

• Ultra High Performance Solenoid Valve

• Direct Porting System for Solenoid Inlet and Exhaust Pathways

• 2.5 x Larger Air Flow from LPR to Solenoid

• Zick Rammer Assembly

• 30% Increase in Valve Chamber Volume

• Cure2 Bolt

• Integrated LPR Assembly

Eclipse Family Features

• BBSS (Break Beam Sensor System)

• Black-On-White Transflective LCD Module

• Def-Tek Offset Feed

• C-Lever Clamping Feedneck

• Dual Selectable Trigger Switching – Opto and Micro Switches

• Dual Trigger Return Mechanisms – Spring and Magnetic Return

• Integrated Audible Beeper for Alarms and Actuations

• Capped and Uncapped Ramp Modes

• All Major Tournament Presets

• 9 Preset Debounce Modes

• 5-Point Adjustable Trigger

• T-Rail Mounting System

• OOPS – On/Off/Purge ASA System

• S3 Self-Purging In-Line Regulator

• 14” Shaft3 2-Piece 0.693” Barrel

To place your bid please visit, item number 260525619497. Buzz words: Frankenstein Ego - One off.

Happy Bidding!