Last SL91.... Auction Number 2.

The second and Last SL91 is now up on E-Bay. The first one sold for a staggering $7000 making it, as well as one of world rarest markers also to our knowledge the most expensive marker ever sold. Will the last one go for more or less than the $7000 benchmark? The very exclusive club of 10 people has only 1 space left…

Current Very Exclusive Club List:

1) Flash - Matte Burgundy/Matte Grey - (Serial Number 0009)

2) Jack - White/Black Joe Pineapples Graphic - (Serial Number 0001)

3) Mike (96 Ls Integ) - Matte Brown/Matte Grey "Dark Pooper" - (Serial Number 0004)

4) Steve (MVPSteve) - Dust Blink - (Serial Number 0003)

5) Winter SG - Dust Dark Trooper - (Serial Number 0005)

6) Ryan Lovato - Dust Black/Dust Blue "Hybrid" - (Serial Number 0002)

7) WFPSP - Dust Poison - (Serial Number 0007)

8) SWUG - Custom Graphic Anodized - (Serial Number 0010)

9) Cnoddings0364 - To be Confirmed - To be Confirmed

10) Auction 2 Winner!! …………….Could It Be You???

Click Here for all the info from the first SL91 (Which is the same except this is now the last one).

The Ebay transaction number is: 260522080395

Key words: Sl91 GEO

Bidding started at just $1, seems to be a little higher than that now….. Bidding end on Sunday @ 7:00pm EST.

Happy Bidding.