Back to 80%.....

Not too bad considering I was only, at my peak, at about 83%..

Surgery went very well, bits were cut off in the right places and holes all sown up correctly, so back to work with a spring in my step and I’m now looking forward to get the season started….

So what’s in store for Ledz this year (not that anyone cares)… Well, plans are afoot for some interesting stuff. Operation Sandbag will be rocking the Paintball world again this season. We will be attending a bit of everything from the UWL, Diamond Wars, North Vs South, Millennium Series, and PSP. Pretty much taking over the world.. Our goals for the season would have to be getting to the field in time at least once with ALL of the players in tow!

Also new for 2010 I am climbing on board the ‘Coach’ and taking up an offer from Manchester based team the Firm. I will be the Firms full time Coach this season. Pretty much a completely new role to me and I have no idea if I will be any good at it or not. Like I have said in the past the mind is still there it’s the body that is not so willing. So hopefully the little bunker monkeys under my control will be able to do the damage for me :-) I think I’ll get with Markie C owner of the Firm and do a little interview so you can know a little more.

And finally (like I have time for anything else) there is a rumour of an Emortal Army that is set to rise this season also.. At the moment it’s only gossip and whispers that are spoken softly in darkened rooms and in shadows. But the Rise of the Emortal Army is looming… Beware!

So that’s it my (Paintball) Life for 2010… I guess I’ll see a lot of you on the fields of battle.



  1. damn man!
    what was the surgery for?


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