End Of Line EGO9’s.

At the end of every production cycle we have a little clean up to make room for the next seasons markers. Well, this year we ‘Found’ quite a big bunch of EGO9 parts in all sorts of weird and wonderful colour ways. What we decided to do was to just build them in the best way we thought we could and get them up on-line at a pretty damn good end of line price…. ($779 / £552.25 Inc VAT + shipping)

These marker are on a First Come, First Served Basis.

Here are a couple of examples of the EGO9 Markers (there are more on-line)……

These are very end of the EGO9 production line and have been built form parts that might not match as well as we would normally demand. Hence the price. If you want a bargain then grab one quick but please do not complain about the anodising...


Happy Shopping !!


  1. i might pick up one of these if everything works out with a deal i have going now... but i still want an ego 10


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