A few weeks ago a shipment of Markers was on its way to France. After a scan in Paris, just before the shipment was supposed to get to its final destination ( ) a box or two went missing and has vanished… After weeks of searching by the courier we can only presume that they have been stolen or fallen off a lorry (so, pretty much the same thing)….

The authorities have been informed of these markers and they have been fed into our database as stolen markers. Below you will see a list of the Markers that have ‘gone missing’ along with their colour and serial number.

Please DO NOT buy any of these markers if you are offered them. These markers are all now classed as stolen and are under investigation by the authorities. If you are offered any of these markers please let us know and your local police. It’s all of our responsibilities to stop scum from stealing stuff….

Eclipse ETek3 LT Black 90050-00400
Eclipse ETek3 LT Black 90050-00247
Eclipse ETek3 LT White/Black 90050-00509
Eclipse ETek3 LT White/Black 90050-00543
Eclipse ETek3 LT White/Black 90050-00541
Eclipse ETek3 LT White/Black 90050-00591
Eclipse ETek3 LT White/Black 90050-00491
Eclipse ETek3 LT White/Black 90050-00482
Eclipse ETek3 LT White/Black 90050-00495
Eclipse ETek3 LT White/Black 90050-00442
Eclipse ETek3 AM Black 90170-00279
Eclipse ETek3 AM Black 90170-00263
Eclipse ETek3 LT Black 90050-00275
Eclipse ETek3 LT Black 90050-00308
Eclipse ETek3 LT Black 90050-00367
Eclipse ETek3 AM Black 90170-00404
Eclipse ETek3 LT Black 90050-00351
Eclipse ETek3 LT Black 90050-00336
Eclipse ETek3 LT Black 90050-00315
Eclipse ETek3 LT Black 90050-00333
Eclipse Ego10 Midnight 90020-61189
Eclipse Ego10 Midnight 90020-61160
Eclipse SL94 Ego Camo Splash 80130-s1719