Big Game Moscow !!

If your a fan of big games and fancy an adventure in Moscow then you should check out the Big Paintball Manoeuvers ran by APG.

Last year I took my first trip to Moscow along with Flash for the Big Paintball Manoeuvres. OMG what an event. I have been around the world and played my fair share of 'Big Games' but this one had everything they had and a lot more. It was a pretty quick lesson when I round the corner of building to be faced with a very realistic looking tank.... Took me a second to register that I was staring straight down the barrel of the tanks guns.... Yeah, that didn't work out too well for me :-)

Flash and I ran missions and battles all day long and even had the pleasure of running with a few of the Scenerio teams from Moscow. The action was none stop all day and if you wanted to get yourself involved it wasn't too hard to find a battle to get stuck into...

The battles, the tanks, the Special effects and the extremely fair and fun gameplay were brilliant... If you have never been and fancy an adventure then I’d get yourselves booked in. This is one not to miss.

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You have to check out this Promo Video as well... Gives me goose bumps every time... Love It !!!