The Fat Ladys Charms hold a Paintball Boot Camp that the cheeky girls call there BOOB Camps... (Something that I was trying to sign up for, just my cup of tea). But then I find out it's for Girls only... Girls only, I can't believe it !!! So I asked Sofia for a little more info:

Well, the FL Charms usually do our bootcamp for girls a couple of times a year. And the first one for 2010 is at the end of this month. We are going to hold it on 20-21 February at Mash Arena in Falk√∂ping Sweden. Sebban Samuelsson from Joy Division will also be the special guest. [Ledz:....That’s not fair BTW, he's a boy...]
Check out the following link for the invite and more info:

Hope to see you there...

FL Charms