Rivalry !!!!

Saturday, Feb. 6th was the premiere of the documentary short Rivalry, about Vicious and XSV's battle across the 2009 PSP Circuit.
Eclipse,Understood Clothing, & Disconnected Media put together a little soiree in Omaha, Nebraska. The city is home to both Vicious and Disconnected Media.

85 people-including narrator Matt Marshall, director Dan Napoli, and most of Vicious turned up for the event.

Check it out-photography provide by acclaimed photographer Christopher Dilts.

A story about the rise to the very top of the pro circuit or a poignant look at a once powerhouse team struggling to survive in today’s climate. You decide. Either way this is the best story we have ever made and a great tribute to XSV who have now sadly left the Emortal Army.

Rivalry will be part of the Emortals 2 DVD out in April 2010..... Watch this space..