Boob Camp Report.

While most of the men are tucked up in bed because the snow is too cold for them the Girls for Fat Lady's Charms are up and about training hard and showing off there skills to ladies ballers at there boobcamps.
We ask Sofia about the first one of 2010.

Sofia: The boobcamp went great, all girls were very pleased with the whole weekend. The girls made it even though we struggled with trains, flights and the huge amounts of snow on the roads due to the snowstorm that hit Sweden that weekend. One car hit a big pile of snow and had to be "shoveled" out.

Sebban from Joy had a tuff schedule for the girls and all of us went home tired but with a lot of new drills and excersises to practise on.

Blog: So what about the boys, when do they get to join in?

Sofia:Well, this summer we are planning a new Boobcamp, but outdoors of course. We think we will invite guys as well this time because it seems as if there are several that are interesed in coming (blog: I wonder why !!!) As soon as we have more info we will get it posted up and let you know, Also keep your eye’s on: