Brazil CBP #1. . . . . . . . Info !!

Planet Eclipse Master Tech 'PJ' from ESP is off to Brazil for the CBP Tournament soon and we thought you might like to know a little bit more about it. So below is the tournament info.. If you have any Eclipse Marker related questions or issues then put over and see PJ.. He loves it if you say 'lets get ready to rumble' to him as well :-)


Circuito Brasileiro de Paintball - Info

The Circuito Brasileiro de Paintball 2010 will be held in 4 (four) events to be performed with the following schedule and locations:

Event #1 - 27 and 28 March
Location: Mega Play Morumbi
Av Itapaiúna, 1809 - Morumbi Panamby
Sao Paulo – SP - Brazil

Event #2 - 15 and 16 May
Location: tbd

Event #3 - 21 and 22 August
Location: tbd

Event #4 - 27 and 28 November *
Location: tbd

* Dates can be changed.

Registration for the CBP#1 will be open from March 10, 2010 with closing scheduled for March 24, 2010 and will be conducted through the site


Open and Amateur: 30 spots in total.

Each event should be at least 16 (sixteen) teams entered, otherwise it will not occur.


The rules do not follow the NPPL or PSP model, but the CPP format, joining what is best in each league and adapting to our reality.

Format: 5-man
Shooting mode: 12.5 bps Ramping
Position of the flag: The flags will be placed on the bases, "flag stations." The goal is for each team to capture the opposing team's flag and eliminate as many opponents as possible, while capturing and returns the opponent's base to its own base in a given period of time.

Considering the structure of MegaPlay and limitations of space for spectators during the tournament, they cannot interfere in the game. If other events are performed in locations where spectator can interfere in the game without affecting the running of the event the organization may opt for this format.

The complete book of rules is available for download on Mega Play Morumbi’s website.

Prizes per event

Open Category

1st place: R$ 2.600,00 + 20,000 paintballs.

2nd Place: R$ 1.200,00 + 5 Planet Eclipse Jerseys + 10.000 paintballs.

3rd Place: R$ 400.00 + 5 Dye I4 mask.

4th Place: R$ 1.000 + 8.000 paintballs.

5th Place: 12.000 paintballs + 5 Dye Meta Glove.

Amateur Category

1st Place: R$ 1.200 + 5 backpacks Planet Eclipse.

2nd Place: 5 Dye C10 pants.

3rd Place: 5 Dye C10 jerseys + 8000 paintballs.

4th Place: R$300,00 + 10.000 paintballs.

5th Place: 14.000 paintballs.

Total award per event: R$ 17.898,00.
Total prize in raffles: R$ 11.200,00.
Total awards in the circuit: R$ 82.792,00.

Attention: For the 2010 season there will be no disposal of punctuation. The final award was distributed at all events in order to make the tournament more attractive.

At the end of the tournament we will raffle gears to the present players. All players registered in the rosters of each event will participate. The prize is not transferable and will be delivered to the player contemplated. If the player is not between the presents, the prize Will be giving away to another player.

Prizes will be:


1 PROTO PMR Marker

1 Dye Rotor Loader

There will also be a raffle of two (2) half entries for teams Who come from outside of São Paulo at the end of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd events. These half entries are not transferable and are valid only for the next step, it cannot be extended.


The format of the games will be released as soon as registrations close.

The games Begin at 8AM.

26/03 - Friday
Walking Field from 4 pm to 8pm.

27/03 – Saturday
Mega Play gates will open at 6:30am.

Games schedule:

The Schedule of the games will be released on Thursday, March 25.

Registration fees:

Open Category: R$ 1.250,00

Amateur Category: $ 950.00

Where to stay during the tournament?

Two options of hotels near Mega Play Field for those who come to play the CBP.

Option 1:

Av Roque Petroni Jr 800
Tel (+55) 11/37383800
Fax (+55) 11/37383801

Option 2:

Hotel Formule 1 MORUMBI
Av Roque Petroni, 800 Torre II - São Paulo - SP
Tel: (11) 3775-7500
Fax: (11) 3775-7501
E-mail: f1spmorumbi.reservas @

Option 3:

The Flat Hill
11-8342.0240 / 11-3749.6788


Any questions please contact us: