Brute Force...........

Team Brute Force, a scenario and big game paintball team, based out of Eastern Massachusetts announces the signing of Planet Eclipse into the teams support family! Brute Force joins some of the best scenario and professionally ranked teams throughout the world!

The team will be representing Planet Eclipse throughout the year in a multitude of ways including but not limited to, exclusively using Planet Eclipse Markers and Performance gear, hosting tournaments and events, and showcasing Eclipse in their season long documentary titled “Two Thousand Ten” being filmed and produced by Visions Edge.
“We are all extremely grateful to be representing Planet Eclipse in 2010” says Mike Revelle the team captain and founder. “Many of us already shoot Planet Eclipse Markers and are awestruck every year by the performance of each year’s newer model. In today’s economy, paintball and paintball teams are being hit hard with all of the expenses of this sport, but with the EGO, GEO, and ETEK markers being so easy on paint, reliable, and air efficient we are able to save money and achieve the same performance and reliability Eclipse has been known for!”

“We are proud to have Team Brute Force join the Eclipse Emortal Army. We hope the best for them for this season and the future to come. We look forward to helping and supporting the team” says Marc Lancia of Planet Eclipse

For more information about Planet Eclipse and Team Brute Force please visit our website


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