Dr Geeks In LOVE !

Dr Geek considers himself ‘down with the kids’. The other Day Dr Geek decides to be all romantic and buy his girlfriend a packet of Love Hearts Sweet (Candy)… Now in the past you would find little messages on each piece of candy that said ‘Kiss Me’ ‘I’m yours’ ‘Be Mine’ or ‘Love You’ etc…. But when Dr Geek gave his girlfriend the candy he was amazed at what he saw… Since when has ‘E-Mail’ or ‘Hard Luck’ been romantic??? And what is Ali G doing with one saying’ Me Julie Best Mum’ WRONG !!

Other messages in the packet:

‘Hi Baby’ ….. Not Bad.
‘Dream On’
‘Hot Lips’
‘Bless You’…. Something your Gran might say.
‘Hi Love’
‘Keep Cool’