EGO Ink !

We have seen lots of different Planet Eclipse cool stuff and this isn't the first Tattoo with have seen. It's possibly the strangest and it comes with a cool little story as well.

The guy with the Ink is Justin Geidiman. He's 31 years old and a dorito runner for the East Valley Stars....plays at the d3 level from Queen Creek, AZ

Justins Team Mate 'Blake Hunter' told us this story:

It took me 3 years to convince Justin to switch to Planet Eclipse....ask him urself.. Justin was a diehard Bob Long Fan...finally after enough problems with a "cursed" Marq...I got him to buy an Ego8....he was hooked and never thought about shootin another brand...he loved how much the Ego had changed his game...he decided he wanted a token of gettin this tattoo....unfortunately he no longer owns this Ego...he has upgraded to a Vicious Geo

Well i just wanted to let you guys know the story behind the tat....myself and him are some DIE HARD PE owner's....


  1. Actually getting the planet eclipse logo would be a bad ass tattoo.

  2. The real Ego Ink instgram egoink one word!!


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