FallDown Winner !!!

Well, what can I say. My score was holding strong for a while, then it seemed like every paintball field or tournament i visted there was always someone pulling out there iPhone and showing me a score that beat my highest. Not by a great deal but enough.. Since they did a little update my scores have been rubbish. I think Kayla Brem knocked the wind out of my Sails a little with her score of 348 (kicking her husbands ass in the process I beleive :-), but the deadline for scores was today and what do we find in our in-box, this massive score of 394 from Taylor Harsanye... So thats it Taylor Harsanye is the Planet Eclipse King of FallDown... Well Done... Total respect (i'm a little upset and I think that App is about to be deleted).

Keep your eye's on the Blog as i will be posting up the next challenge very soon.... :-)