The 2009/10 Off-Season has been one of the most dramatic for a long time with teams folding, merging, bumping up or simply adding new strength to their squads. But after a long wait the 2010 season was now kicked off.

The First PSP of 2010 has just finished in Phoenix and the Planet Eclipse teams have hit the floor running…. The PSP Pro bracket is now 10 teams strong with 50% of all Players in the PSP Pro Bracket shooting Planet Eclipse Ego’s or Geo’s……

Edmonton Impact had a traumatic event to say the least, with some of the team having to fly back to Canada for a funeral on the Saturday and then back to Phoenix to Battle for the Pro Championship on the Sunday. After making the finals (by the skin of their teeth) they first knocked out Dynasty (6-5), Then LA Infamous (7-4) in the semi finals and to round off an amazing weekend Impact beat Damage (7-4) after being down 3-1 . Owner of Edmonton Impact, Bart and the team have been so close in the past to winning their first Pro event. But this was their first official Pro Win after 5 years and faced with such adversity, I’m sure the victory tastes that much sweeter…

Ever improving Aftershock also took their place on the Podium in 3rd Place, which believe it or not is the best result that Aftershock have EVER had in the X-Ball Format PSP.. Which is very hard to believe but shows how hard it is to compete at this extremely high level.

Congratulations to all of our Pro teams (& Dallas Lethal Winning in D4) and everyone else in the Emortal Army…. It’s a long fight but we are ready!!