iPhone App Software Developer Wanted !!!

Everyone that knows me will know that Computers and the whole IT thing is something that flies right over my head. I have the ideas but actually putting them into practise is something completely different. Luckily, I have a great bunch of staff around me that are brilliant at their jobs and can normally take my ramblings and turn them into something a lot better than what I wanted in the first place.

As a pretty recent iPhone owner I have been thinking about ‘Apps’ and I think I have some good ideas for making a couple. This is where I would normally go and see the Design department and they would make the magic happen. But in this case they are just too busy doing proper work and it’s also outside of their skill sets, so I thought I’d see if there is anyone out there that would like to work with me on a couple of iPhone / iTouch / iPad Apps?? Now before I get a bunch of App developers’ sending me quotes for tens of thousand dollars... forget it. I’m looking at someone that wants to work with me on developing something fun. Yes, there is money in the pot for this, but I’d rather work with a baller as we might both be able to get what we want out of it and hopefully the baller will be able to help (like my design team do) and give me input and guidance with the project as well.

If you’re that person please drop me an e-mail at: info@planeteclipse.com and let’s make some magic happen.



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