Is it Time To Quit ??

Some people’s paintball careers are pretty short while some of the very fortunate ones can have a long and varied career. My career seems to be just that pretty long.

Having started playing in 1986 I have pretty much done and seen it all. I was once at the top of my game, but over the last few years I have been on the downward slope playing competitively less and less and really now only playing for fun with old friends. The final step was one that took me completely off the playing field and into a new role as coach. I have captained teams (Banzai and Nexus) since I’ve played Paintball but coaching is something else. Being able to see what needs doing on the field and not being able to do it because my body is now too old and fat is pretty frustrating. But now I’m not even allowed through the netting in the first place. Instead I’m confined to a small tapes off area shouting and balling instructions to someone half my age and hoping they trust me enough to do what I say when I say it (and that I’m saying the right thing in the first place)….

Well, this weekend at the CPPS in the UK was my first tournament outing with the Firm and it went pretty well. So well in fact that I think I should quit this job as well. First time coaching and my first tournament win with the Firm. The Firm have been doing great without me, so I don’t think for one second it was all down to me but we are looking like being a ‘Team’ and I for one am looking forward to the challenge.

Hopefully it will always be like yesterday :-)

Thanks to the rest of the Firm for making me feel welcome.

First round in Malaga is on me. To follow and become a fan of the Firm follow this lnk:!/pages/The-Manchester-Firm/60075208636?ref=ts

For more details on the CPPS

X Ball Results from CPPS (28th Feb 2010)

Manchester Firm 100
London Tigers 94
Reading Entity 88
Manc. Method 84
Mad Monks 80
Disruption 76
Quake 72
Wolv. Warped 68
London Tigers Masi 64

Also well done to the Clan for winning the 5-Man. Sid and his boys did a fine job winning all 9 games… I bet for once the ride back to Scotland didn’t seem so bad :-)

M5PL Results

Clan 27
Smokin Aces 24
Rebellion 21
Ratz 21
JT Dogs 21
So Manc 21
UK Asylum 18
Jcs Academy 18
Marshal Law 18
Dye Hard 18
Addiction 15
The Firm 15
Prophecy 15
Newc. Lockdown B 15
Team Nitro 15
Rebllious Kidz 15
Warped 15
MH3 15
Newc. Lockdown 15
Devastation 13
Zero Tolerance 13
No Limit Bridgend 12
Unity 12
Warlords 12
Warlords 2 9
Wst. Cst Spartans 9
Scottish Warriors 7
Outlaws 6
KU Nemesis 6
Xtinction 6
Rival Kidz 6
Spank 5
Onslaught 6
Lampeter Karma 6
UWE Underdogs 4
Birmingham Uni 3
UWE Insidious 0
Apocalypse 0


  1. I don't know about paintball, but you're a great mechanical bull riding coach.


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