Living Legends - Promo Contest

If you’re planning on attending the Living Legends 3 at CPX in Chicago at the end of May 2010 then here is the final pre registration raffle…..Everyone who is pre-registered and has purchased game entry, airfills, and 1 or more cases of event paint by 15th April 2010… (Which also happens to be Ledz 40th Birthday) will be entered into a raffle for:

Eclipse GEO - Custom LL3 Engraved in Covert Green

Eclipse Distortion Dig-E-Cam Jersey,

Eclipse Distortion Dig-E-Cam Pants

Eclipse Distortion Gloves in Dig-E-Cam

This final contest ends at midnight April 15, 2010… So what you waiting for?? That’s a pretty good prize !!!!

Register now!

By the way did you know that the NPPL Chicago tournament is at CPX on the same weekend… It’s set to be an epic weekend of Paintball.



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