PBNation Exclusive SLS Badge.

The keen eyed ones amongst you will have noticed a Special PBNation SLS Owners badge on Jack and Nicky T’s profiles. Well, anyone can get one of the EGO, GEO or ETEK badges to tag on your PBNation account free of charge by simply visiting: http://www.pbnation.com/spotlight.php?do=eclipse
and selecting the badge you would like.. But the SLS badge is a little different and that much more special…. The SLS is ONLY available to Original SLS Owners and you have to jump through a few hoops to get it…It’s still free but we want this one to be as exclusive as the SLS itself.

How to get your Eclipse SLS PbNation Owners Badge:

In order to be awarded the badge you must supply the following information:

Proof that you have registered your Eclipse SLS for Warranty including:

  • Your Warranty Registration Number
  • Your FULL name
  • Your FULL address
  • The Serial number of your Eclipse SLS
  • The colour of your Eclipse SLS
  • Your PbNation username.

If you have not already registered your Eclipse SLS, then please follow this link to complete the registration process so that you may submit the necessary details when applying for your badge:

To apply for your Eclipse SLS PbNation Owner Badge simply email the above information to us via the SLS Owners hotline at: my-sls@planeteclipse.com It will take us a few days to get your badge onto your account so please bare with us..

And if you happen to be one of the Lucky owners of an SLS. Welcome to what is a very exclusive club…

If your (User) name ain't down, your not getting in !!


  1. HEY!
    You should check out my blog... I made a choclate cake today, and decorated it with the newest EGO :P



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