Tech Tip (Prophecy)

Do you own a Prophecy Loader and feel it should be working better? Read on for some inner circle info. UK Based SPL Team Disruption and Div 1 Team The Firm are proudly sponsored by KEE for the Prophecy Loaders. Last weekend was the first weekend they both pulled their brand new loaders out of the boxes, with mixed results. After getting back to Eclipse HQ, Planets R&D’s finest egg heads got down to the job of finding out what the problem was. As it turns out it seems to be that the current stock of Prophecy Loaders that the teams received have got factory setting that are causing intermittent problems. If you really want to know why, it’s something to do with the Factory Settings on the Prophecy being set so the RF is in ‘Auto Find/Search’ mode meaning that even if it detects a random RF transmission for the smallest amount of time the loader will get its knickers in a twist and cause the loaders to splutter and seem to miss feed as well as creating a massive amount of player frustration (this has been fixed at the factory for future batches we believe).

After talking directly with KEE and we can now give you the setting that you will need to get you ripping your gats a lot more consistently.

Recommended Settings are as follows:

Motor Speed = 4
Sensitivity = 4
Motor Sensing = 2
RF Off = 1


  1. Not sure why the stock (non-LTD) loaders come ready to accept an RF signal. I always thought that as odd. It should be set to sound with the user setting RF capability at their own convenience. I use my Prophecy with RF and I've had a few of my friend's loaders go wacky due to this setting.


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